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Fashion for Women Over 60 – Look Fabulous Without Trying to Look Younger

Margaret Manning

Let’s talk about fashion for women over 60. One of the biggest myths about older women is that we are no longer interested in looking stylish. There is a big misconception in our culture that women over 60 are invisible, frumpy, and uninterested in sensuality and beauty – that we’re all matronly and sexless and no longer part of the world of fashion, art and creative life force.

And yet, so many of the most fashionable people I know are women over 60! Women over 60 are often more fashionable than we used to be when we were younger, because we have better self-confidence and a stronger sense of self – we know how to dress for who we are.

When it comes to fashion for women over 60 here are a few things to consider:

Embrace Your Age

There is a popular TV show in America (based on a British show of the same name) called “What Not To Wear” which is hosted by fashion experts who each episode do a makeover of a person who is making horrible choices about their personal style and wardrobe. One of the interesting truths from this show, which occurs often in the participants, especially women, is that many women try to dress “younger” than they actually are – but this is a mistake.

When people try to dress in styles that would be more appropriate for someone much younger, they paradoxically make themselves look much older. If you are wearing short skirts or high heels or gaudy fashions that might work on a woman half your age, chances are you are making yourself look “older” (in a bad way) than you actually are. The same goes for leggings, which, while comfortable, are one of the least flattering items of clothing that women over 60 can wear.

If you “dress age appropriately,” it often has the effect of making you look younger – because people are not distracted by age-inappropriate clothing, and instead can appreciate what great shape you’re in, or how healthy your skin is, or what a stylish haircut you have.

Fashion for women over 60

Go For Classic Looks

One of the advantages of being women over 60 is that “we’ve seen it all” – we’ve been through every kind of fashion fad and short-lived trend imaginable during our lives. Now that we’re in our 60s (and beyond), we have the simple elegance and freedom that comes from being able to choose the classic styles that truly endure and work for us at any age.

Don’t feel like you have to succumb to the latest fashion trend. After all, most “trends” are designed with younger audiences in mind. If something looks silly to you, feel free to say so. You will look more stylish if you focus on technical dressing rather than going for the “total look” that you see in your favorite fashion magazine.

There are many ways to convey style and health and status other than clothes – and sometimes you will exude more confidence and class if your clothing choices are more conservative and “classic.”


Fashion for Women Over 60 - Classic Looks

Click the picture for details on our new Fashion for Older Women video series


Dress the Part

There’s an old saying in the career world, “dress for the job you want.” This means that in the workplace, it helps to dress in a way that commands respect and conveys credibility, so that you will be a natural choice for promotion. But choosing classic styles doesn’t mean you only have to dress conservatively.

As far as fashion for women over 60, there is a related idea: dress for the role in life that you want to have. Do you consider yourself an adventurous spirit? Do you love to travel? Choose accessories or complementary pieces from other cultures in countries you’ve visited. If you love outdoor sports and activities, find a way for your wardrobe to reflect these interests – it doesn’t mean your fashion choices have to be “all sports, all the time,” but it’s possible to dress “sporty” while still being stylish.


Fashion for Women over 60 - Dress the Part 1

Click the picture for details on our new Fashion for Older Women video series

Fashion for Women Over 60 - Dress and Part 2

Do you have a passion for fashion? Then, you’ll love our new fashion for older women video series! Click the picture for details


Look to Icons of Style

One of the great things about being women over 60 today is that we have more fashion role models than ever before. Women over 60 are still too often marginalized and made invisible by the media and by our culture, but there are some prominent women over 60 who are fashion icons. For example, Lauren Bacall (age 88) starred in movies as a younger woman alongside Humphrey Bogart, and she looks beautiful and fashionable, even at an age that most people think is identified only as a time of decline. Tina Turner is a style icon for a generation, and she still looks healthy and beautiful and fashionable at age 73 (in fact, Tina Turner recently got remarried – to a 57-year-old man).

A word of warning: never forget that celebrities are often asked to wear outfits, not because the clothes suit them, but, because their advertisers want to make a statement. So, enjoy watching the stars, but, always evaluate their outfits by the rules of technical dressing.

