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What’s New in Your World? August 19, 2018

By Margaret Manning August 19, 2018 News

Hi everyone! Here are the biggest news stories for August 19, 2018 along with a few of my own thoughts. I also have a fascinating question to ask all of you about the lessons you want to teach your grandkids. I hope that you will join the discussion!

What’s Going on in Your World?

Hurricane Lane has strengthened into a category 4 story as it makes its way towards the Hawaiian Islands. The latest forecasts have the storm passing to the south of the Big Island. However, there is still a possibility that the storm will impact San Diego. Stay tuned to your local weather station for more details.

A magnitude 8.2 earth quake has just been recorded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Fortunately, forecasters do not predict that the earthquake will result in any tidal waves.

According to the New York Times, White House counsel McGahn has been cooperating with the Mueller probe and has provided a great deal of information to the Special Counsel’s office. Some of the information provided is said to be supportive of President Trump, while other information may not be warmly welcomed by the President.

14 Backstreet Boys fans were injured at a concert in Oklahoma when a metal structure fell on them. The area was experiencing high winds at the time, which may have contributed to the accident.

Today’s Good News Story – A 98-Year-Old Husband Shows Us the Power of Love

Luther Younger has been married to his wife, Waverlee for over 50 years. So, he was obviously devastated when she was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009.

Since her diagnosis, Luther has stayed as close as possible to his wife, going so far as to walk 6 miles to visit his wife every single day – in pouring rain or scorching sun.

Now, this feat of love and devotion would be impressive at any age, but, the fact that Mr. Younger is 98-years-old makes it all the more special!

Luther was not looking for praise or fame when he started walking to the hospital… but, that is certainly what he has received… and more!

After finding out about his devotion to his wife, well-wishers set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for transportation and medical costs. The page has already collected $27,270 for the couple!

You can watch a short video of Luther Younger talking about his life here.

Margaret’s Message for the Day

I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of my grandchildren’s lives. I am especially lucky to live in the same city as my grandson Max, who is 16-months old.

When I was a mom, I felt like I was always pressed for time. I did my best to raise my kids well, but, like all of you, I sometimes found myself just keeping my head above water.

Looking after my grandkids is different. When I come for a 2-3 hour visit, I feel like I have the time and wisdom to really focus 100% on their needs.

Along these lines, I’ve been thinking recently about some of the things that I want to teach my grandkids. Certainly, I will teach them about money. I will also share my love of exploration and travel. But, beyond that, I’m still thinking!

So, today, I would love to hear what life lessons or topics you plan on teaching your grandkids about. Let’s see if we can come up with a list.

Quote for the Day

“I’m one of these children who grew up at the knee of my grandmother and her elder sister, listening to very old people talk about their memories.” – Hilary Mantel

Community Question for the Day

What lessons do you want to teach your grandkids? Are there any subjects that aren’t taught in school that you want to teach them? Let’s have a chat!


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