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6 Tips to Finding a Dream Retirement Destination with Your Spouse

By Aleksandra Marcotte May 22, 2022 Lifestyle

Over the next decade, 75 million Americans will retire. For couples, it may be surprising to learn that this transition may prove more difficult than for a single man or woman.

Whether both individuals decide to retire together or at different times, there will be bumps in the road. Conversely, if only one partner is retiring, their new free time at home may prove meddlesome to the other.

Conversations around transitioning together and transitioning as individuals are critical prior to retirement. Most likely, the two of you have contributed to a financial plan for years on end. But have you considered an emotional plan? A relationship plan? A relocation plan?

Where Do You Want to Live in Retirement?

For better and for worse, retirement will bring major changes to a marriage, and change is always stressful. Ending a career is a major life transition no matter which way you cut it. Retiring brings with it one of the greatest lifestyle shifts an adult can experience. It’s important to start conversations about where you want to be in retirement well before the time arrives.

Do you want to stay in the same city or move to be closer to your grandchildren? Are you downsizing? What state is best for retirement?

Things to Consider When Deciding on Your Dream Retirement Destination

Whether you and your partner’s plans are 100% aligned or totally out of sync, these suggestions can help open the scope of what retirement life could look like:

Staying Put

Decide if you want to stay in the same city. Does this area provide the necessities you’ll need over the course of retirement? Could you never imagine living elsewhere? Do you have family or friends nearby to visit with or help if needed?


Consider access and costs of healthcare in your current location. Is it reasonably priced? What medical conditions can you anticipate? Are you close to great hospitals?


If you are staying put, do you want to downsize? Are you considering leaving your house, yard and garage life to a low-maintenance townhouse or apartment complex? What are the price differences for each? Pros and cons?


If you are considering relocation, spend some time traveling together to check out new areas and favorite destinations.

Do you want to be in a warmer climate? Near a major airport? Close to golf courses and beaches, or mountains and fishing streams? In a smaller college town? Do you want to be near family?


For relocations, are you taking everything with you? Do you need a moving company? What essentials do you need to set up in a new place?


Most importantly, take time to adjust to being retired. Don’t feel pressured to jump in the deep end the first month you retire. Continue an open dialogue with your spouse about where you see yourself, and be open and patient to change.

6 Top Retirement Destinations

After extensive research by eRetirements on all 50 states in the US, these are the top retirement locations in the country, from small college towns to large metropolitan cities:

Sarasota, Florida

A resident and close friend recently told us, “I have been all around the world, and Sarasota is the only place that I can truly call perfect.” From award-winning beaches and golf courses, to outdoor activities on the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota recently became a top destination for retirees who are looking a hot retirement!

Wilmington, North Carolina

With history and Atlantic coast beaches, Wilmington is a college town that enjoys all four seasons. If these are important factors to you when deciding where to retire, you’re in luck! Wilmington has more history than most suspect, as well as a bustling social scene with a laid-back beach attitude.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Do you want to live in nature, and still have direct access to five star meals and cultural activities? Colorado Springs boasts crisp mountain air, a lower cost of living, general tax friendliness and unique cultural activities. Perfect for retirees who want to be part of the great outdoors, the city has a diverse range of neighborhoods, all with unique characteristics.

San Diego, California

Sunny Southern California… say no more, right? With picturesque beaches, year-round warm weather and endless outdoor and ocean activities, San Diego truly embodies the quintessential California lifestyle.

One of the biggest benefits of living in San Diego is the impressive cultural offerings and amenities of a large city. While San Diego has one of the highest cost of living and taxes of all the cities we cover, if you love California, this is the ultimate retirement destination!

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas has been a popular destination for retirees who want to be in a college town with a big city feel. The city’s low cost of living, warm weather, university culture, stellar restaurant offerings and tech scene make the city an excellent choice for aging individuals from all walks of life. The economy has been booming in recent years, as many tech companies were either founded in or relocated to the area due to the city’s general tax friendliness.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is the ideal retirement city for retirees who still want to be out and about. The city has no shortage of cultural activities and a great food scene, all while retaining its Southern charm and laid back attitude. Plus, with 20+ golf courses, Raleigh made’s list of 50 best golf cities. All of this combined with mild winters and a low cost of living makes for an excellent choice for baby boomers.

Have you decided about where you and your partner want to retire? What things are you looking for in a retirement location? What factors have you considered? Please share in the comments.

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The Author

Aleksandra Marcotte is the VP of Marketing for eRetirements, a resource that finds the ideal retirement destination for Baby Boomers. As an Army brat, she knows a thing or two about relocating and the importance of choosing the right city so it feels like home. Aleksandra is a writer, entrepreneur and youth mentor.

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