Susan Good is a wife, mother and grandmother to 24! She has dedicated her life to showing other women how to keep taking a big bite out of life with optimism and style. At her website, she shares how women can live stylishly after 50.

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3 weeks ago

7 Tips for a Pretty Pedicure After 60 (#7 Is a Real Surprise!)

A relaxing spa pedicure is a welcome treat year-round. However, getting that pedicure and keeping the polish pristine, as fall quickly approaches, presents a formidable challenge. But never fear, spa-loving readers! I’ve got a few tips…

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4 months ago

How to Find Mental Balance in Your Life After 60

I think living a ‘balanced’ lifestyle is an art because, like art, it is a skill. Like art we create our palate. What is considered balance for one is not considered balance for all. But one thing is true, our success as creators of a balanced lifestyle is…

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7 months ago

The 4 Lifestyles We Slide Into After Retirement… and How they Impact Our Happiness

More women than not, in their 60s and beyond, wholeheartedly embrace life. Because of my lifestyle, I have met hundreds of women in their 60s, 70s and beyond who I notice are enjoying life, even those living under unpleasant…

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8 months ago

Attention Grandmothers: What Will Happen to Your Life Story?

Every grandmother has her story. I may not know each of you personally, but I know that, like me, you’ve had loves and losses, trials and triumphs. But where does that story live – other than in your heart and mind?

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10 months ago

The Importance of Choosing Good Friends After 60

Lately, I’ve been thinking a great deal about friendships. Friends and social acquaintances are a big and important part of a woman’s life. Therefore, it remains vital, as we age, not to let those relationships slip away. It’s so easy to get caught up in other life events. Read More

1 year ago

Having Fun with Style After 60: 6 Ways to Love How You Look

Have you fallen into a style rut, of late? Do you no longer feel confident about how you look or how you present yourself to the world?

Let’s change that right now. Here are six tips for embracing your gorgeous after-60 styles – updating as needed – and, most importantly, reclaiming your confidence as a visible, vibrant woman after 60.
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2 years ago

Why Women Our Age Are Saying “I Feel Invisible”… and What We Can Do About it

“I feel invisible because of my age,” is a leading thought in the minds of many women of a certain age.

I did not say a specific age, nor did I say all women are faced with this dilemma. After all, these feelings depend on the woman. But I will say this, more women than not, as they age, feel invisible. Read More

2 years ago

Fashion After 50: What’s Old Is New Again

Each year I do a closet redo: I throw out clothing, shoes and handbags I have not worn in one year, even if they have a price tag. There are, of course, some exceptions – items I treasure. Read More

2 years ago

How I Survived the Loss of My Husband

My first experience with death and mourning occurred with the untimely death of my late husband, Michael. Losing my soul mate was debilitating. I can best describe myself as shattered and shocked. Read More

3 years ago

More Than Just Sparkle: How a Simple Circle Can Represent Strength, Love and Gratitude

Jewelry is weighted with meaning. I dare say, if jewelry could talk, each piece would convey the story of how their home became your personal jewelry drawer. Read More