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Want to Tell Your Story Effectively? A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

By Margaret Manning June 22, 2013 Managing Money

A few years ago, while I was working for a large corporation, I was asked to prepare a presentation on the concept of “trust” in selling. At best, I knew that I would only have a few seconds to capture the audience’s attention. So, I decided to take a highly visual approach to get my message across. I wanted a presentation filled with powerful images that would allow the audience to feel my message before they thought about it.

I had a vision, but, my success would depend entirely on my ability to find images that would help me to tell my story. I looked everywhere, but, I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Some photo services had amazing pictures, but, ridiculously high prices. Others had low prices, but, equally low quality images. Then I found Shutterstock.

Shutterstock is a different kind of photo site altogether. Instead of paying for images one at a time, they have a subscription program that you sign-up for that allows you to download 25 images per day. The images where high-quality and the site was easy to use. After a few hours, I found just the right images – authentic, unique, and high-quality.

Since I no longer work for a big company, I don’t often need to pull together executive presentations on a deadline. But, as the founder of Sixty and Me, I still find plenty of reasons to use Shutterstock. Most of the pictures that I use on Facebook come from Shutterstock. Ditto for my articles and e-books.

Shutterstock isn’t cheap. As I mentioned, they have a subscription program where you have to pay a monthly fee. But, compared to all of the other photo services out there, they seem to have the best balance of quality and price. If you need images for your business or blog, I highly recommend giving them a look.

Have you used any photography sites for your business or blog? What experiences did you have?

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Margaret Manning is the founder of Sixty and Me. She is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. Margaret is passionate about building dynamic and engaged communities that improve lives and change perceptions. Margaret can be contacted at

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