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60 Best Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women Over 60

By Sixty and Me February 14, 2024 Makeup and Fashion

Both our hair texture and color change as we age. We can’t turn back the clock, and the best thing to do is not to fight it tooth and nail but preferably work with what we’ve got.

That doesn’t mean foregoing hair dye options altogether but simply adapting the way we style and color our hair as it changes with the years. Your beautiful, thick, shiny long locks that you had a few decades ago may not be so thick and shiny anymore.

In addition, as we get a little older, things tend to shift down a bit. This means that, depending on your skin and other factors, long, straight hair may not look as good on you now as it did when you were a teenager.

Get an Expert’s Opinion

Discuss with your hairstylist/colorist that you would like to make some changes. This is definitely something that your hairdresser can help you with. Just be sure to ask specifically what kinds of style would go well with your face shape.

Also, make sure to keep in mind the level of styling that you want to do daily and the amount of upkeep your new hairstyle will require. Furthermore, remember that the length is important if you like to tie your hair back or wear updos occasionally.

A good idea is to take a look at older women celebrities and how they are changing their hair over the years. This can inspire you to copy a look from one of your favorite stars.

Have you been wearing your hair the same way for decades? Is it time for a change? In this article you will find 60-plus hairstyles and haircuts for older women that can spark some inspiration for you. Read on to find some excellent short, medium, and long hairstyles for mature women. We’ve even added a section for the best hairstyles for thinning hair.

Short Haircuts for Women Over 60

Many of us turn to shorter hair as we get older. Sometimes for the ease of styling and also because it suits our faces better than long hair.

#1 Textured Short Bob for Thick Hair

Textured Short Bob for Thick Hair

If you are used to having textured hair, you can keep that look even when going short. For a softer look and added volume, add some layers at the back of a short bob hairstyle.

#2 Longer Bob with Bangs

Longer Bob with Bangs

Keep some length and add bangs to a no-layer bob to soften the features.

#3 Layered Short Bob

Layered Short Bob

Add layers to the style if you want more bounce and texture. Side-swept bangs add soft movement to the hairstyle.

#4 Short Bob Hairstyle with Oomph

Short Bob Hairstyle with Oomph

If you have time in the morning to spend on your hair, this style could be great for you! It’s definitely not a wash-and-go style as it needs a blow-out and some teasing, but it looks fabulous!

Interested in finding out about styling tools? Read 6 BEST HAIRSTYLING TOOLS FOR MATURE WOMEN.

#5 Big Soft Curls

Big Soft Curls

Favored by celebrities such as Meg Ryan, this chin-length hairstyle with flirty curls can soften and flatter your features.

#6 Flicked Highlights

Flicked Highlights

Timeless, elegant, and graceful, Jane Fonda rocks this hairstyle. The added highlights in her bangs and around her face create softness and perfect texture.

#7 Loose Waves

Loose Waves

Large loose waves and a longer version of this hairstyle look amazing in any color.

#8 Big Curls

Big Curls

Another style that looks great in any shade. Create a side-part longer curls for a flirty look.

#9 Curls with Oomph

Curls with Oomph

Add some volume to this popular style by blow drying the curls.

#10 Swept Back Natural Curls

Swept Back Natural Curls

If you are blessed with natural curls and want to go short, a lovely professional look can be achieved by sweeping the curls back.

#11 Short Natural Curls

Short Natural Curls

Work with your curls if you have them. Natural salt & pepper hair looks great with a short haircut and volumizing curls.

#12 The Classic Bob

The Classic Bob

The classic bob with bangs looks amazing when you have natural white hair.

#13 Frizz-Free Curls

Frizz-Free Curls

Let your curls loose! Use curl enhancing products to create beautiful natural curls without frizz.

#14 The Blonde Bombshell

The Blonde Bombshell

Blonde bombshell! Release the Marilyn Monroe hidden inside you with a flirty and curly blonde hairstyle.

For more short haircuts and advice take a look at this article.

Short hairstyles work well for women with round faces because they can create the illusion of a longer face by adding height and volume on top. These styles draw attention to facial features like eyes and cheekbones, providing definition and structure to the face.

Short hairstyles are generally low maintenance and offer versatility, allowing women to experiment with different textures and layers. Choosing a short hairstyle that aligns with your personal style and enhances features is key, and consulting with a skilled hairstylist can help you find the perfect look.

To see more short hairstyles ideal for round faces, read 10 BEST HAIRSTYLES FOR ROUND FACE SHAPE WOMEN OVER 60.

Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 60

You should go super short and opt for a pixie hairstyle. The pixie cut is a classic and looks great in any color. The pixie style is a short hairstyle characterized by its cropped length, often around the ear or above the nape of the neck. It typically features short layers and is known for its low-maintenance yet stylish appearance. The style gained popularity in the 1950s and has since become a timeless and iconic haircut.

