When we asked the women in our Sixty and Me community to vote for this year’s “sexiest man over 60,” Richard Gere was the clear winner – and, while Julia Roberts still has a decade to go before her 60th birthday, it’s clear that she is one of the most radiant and stylish women of any age. Is it any surprise that we were so captivated when we first saw them together in Pretty Woman?

Now, 25-years after the release of the iconic love story, the cast of Pretty Woman has come together for a surprise reunion. The interview, which aired on the TODAY show on March 24th, featured a discussion between the cast and director, Garry Marshall, about the filming of Pretty Woman. They also shared a few of their favorite moments, along with other surprises.

There has been a lot of discussion in recent months about whether Pretty Woman sent the right messages. But, whether you think that it was demeaning to women, liberating for women or just light-hearted fun, it’s clear that Pretty Woman is a classic that few baby boomers will ever forget.

I for one am going to rent Pretty Woman this evening. There’s nothing better than nostalgia to get the old brain cells firing. At least that’s the excuse that I’ll give myself for watching Richard Gere finally meeting his match!

Are you a Pretty Woman fan? Do you think that the movie was largely positive or negative for women? Please join the conversation.

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