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Be Proud to Call Yourself a Fierce Woman

By Susan "Honey" Good December 17, 2022 Mindset

2023 is upon us. The New Year brings to our minds personalized thoughts, especially the ones about turning over a new leaf. We are determined to be resolute in our new resolutions. I think it is far wiser to take time to revel in positivity and to look within yourself and value the “you in you.”

A Plan for You to Consider

The word fierce was never a part of my vocabulary. So, some years back, when I was chosen by Chicago Woman Magazine as one of Chicago’s 50 Fierce Women Over 50, I was given an assignment. I had to write about why I was a fierce woman over 50.

Pondering and Pondering

I pondered and pondered over the meaning of the word ‘fierce’ in relation to me: a wife, grandmother, girlfriend, writer, daughter; a woman who wears many hats. I was not a fierce wife or grandmother. I was not a fierce daughter, girlfriend or writer.

Truly, I spent hours thinking about the subject. I looked up the definition of ‘fierce’ in the dictionary. I asked girlfriends their thoughts about the meaning of the word over lunch.

I asked my husband, “Why am I fierce?” His answer was, “You’re not.” From the definition in the dictionary, to my friends’ and ultimate concierge’s comments, it seemed the word held a negative meaning. I was lost.

I remember taking an entire weekend thinking about my topic and asking myself, “Why am I fierce? How am I fierce? Have my many years of living created a ‘positive fierceness’ in me?”

An Epiphany, a Sudden Revelation

After hours of frustration, I had an epiphany – a moment of sudden revelation, an insight. Everyone seemed to be thinking of the word ‘fierce’ as bearing negative meaning when actually, it can be very positive.

I tossed out of my mind the negative definition of ‘fierce’ I had found in the dictionary. I tossed out of my mind my girlfriends’ negative thoughts about the word fierce and my husband’s words, “You are anything but fierce.” I realized I am a very fierce woman in so many positive ways, and it took me five minutes to type out my take on Why I Am a Fierce Woman over 50.

My Poem

I am fierce because, above all else, I am a visible and relevant woman.

I am fierce because as a woman, my femininity is my greatest asset.

I am fierce because my word is my bond.

I am fierce because I give back.

I am fierce because everything I do is with purpose, and often with passion.

I am fierce because I am passionate, through my writing on, about helping tens of thousands of women (nearly 150,000 followers) learn to lead magical lives after 50.

I am fierce because I use my power in a soft manner.

I am fierce because I am loyal.

I am fierce because I see life as a series of challenges, not problems.

I am fierce because I walk on the sunny side of the street.

I am fierce because my top priority is my husband and my family.

I am fierce because I am worldly.

I am fierce because I know inner beauty surpasses outer beauty.

And most importantly, I am fierce because I am grateful.

Instead of looking to change who you are, revel in and feel fierce about who you are. You have climbed so many mountains, learned so many lessons and experienced so many pleasures, so this is my advice:

Take a bubble bath. Crack open a bottle of champagne, light some candles around the tub, and as you soak in the bubbles, raise your glass and toast yourself into 2023 with a big smile on your face. Then say out loud, “I am FIERCE.”

What now?

Now that you are relaxed and in good spirits, write yourself a message beginning with these four words: “I am fierce because…”

And then tuck your message in a place for only your eyes to see, or hang it on your refrigerator door to remind yourself just how wonderful and marvelous you are. I wish you a very happy New Year, darlings.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Would you call yourself a fierce woman? Why? Finish the sentence, “I am fierce because__________.” Please join the conversation below!

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Holly T-B

Thanks for this positive perspective on being fierce. I’m delving into a new side gig on top of my full time job (and being a mother/wife). A recent new client told a friend of mine that she thinks I am fierce. She meant it in a good way but my initial thought was, did she mean this in a negative way? As a woman if your called, bossy, aggressive or fierce it’s often taken as a negative thing.

Going into 2023 being proud of my fierceness! I am fierce because I stand up for justice, I am fierce because I voice my opinion, I am fierce because I don’t shutter in the face of fear, I am fierce because I love hard and care about others.


OMG I love this!!! My word for 2019 was badassery – the art of being badass, strong, loyal, authentic, present and engaged. Similar to “fierce” some think the word is negative, but, like fierce, the word is quite empowering! I think we all need to feel empowered, present and engaged – fierce and true to our beliefs and convictions! We need to give our daughters and grand daughters strength and the ability to believe in themselves.
Brava! the article rocked my day!


This brought a tear to my eye!!! I have all ways been told I was assertive opinionated and out spoken as if they are negative attributes. After reading this article and this poem I realise I am fierce!!! And proud of it. I have passion and pride for the things I believe in and will “ fiercely” defend my principles and my family and friends. Thanks for this.


This also brought tears to my eyes! I have always been outspoken and fought for what I thought was right. Especially concerning my husband, children and now grandchildren. Even though I am 67 years old I don’t think this trait will ever change. Some may see it as negative but I consider it to be my obligation to my family and friends.
Enjoyed the article and your comment.

The Author

Susan Good is a wife, mother and grandmother to 24! She has dedicated her life to showing other women how to keep taking a big bite out of life with optimism and style. At her website, she shares how women can live stylishly after 50.

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