After my previous post on pet peeves I felt I should do as promised and highlight what I love about life in my 60s.

It is only natural that as we get older certain things and situations will annoy us from time to time. But on balance there is so much more to enjoy and be grateful for.

Turning 60 and the Joys of Travel

Top of my list as a travel writer is travel itself. It is considerably more accessible to us all these days with low cost airlines and great online bargains. It is hard to think back to when we were kids and were lucky just to get away to the seaside for a few days. Now we think nothing of booking a plane, train or bus to where we want to go.

Some of us are able to save up and visit places only dreamt of by our parents; exotic destinations that were just pictures in a book or a dot in an atlas. Particular highlights for me during my travels have been whale watching in New England, going on safari in Kenya, taking a helicopter flight over Hawaii and cruising deep into the majestical Norwegian Fjords. These experiences will live with me forever.

The Benefits of Technological Innovations

Another boon of modern day living is the magical invention known as an e-reader, or in my case the Kindle. Gone are the days of carrying a bag of paperbacks away with me. Now I have access to so many great books and never need worry that I have nothing to read. I also enjoy my iPod, giving me the opportunity to listen to my own choice of music wherever I am in the world.

Modern medicine deserves a mention, as without it many of us would not be here. Our life expectancy is so much longer than 50 years ago and many dreadful diseases have been conquered with medication, giving many of us a better quality of life. I also embrace holistic healing and it is easy to find treatments and therapies in every town across the country that can complement conventional medicine.

Turning 60 and The Gift of Time

Finally, I am forever grateful that I now have time to do the things I enjoy most, and have been able to leave the hustle and bustle of 9-5 life behind. Training Guide Dog puppies is a delight, as is my travel writing and I have more time for cooking, handicrafts and most importantly… friends and family.

What do you love about being 60 years old? What travel experiences have stayed in your memory? What advice would you give to another women who is just now turning 60? What inventions or health care innovations have benefitted you? For what are you most grateful? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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