A lot has been said recently about the pressure that older actors and actresses are feeling in Hollywood. Like so many industries, the entertainment business still has a big problem with ageism.

This is one of the reasons that I am so happy to see older actors absolutely crushing it when it comes to this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

Let’s not forget that, for the advertising industry, the Super Bowl is more than an opportunity to reach millions of consumers. It is an opportunity to show off their best creative work.

We can only hope that the decision, on the part of so many agencies, to hire actors in their 50s, 60s and 70s is a part of a larger trend in the industry towards recognizing the value of older adults.

So, who are the older actors who are features in this year’s Super Bowl commercials? Let’s take a look!

Danny DeVito, M&M’s

For years, M&Ms commercials have focused on cute little round animated characters and their antics. In this year’s Super Bowl commercial, Danny DeVito plays the part of an M&M who has his wish to become human granted. Let’s watch!


Morgan Freeman, Mountain Dew

Morgan Freeman is famous for his deep, commanding voice. In fact, his voice is so powerful that he seems to have become the “go to guy” for the voice of God! Well, in this commercial, it isn’t Freeman’s speaking that is challenged. It is his lip-syncing! Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

For the record, Peter Dinklage, who is also awesome in this commercial, is 48, so, he doesn’t quite squeeze into the “over 50” club.


Keanu Reeves, Squarespace

Keanu Reaves is, of course, famous for his role in The Matrix. But, in this Super Bowl commercial, he hangs up his computer in favor of a motorcycle. See his commercial for Squarespace, a company that helps people to set up beautiful websites.


When I see so many mature actors in this year’s Super Bowl ad lineup, it makes me smile. The only thing that I wish is that our country’s great companies would have chosen at least a couple of older women.

Come on guys! Oh well, there’s always next year!

Are you going to watch the Super Bowl this year? Which of this year’s commercials featuring older adults did you enjoy the most? Keanu Reeves for Squarespace, Morgan Freeman for Mountain Dew or Danny DeVito for M&M’s? Let’s have a chat!

Featured image: M&M’s advertising

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