Here are a few of the many older women that I find inspiring:


Helen Mirren at the Brighton Rock Premier. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Helen Mirren at the Brighton Rock Premier. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jane Seymour. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jane Seymour at Austenland Premier. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Judi Dench at Philomena Premier. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Meryl Streep at The Manchurian Candidate Premier. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Meryl Streep at The Manchurian Candidate Premier. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Fashion for women over 60Women over 60 are reinventing the world in many ways. We are often embarking on new careers (either in retirement or semi-retirement), we are caring for family members, we are creating new concepts of what it means to be “older adults.” Part of this reinvention relates to fashion. After all, fashion is a process of constant reinvention – finding ideas that work, recombining them in new ways, updating a classic style with modern touches.

Perhaps soon the fashion industry will start to cater more to women over 60 – after all, fashion is not just for 22-year-old models on fashion show runways. And women over 60 tend to have more disposable income than young people. Does this sound like a business opportunity to anyone?

What is your definition of fashion for women over 60? Who is the most fashionable woman you know – whether it’s a celebrity or friend – and what do you like about her sense of style? Please comment below and check out our new Fashion for Older Women video series.


Fashion for Older Women

Do you have a passion for fashion? Then, you’ll love our new fashion for older women video series! It’s time to find a style that makes you look and feel your best!



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  1. nope, dress to please me. and I always look fantastic.

  2. I dress for my comfort .

  3. I was just wondering that the other day. Not sure

  4. I dress in what I like and what I feel comfortable in and sod what anyone else thinks , I wouldn’t wear a mini skirt or a book tube lol but when I was younger I was very conscious of what other people thought about about me but now I couldn’t give a fig ! :-)

  5. no age on any of my lables

  6. no its know ones business if you want a dress of your choice do it good for you i say …were does it say on labels ages only ? i dress how i feel good in and dont care what people say i like fashion and 68 and loving it

  7. I dress to suit me !

  8. Love fashion will never dress old

  9. No, not really. Since the age of 5 my preferred attire has been blue jeans and t-shirts. No need to change at my age.

  10. Mutton dressed as lamb – not attractive

  11. i dress however i want….no age!!!

  12. još uvijek mislim da trebam biti sexi u skladu sa svojim godinama.

  13. I like those shoes! So there!

  14. I hope I don’t, my daughter wouldn’t let me.

  15. Wouldn’t wear if they were FREE just because you get older who says you have to dress like a clown. …. No thank you not for me…

  16. Yes I would like to know the answer to Ruth’s question, how are we over 6o suppose to dress? I wear what ever I want, if people don’t like it well that’s their problem. If I am comfortable then that’s all that matters to me. I am close to 70 and believe what I wear will not make me look younger LOL

  17. I dress how I like and do not give a hoot :)

  18. I dress as me… that’s my age

  19. Only fashion no -no to me is a short skirt.too short on a mature lady looks wrong.Other than that..i keep on trend but adapt to suit myself.If people dont like..dont look!!

  20. I dress in what feels comfortable – as a matter of fact my 10 year old granddaughter & I dress very much alike:-)

  21. I dress the way I like to – just me. I can’t afford to keep up with fashion, so just like to look neat and tidy when I go out. What I don’t like is women – or men for that matter – who dress much younger, not always a good look.

  22. That’s the beauty of 60 – Wear whatever we want to and don’t care what others think. Being Comfortable is what matters most :-) ~ Lynn

  23. love this site xx

  24. Love polka dots…

  25. I love fashion work fashion yrs. Love dress up. Dress or. Me. Do likes trends what’s in always tell people get out your box don’t be afraid to change. They always thank me. I am 63! Feel 40! Love polka dots zebra to love purple . Never pink person. Work can be casual jeans now which really don’t like pants just have fun style try new

  26. possibly not but as I only see age as a number, do I care

  27. I’ve always favored simple, classic styles and I still do. Don’t follow the newest fashions or fads.

  28. More important to dress for your figure type..never wear clothes to short..or to revealjng…creapy breasts are not sexy..otherwise anything goes..and wear it regally.

  29. What ever you are happy wearing,who cares what other people think. I will never get old!!!!

  30. I will never give up wearing sexy jeans!

  31. I dress as I please don’t like don’t look!!!

  32. nothing looks worst than a sixty year old trying to look 20 … shows insecurity :P

  33. What is dressing my age? I dress to please the old girl in the mirror that looks back at me and tells me right or wrong—–don’t care what others think.

