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60 Things That Women Love About Being 60 Years Old

By Margaret Manning August 31, 2019 Mindset

What is being 60 years old really like? It’s a harder question than you might think. Women over 60 are unique. We try to explain to marketers that we are not easily categorized. Still, advertisers like to bunch us in categories like “Boomer” and “Senior” which to them seem safe demographic boxes.

There is even a brand new acronym being promoted by Marketing Magazine called the “DRAGON.” This stands for women who are “divorced, rich, aged 65+, overseas travelers and networkers.”

They mysteriously left out a descriptor for the letter “g” so I will suggest “gregarious,” “gracious” or “genuine.” But, no matter how you cut it, these words only scratch the surface of our wonderful complexity.

Many women fear aging. But, once we reach our 60th birthday, we discover that being 60 is actually much better than we thought. First of all, we know ourselves. There are no more illusions.

We are also more independent than we have ever been. We are living our way and loving life. More than anything, we are excited by be alive!

To amplify this enthusiasm, here is what women in the Sixty and Me community had to say when I asked them what they loved (not liked) about being 60 years old. If there are younger women reading this – be inspired, excited, and get ready! This is what you have waiting for you!

Here’s What Women Love About Being 60 Years Old

Being able to wear anything I want – I honestly do not care what people think about me

Being able to wear less makeup and know my inner beauty is all that matters

The fact that my children do not need me the way they used to

Being able to reduce my possessions and focus on living more

Driving my motorbike when the mood takes me

I can read all day if I want and do my household chores some other time

My new car

Being able to do what I want, even it if is staying in my pajamas all day

Ringing up a friend to meet in town and not have to worry about time

My Senior Citizens Club-Aerobics, Line Dancing, Pitch and Putt, Bowls, Table Tennis, Swimming

My free travel which allows me to go all over the country by bus, train and tram

Reduced rates in some shops for the overs

The freedom of being me!

Feeling the sun shine as I sit in the garden with my book

Traveling and having the time to do it

Meeting friends for lunch or coffee without time restrictions

My life with my awesome husband, daughters and grandchildren

Having my mother in my life as she’s my best friend

The beaches that seem to stretch for miles

Watching the sunset while I walk my dogs on the harbor

Not having to shave my legs so much anymore

Having the freedom and means to dream of going on a long cruise

That I have given myself the power to make choices

That I chose to pursue a PhD as I entered my 60s

To learn and teach

My grandchildren, especially when they ask me to read to them

That I can start letting things go a bit

That I have chosen not to retire, just yet

Wearing quirky hats

That I have become wise, but still youthful!

The freedom from the constraints of youth

That I am more confident and have learnt to say NO

Having the courage to speak my mind

That I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore

That I can sleep whenever I want and for as long as I want

Feeling energized and more alive than ever before

That I like who I am, I know who I am and what I want out of this life

Meeting kindred spirited people and creating new friendships

That no matter what’s thrown at me, I am content and peaceful!

That I am free of responsibility and commitment

That I am not 70 yet

That life experiences have taught me not to take things too dramatically

Retirement and being able to give back thru volunteer work

That I do not need approval from my family

Being free

Being a mum and grandmother

Making my own decisions and taking responsibility for my actions

Being bolder than ever before

Knowing that money is not everything

Being a “crone”

Waking up at 3am and making peanut butter sandwich

Laughing at my imperfections

Never having to dye my hair again

Having my own dreams

Living alone

Feeling my life has had a purpose

Being in love with my husband of 42 years

Eating cookies in bed the middle of the night

Volunteering at the hospice

Being healthy

What is the thing you love most about being 60? Or, if you are younger, what worries or excites you about getting older?

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