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3 Alternative Shopping Techniques Older Women Love: Upcycling, Vintage and …

By Sixty and Me April 28, 2019 Beauty

We might not like to admit it, but for many women over 60, learning to economize simply comes with the territory. Much of what we once spent on our wardrobes goes to more important things, such as food, housing or health care.  Must we really give up our passion for fashion?

Not according to Margaret Manning and fashion guru and all-things-aging blogger Suzi Grant! In today’s video, they share their secrets on how, as older women, you can dress stylishly, stick to your budget and enjoy a fun new hobby simultaneously!

Frugal Fashion after 60: Old Clothes, New Look

Have a closet or wardrobe full of older clothes you no longer wear because they’re “outdated?” Then use them as the basis for a whole new look. Suzi suggests wearing a favorite cardigan buttoned down the back and dressed up with a vintage store necklace. You’ll earn admiring glances coming and going!

Simply changing the buttons on a well-loved sweater elevates your look for less than the cost of a latte. And the money you save by not replacing the cardigan can go toward traveling, dining out or other discretionary fun.

It could even pay for a shopping spree at your local vintage, thrift, charity or consignment shops for unique treasures that let your personal fashion flair shine through.

Consider the black-and-silver jogging jacket, full black net skirt and black biker boots Suzi put together from three separate “upcycled” items. On Instagram, this vintage fashion ensemble garnered some of her highest ratings.

The point, however, isn’t to imitate Suzi’s style. It’s to enjoy the fun of assembling ensembles from previously loved clothes and accessories. Upscaling through upcycling is great way for mature women to dress for pennies on the dollar and look like a million bucks!

Upcycled Clothes: The Older Woman’s Legacy?

An unbridled demand for “fast fashion” – the practice of wearing clothes just a few times before replacing them – has become our second greatest source of pollution. For many senior women considering their legacies, that’s no longer acceptable.

If you’re one of them, buying upcycled clothes or refreshing your older outfits is the first way to counteract the fast-fashion ethic. It also makes a statement about what you consider trash or treasure. A piece of family heirloom jewelry might be beautiful in your eyes just for its connection to your heritage.

Share the Bounty

For every upcycled item you purchase, think about donating a gently-used one to a charity or consignment shop. Offer it at a flea market or street market, if those are available where you live.

Or gather some friends for a swapping party. Trade items that no longer fit or that you bought but could never remember why. Anything you can do to keep your current fashions in circulation will stem the flood of new ones in a world with too many clothes!

As a woman over 60, what do you do to keep your look fresh without breaking your budget? What upscaling experiences can you share? We’d love to learn your tips in the conversation below!

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