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You’re Never Too Old to Rock and Roll, Even if You’re Creakier in the Knees!

By Stephanie Raffelock May 06, 2017 Lifestyle

I love to dance. I can’t dance the way I did in my 20s – all night long, but I still love to dance. Okay, so maybe my moves are a little stiffer than they used to be, but moving to music remains a great joy in my life.

Any room in my house can be a place for spontaneous dance. Organizing the garage? Be sure to put on some Linda Ronstadt. And when hubby joins me it reminds me that of all the good things in marriage, dancing with him is one of the best. Dancing can be the antidote for lethargy, anxiety and worry. I love the phrase “dance it out.”

After all, you’re never too old to rock and roll!

Every Generation Has Its Own Soundtrack

Every generation has its own soundtrack to life; music that moves you to dance, sing along or reflect. When I listen to old favorites, I’m transported back to a younger heart and a stronger body. I’m filled with memories of growing up and coming of age. And most importantly, I feel the creative force of celebration.

In younger days, I frequented clubs with live music. I had a girlfriend who loved to dance as much as I did, and we would spend Friday and Saturday nights dancing until closing time, all the while flirting with the band. As a 20-something, I had a secretarial job with the television show The Midnight Special, the precursor to MTV. Everyone on the staff, except for the director, was under the age of 30 and we all shared one truth: Music makes the world go ’round.

As I got older, I stopped going to clubs. My cool music job morphed into more serious jobs that didn’t include tributes to Joe Cocker or new albums from Electric Light Orchestra. Suddenly life was more about mortgages and marriage. I grew up and got responsible, but never lost my love for the transformative power of music and dance.

My Tastes Have Matured Over Time

Over the years, my tastes have expanded to include YoYo Ma and Frank Sinatra and I’m grateful for that, but when I listen to the music of my youth, my heart feels the way that I did when I was 22. I wouldn’t want to be 22 again, but it sure is a nice place to visit.

In my childhood home we had a stereo that was a piece of furniture. And I had friends with suitcase types of record players. Equipment that played music was, for most of my life, large and cumbersome. Then a miracle happened called the iPod.

Several years ago, my husband and I downloaded all of our CDs to iPods and I marvel that all of my music is contained in this tiny little box that will fit into my pocket.

I Want to Be the One in the Nursing Home Tapping Her Feet

I hope that I won’t ever lose my appreciation for Motown. I want to be that old woman in the corner of the assisted living facility who has on a pair of headphones and can’t stop tapping her feet to the beat.

While I have a list of artists that I like to listen to on a softer, quieter level, like Joni Mitchell and Dan Fogelberg, my favorite artists for evoking that sing and dance along energy are The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, The Impressions, The Temptations, The Pointer Sisters and The Steve Miller Band. And of course, The Beatles.

Do you still dance? Do you have favorite artists that you like to sing along with in the car or when you are doing things around the house? Who are your favorites? Do you agree that you are never too old to dance? Please share with me in the comments section.

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