  34. I am just not sure what age appropriate is….does anyone know.

  35. I don’t wear short mini’s and hot pants but I’m sure not wearing plaid elasticated skirts and floral dresses! I think you know how far you can go.

  36. those shoes look like clown shoes and I don’t want to dress like some old frump either

  37. Age like dress size is just a number – a construct other people put upon us. Who care – I dress for me!

  38. love the classics myself but I feel women should dress however they want to no matter what age they are.

  39. I like to dress trendy and there’s no way I could wear the auntie beanie styles that are in some shops for women of a certain age. :-P

  40. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis so I dress comfortably. I still look attractive but my clothes are now more bendable!

  41. Absolutely dress my age- whatever that is!

  42. How exactly is my age supposed to dress?

  43. I don’t dress to try to look younger, I dress according to my taste, which is casual. I am not very feminine, I’m more a tom boy. LOL

  44. I try to dress modern, not sure what age that applies to. I’m not dressing frumpy no matter what!!

  45. hummmmmm… Nope… I do not dress the “conventional” WAY…. NEVER WEAR TODAYS FASHION… only what makes me feel like a Queen, elegant, comfortable … only go for what I like and makes me feel GREAT.

  46. Which age? Physical number or my real mental age? :) I dress the way I always have (classic and tailored which works no matter how “old” you are) and I’m still wearing heels. My feet keep screaming you’re 63. My head says no you’re not, don’t you dare get rid of those heels! :O

  47. What does dressing your age mean, how do you dress for 60

  48. it doesn’t matter. wear whatever you please.

  49. I am in to fashion all my life and it’s my job. I dress. chic classy but modern

    If somthing looks good and it’s well made I like it
    Style is my life I am 64 but I were sorts to
    Looks great still and mini or pensil skirts

  50. What does that really mean?

  51. not really and to me it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not hurting anyone or making you look dumb dress whatever way you want

  52. … love white jeans…

  53. I try to wear what suits me !

  54. I have been getting a few new things.

  55. I’ve had loads of fashion disasters but now I’m happy with my look so sticking with it.

  56. It’s alright to look young if you don’t look 65 etc. I look 20 years younger always have.

  57. 2 years ago I got mistaken for Joanna lumley in my summery clothes by a crowd if Gurkhas ! Sadly I haven’t got her lovely voice ! Ah.

  58. My feet don’t like heels. Anyway flat shoes & sandals are better with my tall height & long legs !

  59. Love the makeup video

  60. Age gracefully – I just hope to have happy face wrinkles like my Mum, so I try to smile more and frown less. Lololol

  61. There isn’t a damned thing wrong with looking your age. Dressing like a teenager just makes you look silly.

  62. I sure do…every season. I dress for me. At this age I know what looks good and what doesn’t. What fits and what makes me crazy. I’m not trying to be younger. Just trying to be the best version of me.

  63. High heels were fun. But not good for my feet in the long term.

  64. I wear what I like and aim to remain stylist without crossing the line into ridiculous.

  65. I buy over sized swim suits and add a skirt.

  66. Dress for the role in life you want to have.

  67. I went to the forum section on this topic and saw almost nothing.

  68. Im in my early 50s and I plan to wear my classic high heeled pumps as long as I can still walk in then. when it looks crazy or becomes unsafe its time to hsng up my heels

  69. Dear sixty and me….you stress to over 60’s that age is a number and to be comfortable in our own skin, yet continually bombard us with ways to look younger are contradicting yourself …i , for one, will enjoy the way i look with out having to worry about “how to look fab trying to look younger”…give me a break….and, ladies, you are all special in your own way….relax and age gracefully

  70. i’d love to find a bathing suit that doesn’t look ghastly.

  71. Love to but money is tight

  72. I dress as I feel comfortable in my clothes.

  73. I also wear large sun hats too !

  74. I dress in summer clothes I enjoy : very long navy or mint flowery skirts or navy or blue or teal trousers & T-shirts & buttoned matching over t-shirt tops to mix & match that never go out of style . In the winter its Tweed trousers & sweaters, padded warm coats & woolly hats, scarfs. You can still look stylish even at 65 !

