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They Grow Up So Fast! 4 Fun Things to Do with Your Teenage Granddaughter

By Ana Popovic September 18, 2021 Family

As your grandchildren grow, they need adults less and less.

If you enjoyed babysitting them when they were small, there are so many things to miss when they grow out of that period, and even more so when they start craving more independence in their teens.

However, despite the endless yearning for independence that teenagers exhibit, there are also many opportunities for cross-generational bonding.

So, maybe your teenage granddaughter does not ask you to read bedtime stories to her, but there are many wonderful grandmother and granddaughter date ideas that you can try out. Here are some of them.

Allow Her to Invite You to Her World

Don’t expect her to show initiative and care for the time you spend together just because you are her grandmother. She is probably more interested in spending time with her peers. She is going through a transformative period of her life and an important part of that phase is to let go of tight family ties and step into a more independent way of living.

Still, even though it sounds paradoxical, what she needs from the family that she probably constantly fights, is the assurance that she will be always safe to come back.

This paradox can provide ample opportunity for you to be the balancing factor in the complex relationship between her and her parents. Allow her to invite you to her world. Go for a soda and cake and just let her talk about what interests her. It may not be as fascinating to you as it is to her, but remember that her world will expand with time just like yours did.

Go to an Outside Concert Together

Whether it is your choice of music or hers, going to a concert together will give you time to enjoy the preparations and the event. Let her choose the dress for you and do your makeup. If you both enjoy it, this can become a tradition and something to look forward to. Even if her choice in music is completely unpalatable to you, make the effort and go with the flow. It is rejuvenating.

Go on a Picnic

Cooking together for a picnic is a great activity. Try not to patronize the situation with your experience and allow her to learn. Who doesn’t remember the recipe they learned from their grandmother? And the lovely prize of eating outdoors in a location that you both like and enjoying the nice weather together is a bonus. For me, this was my favorite grandmother and granddaughter date with my late grandma.

Make Biking Excursions

If you are both active types, going on a biking excursion is a perfect date. Choose an easy route that is good for both of you and pick a warm day, but not too hot. You can also plan for hot cocoa and cake stops for an energy boost and some conversation. If you live in an area where there are many biking routes, you can explore them regularly on your grandmother and granddaughter dates.

What are your favorite grandmother and granddaughter date ideas and why? What have you found works best in connecting with your older grandchildren? Please share your date ideas and tips in the comments.

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