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Joan Rudder-Ward is host/producer of Silver Sage, a weekly TV program featuring inspiring conversations with people 50+, travel and more. A career professional photographer, she’s expanded her life-long passion for storytelling into filmmaking and screenwriting. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter or visit her website here

Latest Posts By Joan Rudder-Ward

2 years ago

4 Things You Can Do Every Day to Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

Would you agree that maintaining a positive attitude and positive thinking is priceless? Being positive can enhance your psychological and physical well-being. You reap health benefits that can ward off depression…

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2 years ago

Are You Using the Power of Selective Focus to Reach Your Goals After 60?

Do you ever find yourself behind on projects, fielding interruptions and distractions that make it difficult for you to finish? Do you find it difficult, at times to find your focus – especially when there are so many things that need attention?

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3 years ago

Don’t Put Your Dreams for Retirement in a Storage Unit

My husband, with the help of his eldest son, finally decided to tackle his mother’s storage unit. A task long dreaded, yet long overdue. The 10×20 unit was jam-packed to the ceiling with boxes of fabric, collectibles and furniture from the home she left…

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5 years ago

Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears: 3 Helpful Ways to Reinvent Your Dreams After 50

On July 9, 1948, he became the oldest rookie ever to debut in major league baseball. Leroy “Satchel” Paige was 42 years old. Well, at least somewhere around that age. Throughout his minor league career, the year of his birth would vary between 1900 and 1908. Read More

6 years ago

3 Ways to Unlock Your Talents After 60 and Embrace the Perpetual Gift of You

Who doesn’t like to receive gifts? I certainly enjoy beautifully wrapped surprises. I will admit, however, with a gift that’s wrapped really pretty, I can get ‘wrapped up’ in the beauty of the presentation and delay opening it. Read More