Read PIXIE HAIRCUTS FOR WOMEN OVER 60 to see more styles of pixie cuts.

#15 Front Swept Pixie

Front Swept Pixie

The short front swept pixie is a go-to for many women as they age. Suits many face shapes and is easy to style.

#16 Pixie with Curls

Pixie with Curls

Add some curls to your short pixie hairstyle. Use a small barrel curling iron to add flattering curls.

#17 Feathered Pixie Hairstyle with Highlights

Feathered Pixie Hairstyle with Highlights

A popular pixie cut that can be textured with different tones of highlights and lowlights. If you want to flatter the facial features gently move the hair to one side.

#18 Spiky Pixie with Colored Ends

Spiky Pixie with Colored Ends

Embrace your adventurous side and add a bold color. Spike up the ends to seal the look.

#19 Smooth Asymmetrical Natural Pixie

Smooth Asymmetrical Natural Pixie

Requires little time to style and care for. Use a little texturizing product to keep the pixie cut slicked forward with asymmetrical bangs.

#20 Bowl Cut Pixie

Bowl Cut Pixie

A modern take on the classic pixie. Longer bangs with a shorter back creates a flattering frame for the face.

#21 Natural Curls Pixie

Natural Curls Pixie

Stop trying to fight the curls and embrace them in this beautiful style. Convenient and girlish, this is a great wash-and-go pixie cut.

#22 Brushed Forward Brown Feathered Pixie

Brushed Forward Brown Feathered Pixie

If thinning hair is a worry, this style is perfect. Furthermore, set in a dark tone, it will make your hair look thicker and more voluminous.

#23 Voluminous Pixie

Voluminous Pixie

Unsure about whether a pixie cut is for you? Pick a chunky layered pixie that provides volume but is easy to grow out should you want to go back to longer locks.

#24 Ultra-Cool Slicked Back Pixie

Ultra-Cool Slicked Back Pixie

Sexy, slicked back, and chic. This pixie has just the right amount of volume.

#25 Blast of Color Pixie

Blast of Color Pixie

Brighten up yours and everyone else’s life with a striking bright color pixie cut. You are never too old to color your hair in vivid shades!

#26 Super Short Natural Pixie

Super Short Natural Pixie

This style is easy to care for and is popular amongst older women. With super short sides and neck, this pixie adds just a little volume on the top. It flatters the features with a gradual reduction of length from top to bottom

For more pixie haircuts and advice take a look at this article.

Long Hairstyles for Women Over 60

You can still wear your hair long if you are one of the lucky women who still have volume and texture. 

Long hair for women is versatile, letting you try various styles like braids, curls, and updos. You can easily switch between polished or casual looks by pulling it back into ponytails or buns. 

Long hair also allows for experimenting with accessories such as clips and headbands, adding a personal touch to your style. The flexibility of long hair provides options for different occasions and moods, making it a popular choice if you enjoy expressing your individuality through diverse hairstyles.


#27 Layers and Curls

Layers and Curls

Adding layers helps give this style some volume. It is also a brilliant way to shape your facial features nicely.

#28 Side Part with Volume

Side Part with Volume

Part the hair on the side and add volume with a blow dryer. This gives extra volume exactly where it’s needed.

#29 Long Layers Blow Out

Long Layers Blow Out

The less layers you have, the more volume you need to create. This is easily done with a large round brush while blow-drying your hair.

#30 Straight with Volume

Straight with Volume

Embrace the classic look of a middle-parted style. Straight hair can require some extra care to not look flat.

#31 Large Curls and Long Fringe

Large Curls and Long Fringe

Get a long, side-swept fringe to your longer locks to add movement to your hair and define your features.

#32 Natural Curls

Natural Curls

Lucky enough to be blessed with natural curls? They can easily be worn long to create a soft and natural style.

To see more long hairstyles, read 10 BEST LONGER HAIRSTYLES FOR OLDER WOMEN.

#33 Defined Coils

Defined Coils

A good curl defining gel and viscous oil will keep this style bouncy and natural.

#34 Long Balayage

Long Balayage

For a young and modern look, add some gradient highlights to your long hair.

#35 Soft Layers and Roll Curls

Soft Layers and Roll Curls

A popular hairstyle for women of all ages, it also looks great on all colors. The layers around the face fall softly and all that is required is a large barrel curling iron.

#36 Straight Salt and  Pepper Side Part

Straight Salt and  Pepper Side Part

Embrace the salt and pepper in your hair by wearing a side part that is flattering for the features and shows off your natural colors.

For more long haircuts and advice take a look at this article.

Hairstyles for Women Over 60 with Fine Hair

Do you have fine hair? Fine hair is different from thin or thinning hair and means that the diameter of your hair strand is small. You were born with fine hair as opposed to thinning hair, which you can acquire as you get older. You can have a lot or a little fine hair on your scalp. We often refer to fine hair as “baby hair.”


