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3 Ways Easy Spirit Shoes Support Active Women of All Ages

By Sixty and Me August 22, 2019 Makeup and Fashion

What’s the one thing that you have likely done nearly every day of your 50+ years on the planet? Chances are, you’ve put on a pair of walking shoes and gone for a walk.

Just imagine – by your 50th birthday, you have probably walked 44,000 miles! That’s as far as 1698 marathons or two times around the Earth!

So, it’s no surprise that, over time, our feet demand a little extra love and attention… and that is exactly what we should give them. After all, if we treat our feet right, they will continue to support us for decades to come.

And I know just the shoes to support us in style – Easy Spirit.

While they are a sponsor of Sixty and Me, I would never recommend a product that I don’t believe in. And, boy oh boy, do I love these shoes!

Read on to discover why I love Easy Spirit and don’t forget to use promo code ES60ANDME2019 to get 20% off your next purchase!

I Have Been a Fan of Easy Spirit for 20+ Years

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out Easy Spirit shoes, you are in for a treat. I purchased my first pair of Easy Spirit sneakers 20 years ago and I have always appreciated their comfort, simplicity and support. They were a lightweight extension of my young legs and helped my adventurous spirit to explore the world.

Over the last two decades, since I first interacted with the brand, Easy Spirit has grown and innovated. They now offer a wide range of styles, sizes and widths… but, their focus on comfort has remained the same.

Now, in my early 70s, I am still exploring. And, I am happy to have my Easy Spirit shoes on the journey with me!

Here are 3 ways Easy Spirit shoes support women of all ages who are on the go!

The Right Shoes Empower Us to Explore and Grow

Over the years, my unique personal style has shifted. Unlike my hippy teenage years, I now care as much about style, design, color and value as I do about comfort.

It’s not just my sense of style that has shifted as I have gotten a little older. Staying grounded on my feet is something I value. I have taken a couple of falls over the last few years, which has only heightened my appreciation for high-quality shoes.

Like you, I suspect, I don’t want to feel limited in my 60s (and now 70s). I want to feel confident when I step out of the house every day. This is why I am so happy to have rediscovered Easy Spirit footwear.

Not only are they comfortable, but, they are also stylish and fun to wear! Case in point is my new favorite pairs of shoes, the Easy Spirit Skippers.

Designed for traction and flexibility, these shoes have a cushiony molded foam midsole and rubber molded outsole. When I first tried them on, I felt completely grounded and secure.

A simple black pair was perfect for me, but they are also available in light grey and taupe.

Easy Spirit Shoes Help Us Look Our Best Without Compromise

As you know, I am a big believer in the idea that style and fashion are ageless pursuits. We shouldn’t be expected to hang up our jeans in our 50s or throw away anything that isn’t black or navy in our 60s. We should be free to express ourselves.

I live in Europe, where navigating small, weaving cobblestone streets is a daily task. After falling in Paris about a decade ago, while wearing heels, I opted for a practical pair of boots. The only problem was that they were ugly as sin.

Thank goodness I found the Easy Spirit Earthen walking shoes. They are super practical. But they also look great! They are available in black, brown, blue and grey. And, unbelievably, you can get them in 4 (yes 4!) widths. They are even orthotic-friendly too. There really is an Easy Spirit shoe for every foot shape, size and need!

The Right Shoes Make You Feel Great on the Inside, Too

For many women, including myself, style isn’t about looking good for others. It is about looking on the outside the way you feel on the inside. The right shoes help to put a spring in your step… and I’m not talking about the impact of their rubber soles; I’m talking about how an amazing pair of walking shoes makes you feel.

I don’t know why, but every time I put on my Easy Spirit Tropic Mary Janes, I can’t help smiling. It’s not the kind of shoe that screams at the world. It’s understated and sporty, but it still manages to be fashionable.

As a bonus, the adjustable straps makes these shoes easy to slip on and off when traveling and are simple to adjust if your feet swell in the heat (like mine do)!

The women of our generation are breaking the mold. We want shoes that match our lifestyle and help us to get the most from life.

That’s why I am such a fan of Easy Spirit and their comfortable, convenient, stylish and oh-so-expressive shoes.

I hope that this article has inspired you to give their latest pairs a shot. I have certainly been enjoying getting reacquainted with their amazing shoes!

As a special offer for our Sixty and Me community, get 20% off when your order your next pair of shoes with Easy Spirit. Use promo code ES60ANDME2019.

Have you ever tried Easy Spirit’s shoes? Which of the shoes mentioned in this article would you most like to try?

Editor’s note: This sponsored post was written by Sixty and Me.

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