  75. I have good taste in clothes.

  76. Don’t be a fashion victim, know what suits and makes you feel good….

  77. No worn-out shoes #1. The biggest thing for me is to have lots of jackets & coats. With the right shoes/boots, coat, sunglasses & purse you can be & feel stylish. I find most of my most amazing items at consignment shops & Thrift stores. I do not spend a lot of $$ & at almost 70 I get a lot of compliments. I know finally what is hip & what’s not for my age & enjoy the process!

  78. sweaters (and they can hide a multitude of “sins”)….

  79. When I was searching for a handle on being 60, I looked on utube for stylish older women’s fashions. Well there were women who looked fantastic in very individual style well up into their 80s. They looked great. My Mother and both Grandmothers looked good in their 60s. I’ll do the same. It was more a state of mind I was looking for and the utube films helped a lot. I don’t wear much more than lipstick if I remember and I have fairly long layered h air. Not wild about the wrinkles but I take good care of my skin- just have to learn to like me at this age. Takes a while. Thanks for the forum. Hope it helps someone.

  80. For business I wear stylish clothing like suits or a leather skirt, dresses on the knee. When free I wear skinny jeans or short jeans skirt with tights and boots.

  81. a dior signature scarf I bought in Paris 50 years ago, tied on a bag, or at neck or from shoulder of a suit it is classic cranberry color and reminds me of my youth

  82. Good to know . Maybe I’ll try to be s little braver.

  83. a pair of blue jeans.

  84. … my real and junk jewelry…

  85. Love it! Classic look is always in style. Add a few trendy accessories…..

  86. I treated myself to a fluffy jumper with little sequins

  87. My statement to have coloured streaks in my hair. Last year I had pink, red, torquise and purple. Not all the same time, but they fade fairly quickly but I have them done every three months. I have white Judi Dench style hair. Next week I’m due for a touch up again, but haven

  88. All of them!!! But rings are the “mister”

  89. I think another way of phrasing this question is what item of clothing do you get the most comments on.

  90. I guess you need to decide YOUR style…I’ve learned this over the years…to wear what I like…

  91. My daughter manages a Cato in Eaton,Oh. She brings me things she thinks I should wear. Usually I really like them. She got mr a pair of skinny jeans and knee boots. She thinks because I am only 114 pounds ,I can wear them. I really like them but at my age, I am afraid I will look like an older woman trying to look like a young woman. She is a wonderful supportive daughter and doesn’t want me to feel too old too soon.

  92. That’s why I Love my business….Decorate”ME”Age-MaZing Stylist to Boomer Divas like “ME” Plan. Celebrating our Boomer Life…. I agree with Annamarie..all my Divas want to look and feel younger. My Decorate”ME” plan does just that…I help with Fashion forward choices and then I have a DreamTeam of professional Ladies…Hairstylist,Skin Care,Fit after 50, Eyewear,Dentist,Gyne,Finanicial expert, Makeup artist and also Decorate”ME” Room Design ….Everyone needs a little Oomph …Thanks Sixty and Me for your inspirational info. Maureen

  93. You can wear shorter skirts! I do – I have a few fun shorter skirts I wear with tights and boots. Even my 88-year old mother approves and she is a more traditional dresser.

  94. love the classics……….your always in style. Mixing it up with other looks is always fun.

  95. im 62, and I wear what im comfortable in,and stylish, whats wrong with that,people think when you each a certain age, tht you hould be home in your slippers and knitting,def not, enjoy everything while you can,if that means dressing up a bit younger, so what, wheres the damage.

  96. :) (Y)

  97. Minnie Mouse shoes??

  98. Keeping in fashion is not a bad thing has long as thsere are only one or two items mixed with classics. Good thing to aks someone you know will tell you the truth when buying.

  99. What’s the problem with trying to look younger ? Just face your limits. No tons of make up, no mini skirt, no teens style. See clearly your.figure……

  100. my favorite handbag small shoulder bag,Italian leather

  101. I think you should wear what you love and feel comfortable in. I love colour.

  102. I am 75 years old,wear jeans and a pretty T-shirt during the day,dress up if going out to lunch or dinner,something long feminine nice undies and jewellry always sexy shoes and good French perfume.Blow anyone who doesn`t like it,I do and feel good…..

  103. I am 75 years old,wear jeans and a pretty T-shirt during the day,dress up if going out to lunch or dinner,something long feminine nice undies and jewellry always sexy shoes and good French perfume.Blow anyone who doesn`t like it,I do and feel good…..

