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Bring Back the Adventure, Freedom, and Fun That’s Been Missing from Your Life!

By Rita Wilkins February 17, 2022 Lifestyle

Have you noticed that your spirit of adventure has died and that you no longer jump out of bed to take on your day? What happened to that brave, bold, spontaneous woman you used to be?

You know, the one who was passionate about life, fearless, and let nothing get in her way from living her life to the fullest each day.

  • She was confident, believed in herself, and was willing to take risks.
  • She was never too tired or too busy to try something new.
  • She always said YES to life!
  • She was unstoppable!

Is that woman gone forever or is she just stuck, in need of a reboot or perhaps a big kick in the pants? Has she accepted “status quo living”? Has she given up on her big dreams for adventure, freedom, and fun? Or can that spirit of adventure be reignited and set on fire again?

Do you find yourself yearning to get unstuck and change your lifestyle?

Admit It, You’re Stuck

Stuck in life, at work, at home. Maybe you hate your job or career path that’s going nowhere. Maybe your relationship or marriage has lost its sizzle, or you feel alone and afraid after divorce or death of a spouse.

Perhaps you’re an empty nester or retired, not knowing what to do in your next chapter or you’re feeling the impact of aging.

Take A Closer Look at the Life You Are Living Right Now… Be Honest!

  • Are you just going through the motions, going through life without passion or fire in your belly?
  • Are you getting up each day to your same old “status quo life”?
  • Are you pretending your life is great when you know it really isn’t?
  • Are you hiding, denying, or not paying attention to living life more fully?
  • Are you getting in your own way, preventing you from living the life of your dreams?

What’s Stopping You from Living the Life You Really Want… and Deserve?

It takes courage to admit that you have forgotten your big dreams, that life is not what it used to be or the way you would like it to be.

Do you wish you could just reignite that passion, be on fire again, live those big dreams?

Believe it or not, a few simple changes will:

So you can experience your life through a new lens of fun, excitement, freedom, and passion.

10 Simple Steps to Bring Back Adventure, Freedom, and Fun into Your Life

#1: Create the Vision for What Your Life Will Look Like One Year from Now

Answer these questions:

  • What’s most important to you so you can align with what you value most?
  • What did you do before that you want to rediscover again?
  • What new things do you want to discover? New places, people, experiences
  • What scares you? What is something you would be challenged by and feel powerful if you tried it? 

Commit to your vision. Life is a choice. You get to decide, no one else does. Without action nothing happens.

#2: Develop a Vacation Mindset Every Day

Be a tourist in your own town. Be curious, open to learning, ready for new adventures and fun.

  • Catch a sunrise or sunset.
  • Stand in a forest/park and look up.
  • Be in awe of all the beauty that surrounds you.

#3: Dare Yourself to Do Something New Each Day

Challenge yourself to become less predictable, surprise even yourself! A must read if you want to reboot your life and get unstuck is I Dare Me by Lu Ann Cahn. For 365 days, she challenged herself to do something new. It changed her life.

If you’ve been wanting to try stand-up comedy, acting, zip lining, or pink hair, just do it and watch how powerful and free you feel from allowing fun back into your life by trying something new.

#4: Challenge Yourself to See Your Life Through a New Lens 

Change your perspective to bring back that child-like wonder and excitement.

Practice living in the moment, start noticing the little things more, and see something “old” as if you saw it for the first time.

#5: Let Go of Old Ways of Thinking and Old Habits 

Take back control of your life. Let go of negative self-talk.

Challenge yourself to develop a positive mindset that will help you overcome old barriers that have prevented you from a life you really want.

#6: Tune Out to Tune In

Pay attention. Focus. Notice what you need to do to tune out in order to tune in. Remove negative self-talk or toxic people from your life, those people who tell you, “You can’t.”

#7: Declutter Your Home and Your Mind

Simplify your life by letting go of “stuff” that weigh you down or hold you back.

Travel light, make room for the life you really want, and practice removing things from your life that you no longer want, need, or use.

#8: Challenge Yourself to Learn Something New

  • Overcome your fear of technology by taking a course, asking for help, and just jumping in.
  • Start the new business that you have been dreaming about. (The coffee shop, the flower shop, the online course, etc.)
  • Learn a new hobby, try a new sport, or invest in a side gig.

#9: Just Say “YES To Life”

Put yourself out there. Say yes to new experiences, meeting new people, accepting invitations. No more excuses of being “too tired” or “too busy.” Practice pure child-like joy each day. (Roll down a hill; go down a slide; have a water balloon fight.) 

#10: Think Like a Champion

It’s normal to doubt yourself sometimes but don’t let those doubts define you. Instead, let them inspire you to become better than what you even think possible.

It’s hard work to design and live the life you really want. You might be tempted to quit, but don’t. Look up but don’t ever quit.

Challenge your fears and challenge the “status quo living.” Most importantly, don’t wait. Start now to bring back adventure, freedom, and fun so you can live a life with no regrets.

What would you try in your life if you could get unstuck? What dreams do you still want to pursue? How will you challenge yourself today to start living the life you want and deserve?

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Rita Wilkins, known as The Downsizing Designer, is a nationally recognized interior design and lifestyle design expert, Tedx speaker and author of Downsize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Secrets to More Time, Money and Freedom. She challenges baby boomer audiences to reimagine, reinvent, redesign their lives to live abundantly with less. Learn more at

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