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7 Questions to Ask Before Making a Big Change in Your Life After 60

By Susan "Honey" Good February 03, 2017 Mindset

There are two types of change – those changes thrust upon us, leaving us no choice, and those that we make by choice – both with either a positive or negative outcome.

I have, as have you, no doubt, been faced with many mountainous, thrust-upon-me kind of life changes.

Changes happened beyond my control. For example, overnight I became a widow in my forties. Years later, I learned that I had cancer on a phone call with my doctor. There was no time to think until after the fact. I am grateful to be a survivor.

A few days ago, I made the choice to commit to a major lifestyle change; a change that is not mandatory. I took many months answering my own questions because when you are considering a serious life change, it is crucial that you bide your time until you live into your answer.

Now I have 100% control of a life change. And it is a big one at my stage of life. It involves my passion – my blog,, and it requires quite a bit of time, effort and energy.

My main concern is affecting the lifestyle that my husband and I enjoy. You see, my husband is a bit older than I am and he loves to spend time with me, as I do with him.

This new change will keep me busier and busier with an already charged and engaged lifestyle. I am so busy, I am dizzy! And I am very happy about that, thank you!

Is It Time to Make a Change?

First and foremost, you do not want to get carried away by your emotion. You want to base your decision on wisdom. I suggest, from my experience, that you sit down in a quiet spot with a cup of hot tea or coffee and a pad of paper and pen and some soft calming music. On the paper, make two columns. One is for all the positives and one for the negatives. Here are seven questions to ask yourself.

Do I feel only emotional excitement about this change or do I feel emotional and intellectual excitement?

Do I feel powerful charging ahead into the unknown or do I feel powerless?

Do I feel this change will enhance my lifestyle after 60?

Am I content with my life style? If not, is it time to make a positive change in my life?

Am I qualified with the proper skills to take on this change or am I pushing myself beyond my own abilities?

Do I have the time and patience to forge ahead with this new learning experience?

Can I physically and emotionally take on a considerable life change?

There’s one more question that’s not on the list because it is the most important question of all.

How will this change affect my marriage or partnership? How will it impact my family relationships, those with my children and grandchildren? What about friendships?

Importance of Having a Realistic Purpose

It is important for all of us over 60 to have a purpose and yet to know our limits. To be fired up with enthusiasm is very important whether it is cross country skiing or taking a cooking class or spending time with your grandchildren. It matters when you are reading great books, nurturing an herb garden, traveling the world or redecorating a room.

After you have challenged yourself to answer the above questions with honesty, you will see a marvelous path for change in your life after 60. I wish you the courage to go out there and have the tenacity and purpose to do it!

A new purpose brings visibility and relevance and this brings inner happiness and inner beauty. You will radiate this to all around you.

In the wise words of Alan Wilson Watts, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Whether your life is a smooth and steady foxtrot or a lively cha cha, I hope at every age you find joy in the dance.

Have you ever gone through a major change in your life? What questions did you ask yourself? Are there still changes you want to make? Please share your thoughts with the Sixty and Me community.

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The Author

Susan Good is a wife, mother and grandmother to 24! She has dedicated her life to showing other women how to keep taking a big bite out of life with optimism and style. At her website, she shares how women can live stylishly after 50.

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