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4 Things You Can Do Every Day to Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

By Joan Rudder-Ward August 04, 2022 Mindset

Would you agree that maintaining a positive attitude and positive thinking is priceless? Being positive can enhance your psychological and physical well-being. You reap health benefits that can ward off depression, lower levels of distress, and keep your heart healthy.

Here are four things that can help you keep a winning attitude and bring out the glow of your own special beauty.

Speak Positive Affirmations Over Yourself Throughout the Day

We all talk to ourselves, and how you do that affects how you feel. Speak good things about yourself, and you feel good. Saying bad things then, logically, makes you feel bad. It’s that’s simple.

Psychologists have shown that the mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy. Therefore, affirmations can work because they have the ability to program your mind into believing what you say. Thus, speaking positively about yourself can be beneficial to your sense of self-worth.

Here are some sample positive affirmations:

  • I am a beautiful person, and I carry beauty wherever I go.
  • I am capable, intelligent, and wise.
  • I easily see my own worth and value.

Have a habit of saying a certain negative thing about yourself? Reverse course by changing it to something positive. For example, if you say, “I never seem to do anything right,” change it! A positive statement could be: “I’m doing this to the best of my ability and I’m getting better and better.”

Speaking positively about yourself can be beneficial to your sense of self-worth. Your self-esteem is worth it!

Decide What You Can Do Today to Make Your Life More Beautiful

I start every day with an enlightening exercise. Asking myself, what can I personally do that will make my life beautiful today. Here are a few of my personal choices:

  • Today I decide I will smile more. Even to people I meet along my way who I don’t know. I won’t let how they react affect me. I’m doing what I can to spread joy and goodwill.
  • Today I will take my camera into my garden and find new ways to photograph flowers.
  • Today I will sing favorite songs, out loud, on purpose, when I’m alone at home.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how these simple things lift my mood and positively expand my perspective.

Ask What Will Make Life More Beautiful Today

To get different perspectives on what could make one’s day beautiful, I sent texts to several friends asking them to take part in a short survey. Once they agreed, I sent them this:

Please you ask yourself this question, then share with me what you come up with.

What can I do to make my life more beautiful today?

Here are some of the answers I received:

  • I can make my life more beautiful today by reading my Bible and deliberately eliminating all the distractions that interfere.
  • To make my life more beautiful today I will choose not to let anyone dictate my mood. I will practice the Presence of God and gratefulness.
  • Today I’m going to embrace the best things and let the baggage go.
  • I’m going to be more thankful today.

We can set the parameters for the day. We can’t control everything that happens, but we can control how we respond to what happens.

Make a List of Things You Are Grateful for

If you don’t already have one, start keeping a gratitude journal. Daily write at least 10 things you are grateful for.

Zig Ziglar said, “Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.”

What did you write today in your gratitude journal? Describe some things you do to let your inner beauty shine? What can you do today to make your day beautiful? Please join the conversation below.

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I try to start my morning with Daily Bible Verse from app on my cell phone. I will try to Bethany’s tip-go outside to my porch and have quiet time with God. The view is beautiful-I am grateful to have this porch view.

The Author

Joan Rudder-Ward is host/producer of Silver Sage, a weekly TV program featuring inspiring conversations with people 50+, travel and more. A career professional photographer, she’s expanded her life-long passion for storytelling into filmmaking and screenwriting. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter or visit her website here

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