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What New Gadgets for Women Over 60 Will Come Out of CES?

By Margaret Manning December 27, 2013 Lifestyle

Every year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) descends on Las Vegas to share with the world the latest trends in consumer electronics. Once only the playground of young innovators and gadget geeks, this year’s show is also catering to the Boomer community with a related event called Silvers Summit.

Technology is shaping the lives of older women today, empowering us to start new businesses, stay healthy and live connected and independent lives. As the fastest growing demographic on social media platforms, our voices are finally starting to be heard by brands who recognize the value of understanding how to design products we actually want. We are becoming more visible, and innovative technology companies are developing products and services designed to make our lives even more exciting as we explore being over 60 in a digital age!

At the Silvers Summit, companies like Microsoft and Ford will talk about how they are responding to the technology needs of our generation. The statistics don’t lie. There are about 78-million Baby Boomers in the United States. Our generation dominates most consumer categories (including technology) and control 70% of the disposable income. The Silvers Summit will explore new technologies in health monitoring, home security, and even dating and education.

Jody Holtzman from AARP will also present at the Silvers Summit. They recently launched a new incentive called Innovation@50+, to work with technology and healthcare companies to focus on investing in innovative solutions for seniors. His message to venture capitalists is that retired Boomers are a goldmine waiting to be explored.

This is similar to the argument that I made in my recent article on Huff/Post50. I discussed the lose/lose situation that is created when businesses focus on marketing based on stereotypes of older people rather than building the products that we really want.

I will report back after the show with highlights. I’m sure that there will be fascinating trends discussed and interesting products announced for us to enjoy!

What new technology products or services would you like to see developed? What is your advice to companies marketing to older women? Please leave your comments below.

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