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3 Reasons Black, White and Grey Are Essential to Fashion for Older Women (You’re Going to Love #3!)

By Sixty and Me November 07, 2018 Makeup and Fashion

The simple sophistication of black, white and grey is something we all aspire to master. Adding essential items in these tones can streamline your wardrobe, yet, inspire numerous ideas.

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to create a wardrobe that will rise to meet any occasion, you’ve come to the right place! Enjoy today‚Äôs video with Mel Kobayashi!


In this interview, Margaret Manning and Mel Kobayashi from Bag and a Beret discuss how a few pieces of black, white and grey clothing can make a significant impact when it comes to fashion for mature women.

Why You Need A Capsule Wardrobe

After years of dressing to conform to others expectations, it might seem ridiculous to suggest black, white and grey clothing gives you any freedom of expression. What it does give you is the ability to keep it simple. It helps to know you have clothing in your wardrobe you can throw on without too much planning and still look fabulous.

When it comes to fashion for mature women, the magic of black, white and grey comes from its versatility and neutrality. There is an understated sophistication created by pairing these neutral tones, even when you add bright colors or patterns.

As Mel says, black is a compelling choice with infinite possibilities – it can be executive, androgynous, powerful, aloof, or playful. You can keep the intention as restrained or authoritative as you see fit!

How It Works Well for Fashion After 60

When it comes to fashion for older women, the adaptability of black, white and grey can be priceless in many ways. They form the basis for creating a capsule wardrobe fit for a queen. As Mel demonstrates in today’s fashion after 60 interview, the possibilities are almost infinite!

A suit jacket can come in plain black, or grey or a black and white pattern – there are really no particular rules to this. The main thing to remember is how quick and easy it is to be able to match any suit or tailored jacket when you are wearing a buttoned-down white shirt.

If there is one piece of clothing your wardrobe absolutely cannot do without, it’s a white, buttoned-down shirt. The shirt can be any style – a fitted women’s shirt, or a loose men’s business shirt – so long as it is white. As Mel demonstrates, any choice of jacket, pants, sunglasses, scarves, necklaces or earrings will automatically work with this type of shirt.

It takes the thinking out of looking good, and if you have a day where you are rushed and feeling flustered, it can make all the difference. Whatever happens, you walk out of the house looking cool as a cucumber!

Why It’s Important

Looking good is essential for most of us, but there’s really no point if you sacrifice enjoying life in the process. Now that we (or at least some of us) are not stuck at a desk all day one of the best things many of us enjoy doing is traveling! However, the last thing you want is to have your trip ruined because you spend your time fussing over your clothing choices.

Having staple black, white and grey pieces can reduce the stress of travel immensely. Being able to pack these pieces helps you enjoy what you are doing without worrying too much about what you are wearing.

It also makes packing a breeze and helps you travel light – you see more and do more and don’t spend your whole time packing, unpacking and lugging around heavy suitcases.

Do you have a favorite black, white or grey clothing piece you cannot live without? What are your essential capsule wardrobe items? What accessories do you love wearing with your black, white and grey clothes? What fashion for older women tips would you like to share? Let’s have a chat!

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