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Ana Popovic is a positive aging advocate and writer and editor of Midlife Joys She is passionate about providing better role models for young women by empowering the older ones. Her website promotes positive aging.

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8 months ago

They Grow Up So Fast! 4 Fun Things to Do with Your Teenage Granddaughter

As your grandchildren grow, they need adults less and less. If you enjoyed babysitting them when they were small, there are so many things to miss when they grow out of that period, and even more so when they start craving more independence in their teens…

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7 years ago

4 Grandmother and Grandson Activity Ideas

I’m sure it’s not the same with everyone, but before my son was born, I was very worried whether I would be able to raise a boy. My world was profoundly feminine because all my closest cousins and siblings are girls. So, my knowledge and understanding of little boys was very limited, to say the least. Read More

7 years ago

3 Reasons We Need More Women Over 60 in the Media

Having a daughter has made me incredibly aware of the examples that we are currently giving to our young growing women. Read More