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60th Birthday Ideas for Women from Your Older Sisters

By Margaret Manning February 25, 2022 Mindset

Turning 60 is definitely a milestone birthday. Unfortunately, coming up with the best 60th birthday ideas is not always easy! The good news is that the 500,000 women over 60 in our Sixty and Me community are here to help. Whether you’re planning your own 60th birthday or are thinking about how to help someone special in your life to celebrate, we hope you find the suggestions below helpful!

I recently asked the Sixty and Me community to share how they celebrated their 60th birthdays and I was not disappointed by the amazing answers. Their responses reflected a sense of humor, vitality, authenticity and gratitude.

One woman simply shared ice cream with her 2 grandchildren, while another hosted the most elaborate cruise for 70 friends and family. Some women appreciated the idea of a party, where friends brought a favorite book as a gift. Others were surprised by a family reunion. Some women enjoyed a trip to a local nightclub and danced the night away. Most of all, their celebrations were filled with meaning, substance and love.

Here are some of the 60th birthday ideas mentioned by the beautiful women in the Sixty and Me Community, to all you youngsters who are still only 59.

Trips and Traveling

Walk the Camino de Santiago

Book a tour and start your 60th birthday on a pilgrimage walk across northern Spain and Portugal. Many older women have done this walk and say that they come back transformed.

Camino de Santiago

Get Married, or Renew Your Vows, in a Foreign Country

How about flying to Paris, Puerto Vallarta, or Milan for a travel wedding destination? Read our article about wedding dresses for older women to find inspiration for your perfect dress.

get married

Invite Your Daughter to a Trip of a Lifetime

How about taking off on a trip of a lifetime with your adult daughter to celebrate your 60th? Some of our readers mentioned doing this and it made their mother /daughter relationship stronger. Visit Trip Advisor to book your hotels, restaurants, and activities for your destination.

trip with your daughter

Spend the Day on a Beautiful Beach

Many readers mentioned that they simply spent a day at the beach for their 60th birthdays. Read our article to find the perfect bathing suit for your shape and size. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

day on the beach

Take a Trip to a New City

Feeling like you want to discover somewhere new without flying to a foreign country? There are numerous cities close by that you have probably never been to. Jump in your car and drive to a new city for the day. Enjoy the road trip! It’s never been easier to drive to new places with apps like Waze and Google Maps.

trip to new city
waze for cities

Plan a Trip Alone to a Foreign Country

Now, if you want to further broaden your horizons, why not book a flight outside of your country. Alone! Traveling alone is not as scary as it may sound, and it is actually a great way to meet new people and go to the places that you really want to visit.

No compromising with a travel partner! We suggest you find Facebook pages all about your destination to get the insider information. Some of these pages are for solo women travelers and are great resources.

trip to foreign country

Give Back

Collect Donations Instead of Receiving Gifts

Giving back feels good. If you don’t want to splurge on yourself or receive gifts, you can organize a donation drive to give to your favorite non-profit organization. Some Sixty & Me readers said that they donated the funds to cancer research, others to local food banks or animal shelters. Websites like Global Giving offer the possibility of donating to international causes.

collect donations

Celebrate Your 60th Birthday 50s Style with Girlfriends and Give Each One a Gift

One of our readers described how she threw a party where her girlfriends dressed up in 50s style and enjoyed reliving the 1950s where Marylin Munroe and Elvis Presley were icons. Easily create a playlist on Spotify with all your favorite songs from the era. Want a great gift idea to give to your guests? How about this vintage inspired scaled down jukebox.

scaled down jukebox

Go on an African Safari and Bring Gifts for the Local Orphanages

Safaris are definitely a once-in-a-lifetime trip! One reader told us that she booked an African safari and brought gifts to distribute to the local orphanages. Try to contact them before leaving to find out what they really need.

african safari

Take a Group of Friends to the Theater

Do you have some theater buffs in your group of friends? Why not book some tickets and go see a show together!


New Adventures

Go on a Lunch Cruise with Family Members

Do you live near a river or a lake? Check out if any boats offer lunch cruises. Invite the family and enjoy a glass of rosé to celebrate your 60th birthday in style!

lunch cruise

Hike Somewhere New

Many Sixty & Me readers enjoy hiking and outdoor activities. It’s not always easy to get away for a day or two to go hiking. Your birthday is a special day and enjoying a hike is an excellent idea! How about hiking to the top of Glastonbury Tor in Somerset if you live in England or The Adirondacks if you live in the States.

Glastonbury tor
the adirondacks

Take Your Son Whale Watching

One of our readers told us about how she took her grown son on a boat trip for her 60th birthday. They are both fans of whales and booked a whale watching tour for them to enjoy together.

whale watching

How About an RV Road Trip with Your Girlfriends?

Rent an RV, fill it with your best friends, and hit the road. That sounds like a lot of fun and a sure fire way to remember your 60th birthday forever.

RV road trip

Try a Tandem Skydive as a Charity Fundraiser for a Local Hospice

Feeling really adventurous? How about skydiving! Many older women have skydiving on their bucket list. There’s no better time than for your 60th birthday. One reader told us that she raised funds prior to her jump and donated the proceeds to a local hospice.

