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What Musical Instrument Have You Always Wanted to Learn?

By Margaret Manning February 12, 2017 Lifestyle

One of the best things about turning 60 is that you finally have the confidence and freedom to live life on your terms.

You can wear the clothes that you feel comfortable in, without worrying what other people think. You can pursue your passions, no matter how unique or unusual. You can learn to play the drums or become a DJ.

Speaking of becoming a DJ, scientists are now saying that learning a musical instrument could be one of the best ways to give your brain a total body workout at any age. So, if you have always wanted to play a musical instrument, but, couldn’t convince your parents that getting a drum set was a great idea, there’s never been a better time to get started!

What Instrument Fascinates You?

I’m really curious what instrument you would like to learn how to play. Have you always imagined yourself as a rock star in disguise? Or, do you have a secret dream of playing in a jazz band?

Do you have an old violin, sitting in the bottom of a box in your garage, begging to be played? Or, do you perhaps want to show your neighbors what “aging gracefully” really means on a brand new drum set?

Life after 60 should be all about pursuing your passions. Let’s show the world that baby boomers are rejecting aging stereotypes and dancing to a different tune. Better yet, let’s create our own music!

What instrument do you want to learn and why? Do you want to play for yourself? Or, do you plan on joining a band or playing in public in the future? Please join the conversation.

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