  104. classic.

  105. Whatever (We can pull it off at this age – lol)

  106. I have always dressed Sporty/Elegant since I was 18—and even now it’s what like. In addition, I never followed the ‘style of the year—-or season. Buying anything that never goes out of style, will last for a long time, that’s why it’s called a ‘classic’—I like linen pants ( summer )–organic cotton T-Shirts. I hate blouses….sorry…

  107. Designers don’t remember those of us over 60 who would like stylist but not like teenagers. Then again we don’t spend the money like young people. Supply and demand.

  108. You are right Karin, cos I have the figure of half my age my dressing don’t go for my age hehehe

  109. I am 61 hopefully won’t get too out of shape

  110. Im 62..if Im mistaken for 52, or 42 or 32…more power to me! Classy & tasteful clothes for me.

  111. 74, still care about how I dress & look, buy stylish clothes for my oversized figure.

  112. My style is eclectic – I wear leggings with tunics, trackkies, ugg boots, a lot of pants and tops because I can. Sure I like to dress up but comfort is my main aim at 65.

  113. I’m 71 and still enjoy fashion and having a great time every day of my wonderful life

  114. I am 66 and have m.s. and I now dress for comfort.

  115. I’m almost 65! I used to have a Rule, years ago…”If it doesn’t go with jeans…I don’t buy it.” That Rule still holds true…but now I also allow Black jeans in my wardrobe!!! Dress ’em Up…Dress ’em Down…it’s all Good!!! (BTW…That’s my Son in my pic!)

  116. One word – Chico’s!

  117. Ilike every style,one day classic,one day sporty,bohemien depends what Iam going to do in a day what Iwear.

  118. classic

  119. classic !!!

  120. I am 63 years old; my conviction let me know what and what not to wear. You have a mirror, if you have to close it, grab it, or pull it down, then I think you are uncomfortable wearing it. Be comfortable and look good!!!!!


  122. not me

  123. I am 61 and I am so tired of people who say you are trying to look younger just because you wear the things you love. I dress more for my weight than my age.

  124. Conservative, never trendy. I like durable fabrics, like cotton. Can’t find it too much anymore. Comfortable, durable outfits are hard to find. Some of the styles are rediculous

  125. I’m a field scientist, so work clothes are for outdoors or lab. Well, I don’t even own a skirt, and haven’t for… a decade. I’ve two “nice” dresses that are rather long and lovely for weddings or something. In field work it’s jeans and long-sleeved shirts to keep off sun. In lab it’s jeans and somewhat prettier shirts. For public speeches, it’s the blazer + great blouse + great slacks. I wonder had I never worn high heels if my knees would be in better shape today. Take me or leave me, that’s my style.

  126. I am 62 and normally I love your page, but this one is annoying me. I just don’t feel like dressing ‘age appropriate’ or behaving like it for this matter. I don’t do minis, leggins or bikinis any more – but if I’ve had the figure I would – like so many of my pals.

  127. wear what you feel happy in. I cant say i agree with not wearing short skirts Some young girls have terrible legs, THEY shouldnt be wearing short skirts. Whereas i who has quite reasonable shapely legs can wear them. In winter with opaques no problem, and maybe just on or above knee in summer. These silly rules about what 60 yr old women can wear, annoy me. Of course we are not going to wear shorts inc city or a night out, and thigh high minis or tops showing our midriff, but personally il wear what i damm wellk like within reason, skinny jeans, heels when i go oiut, and ive grown my hair and to hell with the rules. i have younger friends who will tell me i i look ridiculous i trust their judgement. If women over 60 want to wear age appropriate clothing, ie stay press slacks, long dreary skirts, and sensible shoes and go grey gracefully thats their choice, but mine is mine.

  128. Read it, no tips for biker ladies. ;)

  129. I liked the section on Embrace your Age… nothing looks more sad than a older woman trying to look younger & ends up looking like a cougar.. you see them at singles dances

  130. I am 70 and retired. I like casual, but also fashionable clothes.

  131. I am retired so my fashion style is now about COMFORT! I have always preferred classic tailored business attire. NOW, I lean towards casual clothes which are comfortable. GONE are the suits and high heels!!

  132. 62 and loving life!

  133. ho un mio stile molto personale! mi piace molto!