Go to Disney World with Your Husband

Disney World is not only for kids. Go spend a weekend with your sweetie and and even try all the scary rides.

Disney World

Go Swimming in an Underground Cenote (Cave) in Mexico!

There’s something magical and unique about swimming in a cave. Some cenotes have openings that you can jump into!

Underground cave

Go to a Nightclub with Thumping DJ Music

A Reader told us that her daughters surprised her on her 60th birthday by taking her to a nightclub with loud music. She truly enjoyed it and danced the night away with her daughters.


Go Horseback Riding or Sailing

Why not do something you haven’t done in a long time. Did you used to enjoy horseback riding or sailing when you were younger? Go spend a day at a ranch or on the lake for your 60th.

go horseback riding

Take a Yoga Class

Yoga is a great way for older women to stay in shape. Have you thought about starting yoga but never got around to it? Now is a great time to get on the yoga bandwagon. Look online for your local yoga studios. Make sure they offer beginner classes for older people.

yoga class

Get a Tattoo!

Now here is one that is adventurous! Quite a few Sixty & Me readers mentioned that they got their first tattoo on their 60th birthdays.


Treat Yourself

Throw Yourself a Party with Friends in a French Restaurant

Love French cuisine? Don’t get to go out to restaurants very much? Take some friends and family to a French restaurant to celebrate your milestone birthday. Oui Oui!

party with friends

Spend Your Special Day Test Driving Luxury Cars

Now here is a fun idea from a reader. She went out to the car dealers and test drove an Audi and a Porsche for her birthday.

test drive luxury cars

Enjoy an All-Inclusive Hotel Stay

Book an all-inclusive stay at a hotel with dancing, swimming, karaoke and drinks. No cooking, no cleaning, no worries!

All inclusive hotel stay

Treat Yourself to a Bottle of Vintage Wine

Love wine? Splurge on a fine bottle of expensive vintage wine. Because you’re worth it!

vintage wine

How About a Theme Party?

Theme parties are a lot of fun. Guests dress up and it makes the photos of the day extra special. Try an all black or all white theme, for example.

theme party

Take the Day off from Work!

We love this one! Call a day off for your milestone birthday and do whatever you want and go wherever you want.

day off work

Freshly Divorced? Have a Garden Party and Buy Yourself a “Divorce” Ring!

So you’ve taken off the wedding ring but still would like to wear a ring on that finger? Buy yourself a beautiful ring and celebrate your birthday, and your divorce, by hosting a party in your yard.

divorce ring

Throw a Cocktail Party!

Cocktail parties are a fun way to bring everyone together. Purchase a book about mixology and learn how to make great cocktails. Wow your friends and family with your new skills!

cocktail party

Go to a Spa for a Few Days

Who doesn’t love a spa day! Take yourself to a great spa and spend a few days to celebrate your 60th.


Rent a 6-Star Hotel for the Night

Here is something you probably don’t do very often, or have never done. Book yourself a night in a 6-star hotel and get pampered.

6-star hotel

Buy Yourself a Ring with Stones Representing Each of Your Children

A few readers mentioned that they had a personalized ring made with all the birthstones of their children.

children ring

Buy Yourself a Gold Watch

Never owned a gold watch? Now is the time. Happy 60th to you!

gold watch

Family and Friends

Plan a Surprise Party and Invite a Long Lost Family Member

Is there that long lost family member that hasn’t visited in a long time? Plan a family get together for your birthday and surprise your guests with this person.

plan surprise party

Spend a Simple Day with the People You Love

It really doesn’t have to be all about huge parties and big fanfares. Many of you told us that you simply wanted to spend the day with your loved ones.

spend day with friends

Invite Musicians

One reader told us that she invited some musician friends over and they played her favorite classical music.

invite musicians

Hire a Catering Company and Invite Your Entire Family and Friends for Brunch

Invite everyone over for brunch on your birthday and hire a company to make, deliver, and serve the food and drinks.

catering company

All of these amazing women in the Sixty and Me Community shared how they made their 60th birthday an expression of their true selves. Make yours a celebration of who you are. This is your time in life to embrace the unique and wonderful woman you are. This is your life. This is your time to shine. The day you turn 60, you join millions of other women just like you who are grateful for life, excited about the future and who are shaking up the stereotypes of what a 60 year old woman is all about!

If you are looking to celebrate your 60th year on the planet, why not make it a true expression of who you really are. Do something that brings you joy, and include the people who mean the most to you.

How do you plan to celebrate your 60th birthday? Please leave your comments below.

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I am renting a party bus and having a birthday cake delivered to the bar we will spend a couple hours at. Everyone is wearing black but I will be dressed in an evening gown with silver glitter tennis shoes and a beautiful crown! Family and friends will be on the bus!


Love nature walk in a park listen to birds singing and watch all flora and fauna

Yvette Gayle

High Tea with my daughterr in NYC at the Plaza. Dress up in 60″s fashion.

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