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What 2 Words Describe Your Winter Shoe Style? Easy Spirit Has You Covered!

By Sixty and Me December 01, 2019 Makeup and Fashion

When we talk about style and fashion, we often focus on dresses, coats, trousers and tops. But today, I want to talk about one category of clothing that is often missed, especially as we get a little older: our shoes!

Not only is the footwear we choose essential to creating looks we love, but, it can also make us happier, healthier and even more social.

How Would You Describe Your Shoe Style?

In our 20s and 30s, when it came to our shoes, most of us were willing to sacrifice a considerable amount of comfort for style. Now that we are a little older, most of us have a more nuanced set of requirements for our footwear.

We want to look great AND feel comfortable. We want to look stylish AND feel secure.

So, with the winter months fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to reach out to a few of my Sixty and Me sisters to see how they describe their shoe style in just two words. Their responses were fabulous and I hope that they inspire you to check our Easy Spirit’s comfortable winter boots.

Use promo code ES60ANDME2019 to get 20% off of your next order with Easy Spirit.

How would YOU describe your shoe style? Here are a few ideas to inspire you this winter.

A Perfect Boot for the “Sporty and Adventurous” Woman

“Sporty and adventurous” might not be two words that the average person would associate with women over 50, but this is exactly how many members of our community described their shoe style.

I’m certainly not surprised! Women of our generation are breaking the mold. We are traveling, doing sports, hiking and running after our grandkids. We need shoes that can keep up!

If you are the kind of woman who likes to keep moving, no matter the weather, Easy Spirit’s Ember boot is a great option.

These boots are water-resistant and have an EVA midsole for added comfort. The inner-side zip makes for easy removal and the sole provides super traction and security on rugged surfaces – perfect for mature women on-the-go!

Personally, I wish that I had had these boots on my last cruise to Norway. They would have been fantastic for navigating the snow and ice, while staying warm in the winter wind. And, best of all, they are stylish enough that I would not have felt out of place wearing them back on deck, while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

Easy Spirit’s Ember boot comes in sizes 5 –12 and in extra wide width. Check them out at

A Great Option for “Stylish and Flexible” Women

Want to look like a million dollars without having to change your shoes throughout the day? Your shoe style may be “stylish and flexible.”

If your style is sophisticated, smart and refined but you have a busy life, with work, grandkids and more, Easy Spirit’s Addy boot is an excellent choice.

Available in black and brown leather, this classic pair looks great with trousers or a skirt.

The rounded, square toe is lovely. Best of all, for women that demand flexibility in their footwear, the Addy is an exceptionally lightweight and flexible bootie that can be worn comfortably for hours on that long commute, in the office or on busy city streets.

The Addy comes in sizes 5–11 and a range of widths to WW. Check them out at

What if You Crave “Sturdy and Relaxed” Winter Boots?

If you use words like “natural,” “leisurely” or “relaxed” in describing your winter shoe style, the Jetty Bootie from Easy Spirit is a great choice. Like so many Easy Spirit shoes, it covers an impressive array of sizes and widths.

Available in both black and brown suede, the Jetty will keep your feet warm and cozy all winter long. But, this shoe offers more than comfort – it is also sturdy and versatile!

The rubber molded outsole gives great traction for long walks and hikes with friends or grandchildren, which is especially important in the winter.

And, speaking of winter comfort, a knitted section at the top of the Jetty makes this boot a perfect choice for women who live in the country, where the roads can get a little more challenging to navigate.

Check out the Jetty on

Boots for the Woman Who Values “Comfort and Safety”

Would you describe your winter shoe style as “straightforward,” “uncomplicated” or “comfortable?” Do you feel like you need a little extra support from your boots, especially in the winter? Then the Jonni from Easy Spirit may be just what you are looking for.

Simply put, they are built for comfort and confidence, built in their newest comfort construction.

Personally, I love the pull-on tab at the back of the Jonni, which helps to get them on and off in cold, wet weather.

The Jonni is available in black leather, as well as black and brown suede. It offers arch support and the rubber molded outsole provides comfort and traction. It really is the whole winter package!

Check out the Jonni on

A Choice of Boot for Women Who Are “Artistic and Bohemian”

If you describe your winter shoe style with words like “artistic,” “bohemian” or “eclectic, you will love the Tale Easy Spirit boot. Like many Easy Spirit shoes, this bootie provides great arch support and comes in sizes 5–12.

Like all Easy Spirit shoes, the Tale is comfortable and stylish. But it is the color selection that really stands out for me. The brown is elegant and the blue is unique and fabulous.

The Tale boot comes in two widths, medium and wide. So, if you have a narrower foot and love the idea of stylish brown or blue boots – this is a great option for you.

Let Easy Spirit Keep You Warm and Stylish This Winter

No matter how you would describe your winter boot style, there is an Easy Spirit option that will make the perfect gift for your feet this holiday season.

Check out the entire Easy Spirit collection of boots at And don’t forget to use promo code ES60ANDME2019 to get 20% off of your next order.

What two words describe your winter shoe style? “Adventurous and sporty?” “Sturdy and relaxed?” Something else?

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