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5 Amazing Products: Hair And Makeup For Mature Women

By Sixty and Me November 27, 2018 Beauty

There are countless products on the market promising miracles – some hit the mark, many don’t. As much as we love sauntering through makeup departments, trying out new things, sometimes it’s nice to have a few recommendations from ladies who love their products as much as you! If you fancy getting some hot tips for makeup and hair products, you’ll really enjoy today’s video with Ariane Poole!

In today’s Sixty and Me video, Margaret is joined by professional makeup artist Ariane Poole to discuss their favorite products for hair and makeup and why they love them!


How To Quickly Cover Grays On Hair Over 50

Having to cover up pesky grays while waiting for your next hair appointment can be pretty annoying. You feel as though you have to do your hair differently, and are self-conscious about whether the grays are noticeable.

To help with in-between coverage, Ariane recommends a fantastic product called Root Cover Up by Color Wow. It is a powder hair color, which not only helps cover grays between color appointments but also – as Ariane demonstrates in today’s Sixty and Me video – makes your hair appear thicker!

The product also comes in many different shades and washes out. Any product that can makes hair look and feel thicker and healthier gets a big tick from us!

Get Some Oomph Into Your Luscious Locks

Thinning hair is one of the unfortunate things many of us have to put up with as we age. Some of us still have thick, beautiful hair but many of us would love a product that gives us this effect without the hassle of extensions or clip-in hair.

If you are looking for something that can give your hair a ton of volume, Ariane suggests trying out Bedroom Hair by Kevin Murphy. Unlike some dry shampoo, it won’t leave your hair sticky or tacky and is perfect for those with finer hair.

Featherweight Foundation

We all love a foundation with good coverage, but not all of us like it when they feel heavy or thick on our skin. If you’ve been trying to find a foundation that is light, yet, offers long-lasting, full coverage, Ariane has taken the hard work away for you.

She finds the Double Wear Nude by Estēe Lauder has a very lightweight feel – almost like water. Although it works well for most age groups, it’s the perfect makeup for older women as it not only covers well but also contains SPF30!

The Good Kind Of Stain

We all love a good lipstick, but many of us can often find a product with a beautiful color that makes our lips look fuller. Another product you can try that might give you this finish is a lip stain.

Margaret loves using Huda Beauty lip stains as the kit can be used to create a bespoke look for your lips only! It comes with a pencil and two lip stains, and Margaret has two main ways she likes to use this product. She finds using the darker tone around the outer edges of her lips, and filling in with the lighter color gives her a pouty look she loves.

Alternatively, she also uses it to create what Ariane calls a lipstick base – by putting the stain on before applying lipstick, it brings out a truer color of the lipstick! It keeps the lipstick on longer, and when it comes to makeup over 50, any product that makes lips look fuller is a welcome addition to the makeup kit!

Pretty In Pink

When it comes down to it, makeup for older women should be about what makes you feel good. “We gravitate to certain things at certain times of the year, and certain times of your age because it makes you feel good,” says Ariane.

This is certainly true for Margaret, who currently finds herself drawn to pretty pinks such as her Marc Jacobs lip gloss. Even though it was pricey, she loves how it makes her feel when she puts it on, so it was worth every penny!

Do you have a favorite go-to product for makeup over 50? What do you think is essential to look for in hair products? What product makes you feel good about yourself? Let’s have a chat!

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