Waverly Hanson is a coach, counselor, author and military consultant. Her positive, nurturing and gently challenging style works well with her mission to save marriages and help people find life choices. After 25 years, she is still awed by the hundreds of “miraculous turnarounds” experienced.

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1 month ago

What’s Worse? Waiting for the End of a Loved One’s Life? Or Going on After Losing Them?

Back in 2018, my second husband passed from this life, and one of my friends asked, “Would you have married again if you knew he would be gone in 6 years?” That is a hard question to answer. It made me think for just a minute…

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2 months ago

Preventing Your Midlife Crisis from Affecting Your Marriage

You probably know a few couples who got divorced after being married for decades. Going through a midlife crisis can cause a marriage to dissolve. The midlife crisis itself can have a negative impact on the marriage or can make one of the spouses realize…

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7 months ago

Want a Happy Marriage After 60? Take These 5 Fast Actions Today!

Your marriage relationship is one of the most important treasures you will ever have in life. Every single day, you make choices about what will occur in your relationship. Some of those choices are small and inconsequential while others turn out to be extremely important…

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10 months ago

6 Essential Steps to Maintaining a Happy Marriage After 60

Do you have a happy marriage? Over years as a relationship coach and counsellor, I am sharing my experience to help you bring your marriage back to what you dreamed it would be when you first met. I will offer some very practical…

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1 year ago

How to Have a Happy Marriage After 60

If you’re like most people, you think about having a dream wedding and a happy marriage with a person that you truly love and adore. There’s nothing more beautiful than being committed to one person for the rest of your life…

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2 years ago

5 Things You Need to Solve Your Marriage Problems After 60

Most couples will experience marriage problems sooner or later. Sometimes these problems will result in a divorce, but you can prevent this from happening if you are willing to commit to nurture your marriage. Here are five things you will need…

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6 years ago

Damage Control: 10 Actions to Save Your Marriage After 50

Do you want to save your marriage? If your goal is to immediately bring your marriage back to what you had dreamed it would be, you might find this list of quick actions very helpful. These tools have worked for hundreds of couples who have drifted apart.
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