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Beauty and Fashion Interviews with Experts

Professional Makeup Tips for Older Women: Looking Great in Skype, Photos and Videos (Video)

October 9, 2015 |

Not so long ago, the only time when we needed to “pose” was when someone took a photo of us. Older women today interact with technology in so many ways. We talk with our grandchildren on Skype. We take part in family videos. We may be asked to participate in video job interviews. Other women, like me, record videos for our blogs. Read More

Is Your Post-Menopausal Body Contributing to Your Sleep Problems? (Video)

October 8, 2015 |

Getting a good night’s sleep is important. We live in a chaotic world, so, getting restful sleep can be challenging at any age.

That said, it seems particularly challenging for women living in a postmenopausal body. Not only do we have the same distractions and stresses that everyone else has, but, we also have wonderfully active hormones swirling through our bodies. This makes the process of falling asleep even harder. Read More

Why Life After 60 is All About Creating Yourself, Not Finding Yourself (Video)

October 5, 2015 |

Most women in their 60s feel like they have made good decisions and enjoyed successful careers so far. Now, with retirement on the horizon, many of us are looking to convert the professional contacts, skills and experience that we acquired during our careers into profitable opportunities. Read More

Do Women Over 60 Face a Choice Between Intimacy and Independence? | Senior Dating Tips (Video)

October 4, 2015 |

When it comes to love after 60, many women feel like they are left with an uncomfortable choice – intimacy vs. independence. By the time we reach our 50s and 60s, many women are comfortable living on their own. Perhaps we went through a divorce. Or, maybe, we simply choose never to marry. Either way, the idea of giving up part of our independence, even for love, can be terrifying…

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Natural Solutions for Getting Your Hormones Back in Balance After Menopause (Video)

October 3, 2015 |

Our hormones do strange and wonderful things as we move through menopause. Estrogen, serotonin and progesterone, once mysterious, become all too familiar to us. By the time we reach our 60s, we expect our bodies to “return to normal.” Read More

How to Deal with Common Aging Skin Issues | Makeup Tips for Older Women (Video)

October 2, 2015 |

By the time we reach our 60th birthday, most of us are perfectly comfortable in our aging skin. We have even learned to embrace, or at the very least accept, our wrinkles. At the same time, while we may be comfortable with our bodies, we still want to look and feel our best.

In a recent interview with celebrity makeup artist, Ariane Poole, I sat down to discuss how to embrace positive aging, while keeping our aging skin as healthy and vibrant as possible. I hope you enjoy the show! Read More

6 Questions to Help You Find Meaning in Your Life after Retirement (Video)

September 29, 2015 |

Making the transition to life after retirement is challenging. Beyond the obvious practical considerations of where to live, how to stay healthy and how to pay for everything, we also worry about how to find meaning in our lives. The 6 secret questions included in this article will help you to reconnect with yourself and build the life that you deserve. Read More

Personal Development Shouldn’t Stop After 60! Use These Tools to Network or Start a Business (Video)

September 28, 2015 |

Do you feel like society tells you that you are “too old” to do certain things? Do you want to break out of your self-imposed chains and become the person that you always knew you could be? Then, my interview with personal development expert, John Tarnoff is for you! Read More

50 Plus Dating: Should Older Women Learn How to Make the First Move? (Video)

September 27, 2015 |

According to Lisa Copeland, dating over 50 is different than dating at any other point in our lives. When we are younger, we can afford to sit back and let men come to us. But, as we get a little older, Lisa encourages us to take control and not be afraid to strike up a conversation with men. Join Lisa and I as we discuss how to get more from dating in our 50s and 60s by learning to make the first move…

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Choosing the Best Eyebrow Makeup After 60 | Makeup Tips for Older Women (Video)

September 25, 2015 |

Over the years, we have done all kinds of things to our eyebrows. We’ve shaved, plucked, waxed and threaded them. We survived the various “brow trends,” from super-thin to wild to full. What’s next for our brows? How can we create the look that we want, using the latest makeup techniques designed just for older women?In today’s interview with Ariane Poole, we discuss how to choose the best eyebrow products that will make you look and feel amazing.

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