#37 Strawberry Blonde with Volume

Strawberry Blonde with Volume

A naturally beautiful color, styling products can help add volume to this hairstyle. Blow-dry with a round brush to add volume on the crown and on the sides.

Read 5 BEST HAIRBRUSHES FOR WOMEN OVER 50 to find your next hairbrush.

#38 Messy Super Light Pixie

Messy Super Light Pixie

Just because your hair is thinning, it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace your adventurous and daring side. This bleached blonde messy pixie will make you stand out from the crowd.       

#39 Highlights with Fringe

Highlights with Fringe

Keep the hair a little longer with this bob-type go-to hairstyle for thin hair. A fringe and some varying highlights will add texture and dimension.

#40 Short Behind-the-Ears Bob with Fringe

Short Behind-the-Ears Bob with Fringe

Keep your hair looking thicker and more structured by styling a short bob behind your ears.

# 41 Super Short Pixie

Super Short Pixie

An easy to care for hairstyle for women with thinning hair.

#42 Dark Layered Messy Pixie

Dark Layered Messy Pixie

Darker hair can help add a look of volume and diminish the look of thin hair.

#43 Front Swept Pixie

Front Swept Pixie

Another classic pixie look that can help the look of thinning hair and is easy to care for.

#44 Soft Side Swept Pixie

Soft Side Swept Pixie

Soft side-swept bangs can easily hide a receding hairline that often comes with thinning hair.

For more haircuts and advice about fine hair, take a look at this article.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Medium length hair offers you options like tying it back and creating updos for special occasions, and at the same time it isn’t too long to bother you.

Having medium-length hair also means that you can add texture in the form of layers. Check out some layered styles 10 BEST LAYERED HAIRSTYLES FOR OLDER WOMEN.

#45 All Natural White

All Natural White

Who says white hair is boring? A medium length cut can make white hair look stylish and youthful when styled correctly.

#46 Salt and Pepper with Some Volume

Salt and Pepper with Some Volume

Embrace your salt & pepper hair and keep it medium. Others may tell you to cut it short, but a medium length can make you look younger.

#47 Stylishly Slicked Back Bob

Stylishly Slicked Back Bob

Easy to achieve with a touch of product, we love this slicked back look. Proof that medium-length hair can look sophisticated.

#48 Au Naturel

Au Naturel

This no-fuss layered shoulder-length style is perfect for the wash-and-go days. It’s easily styled and doesn’t even require a blow dry if you are short of time!

#49 Thick Shoulder-length Bob

Thick Shoulder-length Bob

Blessed with thick hair but don’t want to go too short? The slick shoulder-length bob could be the perfect style for you!

#50 Add Some Bounce

Add Some Bounce

A good blowout on medium length hair looks great on older women.

#51 Care for Some Bangs

Care for Some Bangs

Bangs are a great addition to shoulder length hair. Add in some layers to make the cut stand out even more.

#52 Show Those Curls

Show Those Curls

Embrace those natural curls. Shoulder length hair is the perfect length to let your curls loose and showcase your face.

#53 The Asymmetrical Cut

The Asymmetrical Cut

Short on one side, longer on the other. This is a playful cut that suits a wide range of face shapes!

#54 Side-Parted Classic

Side-Parted Classic

This classic side-parted shoulder length cut never goes out of style!

Check out this article if you want to see layered bob haircuts: 8 LAYERED BOB HAIRSTYLES FOR WOMEN OVER 60.

#55 Curly Shoulder Length Cut

Curly Shoulder Length Cut

Naturally curly hair looks great worn softly resting on the shoulders. Specialized products can help stop the frizz, but it’s easy to style and long enough to be tied up.

#56 Curly Shoulder Length Cut

Curly Shoulder Length Cut

Add some volume to your shoulder length hair by blow drying with a round brush.

For more medium haircuts and advice take a look at this article.

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Bold Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Are you one of the more creative and bold women in our group? We say, let your creativity and personality shine through!


#57 Pop of Trendy Color

Pop of Trendy Color

Who says you can’t go bold? Love pink and wear it well? Why not go for the pop of trendy color and stand out from the crowd.

#58 Stylish Updo

Stylish Updo

Don’t listen to those who say bold is only for the young. A stylish updo will fit perfectly with your own unique personality and style.

#59 Go Red

Go Red

Increasingly popular, reds are a great option for older women. Wear red with confidence – from a subtle tint to a bright bold red.

#60 Go Wild

Go Wild

Are you on the wild side and like to experiment with color? Bright colors are no longer only for clothes. Ask your colorist for trending hair colors and have some fun.

Are you thinking of transitioning your hair to its natural silver or white? Read the tips and tricks from a professional stylist HOW TO TRANSITION YOUR COLORED HAIR TO NATURAL GRAY.

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