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3 Unexpected Benefits of Gentle Yoga for Older Women (Video)

By Margaret Manning October 24, 2014 Health and Fitness

There are so many misconceptions about the benefits of yoga for older women. Some people believe that the goal of yoga is to “get flexible.” Others think that it is only for the young and fit. This last belief is particularly frustrating because the benefits of gentle yoga for older adults are greater than for any other group. After all, we have decades of stress stored in our bodies!

Since so many women in the Sixty and Me community have asked about yoga, I decided to reach out to a true expert to find out more about the benefits of this timeless practice. If you are ready to reduce the stiffness in your body, while increasing your energy and improving your balance, this episode of the Sixty and Me Show is for you!

What Are the Real Benefits of Yoga for Older Adults?

In this episode of the Sixty and Me Show, Cat Kabira and I discuss what yoga is in the broadest sense. Then we talk about the specific benefits of yoga for older women.


Cat explains that the benefits of yoga go way beyond the time that you spend on the mat. Yoga really can be a gateway to a healthier life. As you learn to connect with your body, you will gain an appreciation for what it needs to thrive in terms of nutrition, stress relief and relaxation.

With time, yoga can help almost anyone to gain flexibility and confidence. Unfortunately, as we get a little older it can be difficult to find the motivation to get started.

Cat is one of the first yoga teachers that I have met that really understands the unique challenges and opportunities that older yoga students face. She is patient, warm, talented and so much fun to work with!

In fact, I loved her approach so much that I decided to film a series of gentle yoga videos, just for older women.

Cat has been practicing and teaching yoga for 20 years and she has worked with 1000s of older students to reach their potential. She has witnessed first-hand the dramatic improvements that yoga can make in our lives – especially if we are a little older. In our interview, we discuss some of the people that she knows whose lives have been changed by practicing yoga.

Whether you are considering yoga for the first time, or you already have significant experience, I hope that you enjoy this conversation. On a personal level, Cat has inspired me to get out my own yoga mat again and to start connecting with my body and mind.

Here’s what Cat and I covered in our interview:

  • What is yoga for seniors really?
  • Several unexpected benefits of yoga for seniors
  • Why body shape doesn’t matter at all when you are practicing yoga
  • How yoga can transform your perception of your body in positive ways
  • The various aspects of yoga that go beyond exercises and poses
  • How yoga can help you to create a powerful mind/body/spirit connection
  • The mental and emotional benefits of yoga, especially for women
  • Why loving and accepting yourself is a major focus of yoga

As Cat says, yoga really is for everyone! It’s not about comparisons or competitiveness. It’s about connecting with our bodies and finding a gateway to a new and healthier life after 50.

I hope that you enjoy the show! If you do, please like, share, or comment!

If you are ready to start your yoga journey, please check out our gentle yoga video series, featuring the wonderful Cat Kabira.

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