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4 Ways to Live with an Ageless Attitude

By Sue Loncaric March 28, 2018 Mindset

Age is such a defining word, isn’t it? The moment we focus on the number is the moment we start to grow old.

Some of us avoid birthdays after a certain age because we don’t want to face reality. Aging is a normal process of life, but our attitude – not the number of years we have been on this planet – should determine the quality of our life.

I was recently discussing the topic of Positive Aging for a presentation I will be giving about Health & Wellness Over 50. As I discussed with the organisers of the function what ideas I would be talking about, I realised that the term Positive Aging has become almost a cliché.

We try to justify aging and how good it is – perhaps to convince others, or more to the point, convince ourselves. We can become obsessed with the word and start to place limitations on ourselves.

After this ‘light bulb’ moment I decided that I would explore the notion of having an Ageless Attitude. Why do we need to be defined by age and not our abilities? The simple answer is, because we allow it to be that way.

Yes, we can blame society and ageism – which does exist. The compliments that finish with “for your age” are so limiting and can actually be insulting. Age has nothing to do with our achievements! We have control of how we are perceived and how we want to be defined.

Many stories are shared through social media telling about older people who are achieving extraordinary things later in life. Recently, in the trials for the Commonwealth Games, which will be held on the Gold Coast in Australia, a 99-year-old man broke the 50 metre freestyle world record.

Admittedly, he swam alone, but breaking a world record is no mean feat, and he didn’t start swimming until he was 80!

Here are four empowering ways to live with an ageless attitude.

Don’t Put Limitations on Yourself

“I couldn’t do that – I’m too old!” How often have you said this to yourself or others? Unless you have an illness, you really can do anything that you want to.

As I turned 50, I worked with some girls who were almost young enough to be my daughters. The wonderful thing was they never thought of me as an older person. They encouraged me to start running and booked me into boot camp.

When I reminded them of my age, they wouldn’t accept it! At 55, I ran a full marathon and I have these beautiful girls to thank for having the confidence in my ability and not accepting excuses such as “I’m too old.”

Have a Variety of Friendships

Develop friendships with people regardless of their stage of life. We can learn from those who are younger or older than us and can also contribute and share our life experiences to enrich their lives. Surround yourself with positive people. Positivity can be contagious!

Accept the Challenge of Trying New Things

An ageless attitude will help break down your fears and inhibitions. You will be open to try new challenges and opportunities. You will be inspired to make your dreams a reality rather than letting life pass you by.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle Both Mentally and Physically

The basis of a good life, apart from attitude, is obvious – good health and wellbeing. Making lifestyle changes to eat well, exercise regularly and take time for reflection and meditation will keep our bodies and minds strong and energised.

If you can look at life with an ageless attitude, your self-confidence will increase, and life will be so much fulfilling and enjoyable. Remember that age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying you.

What are some ways you incorporate an ageless attitude into your life? Do you think there is a lot more you can do to change your attitude for the better? Please join the conversation and share your bright tips and ideas.

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The Author

Sue Loncaric is an over 50 lifestyle blogger, lifestyle coach and the founder of Sizzling Towards Sixty & Beyond Her mission is to encourage and inspire women over 50 to live a fit, fabulous, healthier and happier lifestyle by guiding them to realise their full potential.

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