One of the hardest choices that we face as older adults is where to retire. One the one hand, we want to stay as close to our friends and family as possible. On the other hand, we want to settle in a place that gives us the highest lifestyle value for our limited fixed income dollars.

Fortunately, it has never been easier to stay connected with friends and family from far away. In my case, my youngest son and his family live in Edinburgh, while I live in Switzerland and my friends are still in the UK and US. So, my weekends are filled with plenty of Skype calls and digital pictures.

What Are the Best Places to Retire?

So, this raises an interesting question; if you do decide to lift up your roots and settle in a new place, what are the best places to retire? Are there still places in the world that offer an excellent standard of living, decent healthcare and plenty of cultural opportunities? You bet!

In fact, according to International Living, which specializes in helping people to find properties abroad, there are more options than ever!

Here are International Living’s Best Places to Retire

Today, I would like to share their choices for the top 10 best places to retire. As you look through them, I’d love to hear which of their choices you would actually consider… assuming that you are open to retiring abroad.

All of their choices have something special to offer.

For example, according to their experts, their number 1 choice, Costa Rica, is dependable, safe, prosperous and welcoming to expats.

Mexico, which reached the number 2 position on their list, this year, is close to the United States, offers a “first-world” lifestyle and has rich culinary and cultural opportunities to explore.

Another country that makes it into the top 3 is Panama, which, like Mexico, offers excellent access to the U.S., a welcoming local population and a healthy lifestyle.

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