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What a Makeover! This is Why to Ignore the Makeup for Older Women Stereotypes!

Do you ever feel constrained or confused when it comes to choosing new makeup products? Well, by the end of today’s interview with Ariane Poole, I can promise you that you are going to feel much better!

Why? Because Ariane and I are going to tackle some of the biggest stereotypes when it comes to makeup for older women.

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Ariane Poole is Coming to the U.S.

Before I get to Ariane’s tips (and my own makeover), I have some exciting news to share. Ariane’s products are now available in the U.S. If you love Ariane Poole and appreciate everything that she has done to support our community, I highly encourage you to check out her cosmetics line on Evine.

And, now, let’s get back to Ariane and my conversation!

Wow! What a Makeover!

Over the last five years, Ariane and I have done plenty of makeovers, but, I have to be honest… this is one of my favorites. Perhaps it was the new products that Ariane demonstrated. Or, maybe she was just super excited about her upcoming launch, but, whatever the reason, I loved the results!

Ariane started by using her brand new “Flawless Finish” foundation. It provides great coverage, but, it also doesn’t feel heavy. I also loved the gentle glow that it gave my skin!

As Ariane points out, there are times when we just want a little more coverage. “If you’re going to a wedding, or, something really special, you just want a little extra,” as Ariane said.

Ariane also shared a secret trick for applying foundation with a brush that I won’t even describe here. You’ll need to check out the video to see for yourself!

Your Eyes Are the Windows Too…

After she applied the foundation, Ariane moved on to my eyebrows… and, wow, what a difference! As you know, I’ve always been a bit sensitive about my eyebrows, but, after Ariane applied her own brow mascara, I felt so much better!

You can find her brow mascara and all of her other products on her Evine page. And, for a limited time, you can get 15% off with the promo code “ARIANE.”

Next, Ariane moved on to her eye shadow. She applied her topaz shade, which looked wonderful and helped my eyes to sparkle.

All Brown Eye Pens Are Not Created Equal!

When it comes to choosing an eye pencil, Ariane shared a great tip. She said that many brown eye pencils have a lot of red in them. The problem is that, as you get a little older, this shade can tend to make your eyes look red too!

So, instead, she recommends looking for a brown pencil with more grey in it.

This Makeover is So Good, I’m Blushing!

After I applied my own mascara, Ariane decided to add a little blush to my look. Because I have an oval face, Ariane focused on giving my face width.

When she added a little glow to the apple of my cheeks, I really started to see the whole look come together!

And, as Ariane pointed out… why shouldn’t we continue to add a little shimmer to our face as we get a little older? I couldn’t agree more!

One Final Touch…

A little lipstick and I was ready to go! I hope that you enjoy this makeover as much as I did. I certainly came away with plenty of good ideas and I hope you did too!

And, don’t forget to check out Ariane’s products on Evine. They are fabulous!

What are your favorite makeup products? Are there any stereotypes about makeup or fashion for older women that just annoy you? Let’s have a chat!

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