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5 Things You Need to Solve Your Marriage Problems After 60

By Waverly Hanson October 16, 2021 Family

Most couples will experience marriage problems sooner or later. Sometimes these problems will result in a divorce, but you can prevent this from happening if you are willing to commit to nurture your marriage.

Here are five things you will need in order to solve your problems and build a better marriage.


You need humility in order to recognize your mistakes and make accommodations and allowances with your spouse. Your actions to fix the marriage might not always be reciprocated, however.

On the other hand, you might find it difficult to recognize your faults and apologize. You can stay humble by reminding yourself that your marriage and family are the most important things.

Communication Skills

You cannot address your marriage problems and find solutions unless you can openly talk about the relationship. This might not be easy if you have never openly communicated with your spouse.

You and your spouse will need to create an environment where you can talk about your feelings and about your issues without arguing and without judging each other.

Some couples are unable to accomplish this kind of communication without outside help. Having an experienced marriage coach, counselor or therapist can make all the difference in gaining new communication skills so you can start understanding one another on a more positive level.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Conflict resolution skills are crucial for a good marriage. They will help you get through this rough patch and will help you avoid more problems in the future.

You will have to be flexible and open to change with one another. This is especially true if you and your spouse don’t have the same views or want different things from the marriage.

Many couples do not have great conflict resolution skills to prevent falling into the same patterns that put your marriage in this difficult situation.

Kindness and Gratitude

Remember that your spouse should be your best friend. Do your best to show them kindness and gratitude, even if working on your issues is difficult.

Look for small things you can do to show kindness and affection, such as asking your spouse how their day was or surprising them with a small gift. Be positive and show your spouse that you could have a much better marriage by being kind to each other even if they do not reciprocate your efforts at first.

Fun Outlets

Working on your marriage can be emotionally draining, and it is important to have an outlet. Your outlet could be a new hobby so you can relax and have some alone time.

You could also benefit from spending an afternoon with a group of friends so you can have fun and think about other things than your marriage. Spending some quality time with your children or reaching out to friends and relatives for support can also be helpful.

Do You Need Help?

You are going to need these five things to save your marriage along with a lot of patience and courage. If you are not progressing like you would like to, think about receiving counseling, coaching or therapy help depending on your needs.

A marriage friendly counselor/coach or therapist will help you add to your communication skills along with your problem resolving skills.

You and your spouse will be able to practice these in a constructive manner and can also have a neutral third party if you tend to argue a lot. Think about meeting with a therapist if you need to address some personal problems that are affecting the marriage.

Why not go check the Free 1 Minute Marriage Assessment right now! You will be glad you did. There are many benefits in the online programs I offer – one being the limited number of in-person clients in my local office.

In your opinion, what are the things that can solve marriage problems? You are welcome to add your comments and questions!

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The Author

Waverly Hanson is a coach, counselor, author and military consultant. Her positive, nurturing and gently challenging style works well with her mission to save marriages and help people find life choices. After 25 years, she is still awed by the hundreds of “miraculous turnarounds” experienced.

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