When I was a young mother, all I wanted was for my kids to grow up and have “good jobs.” My family didn’t have a lot when I was growing up and I was determined that my children would have every opportunity that I missed. If my kids had asked me what it takes to succeed, I probably would have answered something like “Do well in school… go to university… get a good job at a company that will take care of you.” I’m sure that many moms feel the same.

Now, after 6 decades, I am finally able to see the larger context. When I look at my grandkids, I worry more about whether they will live “interesting lives” and less whether they will have a stable job and a good pension.

This reminds me of a quote by the famous boxer, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. “I think my grandmother saw my potential first. When I was young, I told her, ‘I think I should get a job.’ She said, ‘No, just keep boxing.’”

Grandparents Quote - Floyd Mayweather, Jr. - I think my grandmother saw my potential first

As grandmothers, it feels like we have a special role to play in spotting the potential in our grandchildren. As the veterans in our family, we have the wisdom to know that the straight and narrow path is not always best. Of course, we need to be careful not to interfere too much when it comes to how our kids are raising their children. But, we can also be there to lend an ear and provide a balanced perspective.

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Do you agree or disagree that grandparents have a special role to play in supporting their grandkids and bringing out their potential? What do you wish more for your grandkids – stability and financial success or for them to live “interesting lives?”

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