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Best Walking Shoes for Senior Women

By Sandra Roussy October 20, 2022 Makeup and Fashion

Walking is a great form of exercise that we can do at any age. It’s well known that the benefits of regular physical activity, like walking, can help with weight management and strengthen muscles. According to Harvard Medical School, it can also help with heart health including lowering the risk of heart attacks and strokes.


Are you thinking of starting a regular walking regimen? Do you already walk frequently? Do you know what is the most important thing to do to make sure that your walking is safe and comfortable? You got it – a good pair of walking shoes!

Many people simply throw on their old running shoes and set out walking. This can do fine, but dedicated walking shoes are the best footwear for walking purposes.

Here is our list of the best walking shoes for senior women:

  1. 411v1 walking shoes from New Balance – Best Cushioned Walking Shoe
  2. Athletic Walking Shoe by TIOSEBON – Best Budget-Friendly Walking Shoe
  3. Wool Runners by Allbirds – Most Stylish Walking Shoe
  4. ATOM by KURU – Best All Day Walking Shoe
  5. TABI WALKER by Vionic – Best Walking Shoe for Wide Feet
  6. Integrity ST2 by Saucony – Best Walking Shoe for Narrow Feet
  7. OMNI WALKER 3 – Best Shock Resistant Walking Shoe
  8. Coral Stretch Knit by OrthoFeet – Walking Shoe with Arch Support
  9. Wichita Stretch by OrthoFeet – Best Walking Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis
  10. Quincy Stretch by OrthoFeet – Best Walking Shoe for Flat Feet
  11. Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Hiker by The North Face – Best Hybrid Walking/Hiking Shoe

How to Find the Best Walking Shoe

Comfort Over Style

When it comes to walking shoes, you want to invest in the most comfortable pair that you can afford. They don’t need to be popular brand names that tend to cost more but also typically offer more trendy styles and color combos.


You want your walking shoes to be light and not to weigh you down. Unless your walking shoes need to be specialty shoes, because of flat feet for example, that may add some weight to the shoe.

Try on as Many as You Can

The best way to find your perfect walking shoes is to try on as many as you can. They must not feel tight and there needs to be sufficient space for your toes. Check with return policies when ordering online.

Top-Rated Walking Shoes for Women Over 60

We’ve scoured professional reviews and customer comments/ratings to pick out the best walking shoes available on the market today.

Best Cushioned Walking Shoe – 411v1 Walking Shoe by New Balance

The 411v1 walking shoes from New Balance are lightweight and made with DynaSoft midsole cushioning for extra plush comfort and ultra-responsive walking.

Best Budget-Friendly Walking Shoe – Athletic Walking Shoe by TIOSEBON

Athletic Walking Shoe by TIOSEBON

These breathable knit walking shoes by TIOSEBON won’t break the bank at $32.99 on Amazon. They are easy to slip on with no laces to fuss over. At that price you may want to order more than a single pair. They are offered in over 32 color combos!

Most Stylish Walking Shoe – Wool Runners by Allbirds

Wool Runners by Allbirds

We love the look of these merino wool walking shoes. They come in a variety of fun colors and are super soft and cozy. They are machine washable and made from recycled and approved green materials.

Best All Day Walking Shoe – ATOM by KURU


For all day comfort (and style, might we add) these shoes from KURU come in highly rated by customers and reviewers alike. They offer heel-hugging comfort and a super cushy insole for extra bounce. They are made of breathable and airy mesh fabric that helps prevent odors.

Best Walking Shoe for Wide Feet – TABI WALKER by Vionic


The popular active shoe from Vionic is designed to move in safety. It offers a firm thermoplastic heel for increased stability and support. Also, it has the no-lace convenience of hook-and-loop tabs. Perfect if you have limited mobility in your hands.

Best Walking Shoe for Narrow Feet – Integrity ST 2 Narrow by Saucony

Integrity ST 2 Narrow by Saucony

The Integrity ST2 by Saucony is a favorite for long walks. It combines durability with plush cushioning and also the Forefoot Stretch Zone feature that allows for an effortless fit.

Best Shock Resistant Walking Shoe – OMNI WALKER 3


For those who need an extremely comfortable and plush walking shoe with the perfect amount of stability and cushioning. The OMNI WALKER 3 offers a great shock-resistant sole and provides all-day comfort and stability.

Walking Shoe with Arch Support – Coral Stretch Knit by OrthoFeet

Coral Stretch Knit by OrthoFeet

These walking shoes by OrthoFeet are engineered with advanced footwear technology to enhance comfort and alleviate heel and foot pain. They offer premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support to prevent the foot from rolling inwards. This alleviates pain on the foot and heel and even all the way up your knees, hips, and lower back.

Best Walking Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis – Wichita Stretch by OrthoFeet

Wichita Stretch by OrthoFeet

Enjoy exceptional comfort and fit with these stretchable casual walking shoes. They offer a non-binding fit, extra room for toe movement, and maximum protection against pressure points. The Wichita is designed with a hook-and-loop strap for maximum adjustability and allows the tongue to completely open for easy foot insertion. As with all OrthoFeet footwear, they come with a 60-day trial wear period.

Best Walking Shoe for Flat Feet – Quincy Stretch by OrthoFeet

Quincy Stretch by OrthoFeet

Another shoe from OrthoFeet that is made with lightweight cushioning soles and a mild rocker designed to absorb impacts and soften every step. The velcro fastener is perfect for those with mobility issues in their hands.

Best Hybrid Walking/Hiking Shoe – Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Hiker by The North Face

Hedgehog Fastpack GTX Hiker by The North Face

Do you enjoy hiking? These waterproof and breathable trail walking shoes from The North Face offer rubber soles for traction and protection. They also offer subtle pronation correction and perfect arch support.

Read our helpful article WANT TO FEEL STEADY ON YOUR FEET EVERY DAY? DISCOVER THESE 3 TIPS FOR WALKING WELL that contains great advice (and videos) for walking safely and confidently.


Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you have a favorite pair of walking shoes? How often do you use them when you head out? Why are they your favorite? Are there walking shoes that you tried but didn’t particularly like? Share your thoughts on walking shoes with our community in the comments below.

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I wish I had a favorite pair of walking shoes. I don’t and I have spent over a year trying to find one. Because I have compression fractures at L1, L2,L3, I have a curvature of the back. I need a shoe with a low heel to toe drop. The 12 mm drop causes pain, tilts me forward and affects my balance. It would be wonderful to have a pair of walking shoes.

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