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5 Ways to Live a Life of Elegance and Grace After 60

By Robin Griffiths January 24, 2022 Mindset

We live in a busy world. Its surrounds us with many options, decisions and choices.

I strive to live in the moment each day because of all these demands. We have opportunities every day to learn from the decisions we make. Many of these choices make us stronger. Still, we can struggle with several emotions.

For example, I still find it hard to let go of anger and to turn the other cheek. But I have also found, as I have grown older, that I have more patience. As I have learned more about myself and my life direction, I found I wanted to make a commitment to live a life with grace and ease.

What Does it Meant to Live with Grace and Ease?

What exactly does that mean? For me it was a decision to be a better person. To work towards reason and calm in times of crisis.

My goal was to have an open mind and to keep communication lines going even if they weren’t always welcomed – to find the elegance and poise within and use it to have dignity and honor in my own life.

Why would I do this? I believe it was at first a survival mode to help me overcome some difficult changes in my life. Then it was to help me define my inner spirit and know that I was doing my best. Why should you look at living a life with grace and ease? Here are a few ways to start down this road of grace.

Be a Warrior Not a Worrier

Do you find that you worry about many facets of life more often than you should or need? Are you afraid of change and look to the future with dread or fear? Many of us do and that is natural.

We are surrounded daily by messages that let fear and worry creep in our souls. I believe we must protect our spirit with a shield to keep our stress under control so when there is a real problem we can focus on what is important.

Make Life Changes Less Serious and Severe

Think about the definition of grace. It is a simple elegance or refinement of movement. Then contemplate the definition of ease which is the absence of difficulty or effort and to make something less serious or severe. These descriptions can be a starting point of how to add grace and ease to your life.

Find Your Center Before Making a Move

When times become difficult, stop and look at the situation to find ways to make it less serious or more manageable. Choose how you will move forward.

Find your center and make decisions based on what is happening rather than the urge to have a knee-jerk reaction.

So often, we are wrapped up in the moment of a physical or financial relationship that we can’t see or think clearly. To change old habits, you may need to start with breaking old patterns.

Here are some suggestions to help you with behavior changes…

Find a Quiet Space and Meditate

When under pressure and in need of time or space look for a quiet place to take a moment to regroup.

Many of us are not capable to act when under stress. Step back and take time to exam what the situation is and your choices for what you can do moving forward.

You may want to engage in a meditation that can calm and bring clarity. Take a walk, run or enjoy another type of exercise. You may find that just getting outdoors and enjoying nature can bring calm and focus.

Detox Your Life on All Levels

Learn how to detox your life of people and things that are detrimental to your well-being. Are you participating in events or other things that bring more stress to your life? Learn to regulate the environment around you.

Have quiet time without media or digital influence. This may mean giving people with too much drama less of your time. Find ways you can reinforce the positive when surrounded by negative chatter.

Learn to Let Go

Anger and other negative emotions will hold you back during any transition in life as well as affect your overall outlook. Learn to process your emotions and understand them better. Find out what is driving them and why you allow them to control so much of your actions.

Finding your grace and being at ease with your life is not an overnight process. It’s a journey of self-improvement to allow you to grow and become a person that others will want to emulate.

As you discover your own path to this way of thinking you will find that many of the small irritations in life are no longer on your radar. You will begin to find peace within yourself and discover new areas of life that you didn’t have room for previously.

You may find more creativity, less stress, better relationships and more time surrounding you once you begin the journey to a life with grace and ease. Then you will begin to live life more effortlessly.

How would you describe life after 60? Are you living more creatively, with grace and ease in your 60s? Has your life become more effortless or stressful as you have gotten a little older?

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The Author

Robin Anne Griffiths has spent a lifetime working in the media field. She is a published author and a certified master development coach. As an ACE personal trainer and movement instructor for senior populations, Robin works with groups and individuals on life transitions for self-improvement and to create personal balance, physically and mentally. You can reach her on her website at

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