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24 Things Women Over 60 Love About Getting Older

By Margaret Manning August 22, 2016 Mindset

There is so much negativity in the world about getting older. From the way that older people are portrayed in movies and on TV, you could be forgiven for thinking that life after 60 is something to be feared.

In reality, if you talk to the people who have actually reached this milestone, getting older really isn’t that bad. In fact, there are many reasons that women our age actually love getting older.

What Do You Love About Getting Older?

To help break down some of the stereotypes about aging, I recently asked the women in our community to tell us what they loved about the aging process.

This question clearly touched a nerve and I very much enjoyed reading all of your responses.

One of the main themes that I noticed was that women our age feel like they can finally be themselves. Unlike in the past, we no longer have to prove anything to anyone. We can follow our passions, explore the world and become the best people that we can be.

Another related theme was independence. The women in our community love the fact that they have the freedom to go where they want, when they want.

Is the aging process always fun? Clearly not. But, on the whole, it’s a heck of a lot better than the alternative!

Here are 24 Reasons that Women Over 60 Love Getting Older

Jackie – Taking things less seriously. Also, I just realized the other day that I am no longer afraid of many things. My husband passed away in 2001 and I have learned to do things, like travel, on my own.

Judy – Being more comfortable in your own skin and with your own company. Not caring who doesn’t like you. Living your life how you choose

Elsa – The best thing about getting older is going to be retirement! No more hassles commuting, dying my hair or wondering about stuff. It’s time to enjoy the best years of my life.

Maria – I like being wise enough to see holes in people in their 20s even 30s. It is sometimes scary because they are the most susceptible to make lifetime wrong decisions they will regret for life. I’m glad to advise freely when the obvious is obvious.

Sandra – Just still being here. It’s an opportunity not granted to many folks. What a history we share, from having loved our grandparents to loving our grandchildren.

Liz – Getting off the treadmill of working life and doing what you want to do – and when you want to do it. Having wisdom to pass down to your kids and grandkids (whether they use it or not). Planning things you couldn’t get time off work for in the past. Relaxing for a change. Enjoying the precious time we have left visiting this amazing planet.

Liza – Not caring what others think. Taking naps and enjoying my nieces and their kids. Enjoying every day and creating and designing things in our everyday life.

June – I can do anything I want, every day. I just get up (if I want) and do whatever I like. What’s better than that?

Mary – There is freedom in letting your hair go naturally grey and enjoy your well-earned wrinkles.

Diane – Being able to accept myself as I am.

Pat – Being wise enough to know what really matters and what doesn’t.

Yvonne – The option to take nothing seriously!

Sylvia – Not caring what others think!

Jocelyn – Being less likely to outlive my savings.

Maria – I can choose to spectate or participate. I have more time and money to do as I choose.

Chris – Spending time with and appreciating my friends. Realizing how short time is.

Denise – Not working for a living. That said, now that I’ve retired, I’m actually busier.

Jean – Having more time to spend with friends and family. Being able to pursue new interests. Best of all – becoming a Grandma!

Valjean – Being my own boss. Spending time the way my husband and I chose. Acting on a whim and answering to no one. Laughing at something every day. Enjoying the company of those we cherish and letting go of things that no longer seem to matter. Freedom!

Dani – Having a deeper sense of self-worth. I actually feel better physically than I did when I turned 50. That feels pretty good.

Julie – Having the time to look for a new adventure in my life

Jenny – Learning to be more patient and forgiving. Also being able to put the past behind and concentrate more on the now.

Julie – The best thing is that I’m still here to get older!

Natalia – Knowing myself.

I just love these responses because they fly in the face of all of the conventional wisdom about getting older. The aging process is not something to be feared. It is something to be celebrated!

What do YOU love about getting older? Please join the conversation.

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