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4 Grandmother and Grandson Activity Ideas

By Ana Popovic July 20, 2017 Family

I’m sure it’s not the same with everyone, but before my son was born, I was very worried whether I would be able to raise a boy. My world was profoundly feminine because all my closest cousins and siblings are girls. So, my knowledge and understanding of little boys was very limited, to say the least.

However, motherhood is so wonderful if left to its natural course. I soon learned that there is no such thing as raising boys or girls – each child is so unique that, as a parent, you raise that child, not a prototype boy or girl.

When it comes to grandchildren, it is the same. There is, however, a bit of a challenge nowadays. Our lives have become so enmeshed with technology that the gap between generations usually seems bigger than it is.

Additionally, we all have a different relationship with our grandchildren, and I am not trying to preach on how you should do it. But, if you need new ideas on how to spend time with your teenage grandson, here are a few.

Ask Him to Teach You a Computer Game

Nowadays, there is no boy who does not play a computer game, and most are highly skilled. Asking your grandson to teach you how to play his favorite computer game may seem like a silly suggestion if you are not used to computers or computer games – but it can be endless fun.

Embrace your goofiness and let your mutual fun be the goal – I am sure your grandson will have plenty to tell you about the game, and in the meantime, you can also learn about his interests. You don’t need to become a record-holding player, but playing against each other can and will be fun. Try it out!

Go Watch a Superhero Movie

Going to watch a superhero movie is quite easy. In fact, there is always at least one superhero movie in the theaters. Make sure that you have time for a pre-movie snack and a post-movie burger. This will give you time to talk about the film, your favorite/least favorite parts, think of optional endings and scenarios, etc.

In case going to the theater is not an option, it’s possible to prepare a series of films that you can watch (DVD rentals, Netflix or similar) as a marathon. Prepare snacks and dive in. Forget about how silly those movies may be. Just imagine that you too are a boy, and have a bit of fun.

Teach Him to Cook Something

Your grandson may resist a cooking lesson, but if you put it well, he will love to participate. Any opportunity for bringing our offspring closer to the food they eat by making them pick, purchase or prepare it is good.

If your grandson has a favorite meal or dessert that he always asks you to make, engage him in the making of it – ask him to make it for you (with your assistance, of course). You may not enjoy a gourmet meal the first couple of times, but it will be a great thing to teach him and a good bonding experience.

Go for an Active Picnic

Your grandson may be a passionate skater or athlete, but you cannot really share his passion by hopping on a skate board. What you can do is accompany him to his favorite sports pitch or park, ask him to show off a bit, and then have picnic in a nearby park.

You can both prepare the gear for the picnic and pick the food and drinks. People-watching together can be fun, too. Sometimes, I am surprised at the insight and observation children possess as they do not often talk about topics that would uncover these skills.

What are your favorite grandmother and grandson activity ideas and why? Please share in the comments!

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Ana Popovic is a positive aging advocate and writer and editor of Midlife Joys She is passionate about providing better role models for young women by empowering the older ones. Her website promotes positive aging.

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