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Zoosk Seniors Review – Read this before you sign up

By Jessica Thomas August 12, 2021 Aging

If you are over 50 and looking for a great dating site, but don’t want to be overwhelmed with too many technological bells and whistles, then Zoosk Seniors could be a great option for you to try. 

Below, we discuss the positives and negatives that you should know about Zoosk Seniors. Ultimately, this information is designed to let you know all you need to know before signing up for Zoosk Seniors. 

Zoosk Seniors Works Well for Everyone 

Zoosk Seniors is designed to appeal to a wide group of users. The more, the merrier seems to be the Company’s governing philosophy. In recent years, the more has truly been more with up to 3 million active users on the platform. Because of this, Zoosk Seniors users include the never-married, the divorced, and the widowed. Many users find the wide range of profiles that you can find on the site one of its biggest selling points. 

Zoosk Seniors is Straightforward and Easy to Use

Some dating platforms are extremely complicated and can take people weeks to learn how to navigate all the ins and outs. But, many older daters are not technologically savvy, and they may find these bells and whistles unnecessarily frustrating. Recognizing this reality, Zoosk Seniors created a streamlined platform based on people’s simple decision to swipe left or right on another user. 

Signing Up for Zoosk: Easy Peasy

Zoosk understands that joining an online dating service can be intimidating for some people and that they may be very reluctant users in the beginning. As reluctant users, if the sign-up process is too complicated, they may simply decide not to follow through and start their memberships. Based on this, Zoosk works hard to make their sign-up as easy as possible. 

Most users can set up their account in as little as five minutes. Although, most individuals will likely want to make additions to their account as they become more familiar with navigating Zoosk and understanding what may attract other daters. For example, they may go back later and add an appealing profile picture that shows them engaged in their favorite hobby. 

Convenient Sign-Up Options 

To make it even more convenient, there are multiple sign-up options. A user can sign up via a Google account or also by using their Facebook profile. However, you will need to validate your account with an active phone number. In addition, Zoosk also encourages users to connect their Facebook and Twitter accounts to their Zoosk accounts. 

Making the Perfect Match and Striking Up a Conversation with Them 

Zoosk Seniors does some of the hard work for you, recommending some promising potential matches. But, Zoosk Seniors understands that sometimes you want to take the lead on your search for your ideal future partner. To achieve this, the Company has set up numerous filters that help you sort through the database of users to find the ones that share important values and life goals with you. But, if this does not work for you, the Company uses some of its unique algorithms to send you curated matches. As you navigate the site more, Zoosk begins to update its algorithms based on who you are interacting with. The recommendations for matches then become increasingly targeted and specific. 

Zoosk has Two Types of Matches

There are two types of matches that can happen on Zoosk. One match is a Carousel match. In this match, you are shown pictures of different members and you can select ones that you would like to get to know better. If you are a free member, you can then send the person a heart emoji. But, if you are a paid member, you can reach out to them with a message so you can hopefully strike up a conversation. 

The second type of match is the SmartPick. This is an algorithmic match based on information that Zoosk has collected about how you. Once you have received your SmartPick, you can reach out to your selected match exactly the same way you would with a Carousel match. You are only limited by what type of membership you have. 

Zoosk Seniors Recognizes that Privacy and Security are Important 

Privacy and security are important concepts for anyone that is using an online dating app. These concerns may be particularly marked for older adults for a wide range of reasons. Without appropriate reassurances, these older adults may stop using Zoosk Seniors, or they may not even sign up in the first place. To ensure that customers stay on board throughout the process, Zoosk Seniors has set up a highly detailed safety and privacy policy to protect its users. This system has a track record of working. 

Zoosk Seniors Understands that Everyone has Different Technology Platforms 

People are attached to their devices, and they like to use the ones that they feel most comfortable with. Because of this, Zoosk prides itself on offering the same great user experiences on both computers and tablets, as well as on both Apple and Android phones. This opens up a broad range of browsing options to users. 

How Much Does Zoosk Seniors Cost? 

Like with almost all online dating platforms and apps, Zoosk Seniors boasts both a free version and a premium, for-pay subscription option. The free version has drastically reduced functionality that would seriously limit anyone’s ability to search for their next romantic partner. Not only does it limit your search functions, but it also makes it very hard (if not impossible) to communicate with any match that you may have found. You can send a handful of emojis to a person. But, that is it. You cannot send a message or start a real conversation. But, if you are willing to pay for a subscription, the options and features that are available expand dramatically.  

In addition to your paid subscription, you can also purchase Zoosk coins that open up even greater functionality. For example, these coins could be used to boost your profile so that more users see you and potentially reach out. Another option is to use these coins to purchase virtual gifts for another user – although it remains to be seen if this really ups your likelihood of scoring a real-world date. 

Zoosk Seniors notes that subscription options may vary based on a person’s geographic region. For example, in New England, there are only two paid options available. One is a six-month subscription priced at $65.99, and the other is a three-month option for $59.95. For many people, this price point is more attractive than what some of Zoosk Seniors’ competitors are offering.

On the Downside 

More and more dating apps and platforms understand the importance of screening and matching for compatibility. They also understand that many people have non-negotiable dealbreakers in their dating life. In recognition of this, they ask detailed questions to get at the heart of what truly matters to you.  But, Zoosk Seniors seems to have glossed over this and only offers a perfunctory screening survey when you first sign up. For example, you are asked to describe your body type and to give your height. 

The survey also asks if you are a smoker and how you religiously identify. This leaves hundreds of important questions unasked, and it shifts the responsibility back to the user to vet people when they initially match with them. This is not necessarily a bad thing. But, some users may get frustrated at having to weed out large numbers of people with who they have nothing in common with. 

No Dedicated Support Team

Another downside is that the Company does not have a dedicated customer support team. Although Zoosk Seniors is straightforward and highly intuitive, many older adults are not technologically fluent, and they can struggle with new technologies and apps. The lack of a readily accessible technology guide could be very frustrating for this group of users. 

But, many people would argue that these downsides are more than balanced out by the Company’s large and diverse pool of over 50 daters. If you are swimming in a deep dating pool, then the odds will likely work in your favor on finding a match. Yet, it is important to remember that this pool will not be equally deep everywhere. Not surprisingly, clients tend to be clustered in large metropolitan areas. This means that the dating game could still be challenging for those in rural locations.

Find Love Using Zoosk Seniors  

Zoosk Seniors is one of the largest players in the online dating sector, and Zoosk Seniors offers an attractive option for older adults who are looking for their ideal partner. The service has many benefits, including a potentially wide pool of daters to draw from, technological ease to navigate, and an attractive price point. But, this does not mean that there are no negatives that people should weigh before buying a subscription. One of the biggest downsides is that the Company does not invest as much time and effort into personality screening and generating matches. Instead, the pressure and work fall back on the user. But, if you are willing to put in this hard work, then Zoosk Seniors can be a great tool to give your love life a much-needed boost.

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B Jay

Too expensive for a senior. We live on fixed incomes and they aren’t much. Especially if you have been freelancing most of your life. And your ads are seemingly endless….

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