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How to Enhance Your Style After 60 – Inside and Out!

Women should dress their age. Children should be seen and not heard. And men should bring home the bacon.

I’m having a little fun, of course, poking “fun” at some often-heard sayings that would attempt to dictate how we as smart, visible, stylish women should behave.

And, the first thing we should do is dress our age, right? Absolutely!

Some days I feel like a 30-year-old, equal parts sexy and sassy. And other days, I feel 40; confident and cheeky. 50 is fun and flirty. 60 is sophisticated and sharp. You get the picture. Now you may be wondering to yourself… what does age have to do with style? And the answer, in my opinion, is that age never defines us. It doesn’t say who we are, who we were or who we are yet to become.

As you explore life after 60, no doubt you notice changes in your body. Your eyebrows may be thinning and your hands may show signs of aging. I am in this stage of life, too; however, I think to myself, “Wow, I am alive! I am strong, and I lead a relevant life. I am visible.”

What do I mean by relevant and visible? I am connected to the world. Of course, when I look in the mirror, I notice I am getting older… no surprise! I look at certain styles of clothing that I used to wear and I think, “Nope, not for this woman anymore.”

Then, I remind myself, “The clothes I can no longer wear will only make me happy for a few hours, not forever.” I no longer trick myself into thinking that a new pair of suede shoes makes my life joyful.

Here is my advice to you who wish to embrace life after 60 with style.

Enhance Your Style After 60 by Maintaining your Body Physically – and Aesthetically if You Choose

Focus on staying healthy, strong and beautiful – inside and out. For me, there are not enough hours in the week to “patch, patch, patch,” because after a certain age it’s all repair work. There is not a woman over 60 who is not trying to turn back her clock.

We need time for dental work, varicose veins, skin tags, brown spots, Botox, gray hair, eyebrow wax and color, face wax, leg wax, Restylane, workouts, bunion surgery, trips to buy the best face creams, body creams, loofahs, bath oils and bras. It never stops! Thank God, I don’t need all the repairs!

I have decided to put most of the “patches” on the back burner because texting my children and my grandchildren, spending time with my husband, Shelly, calling my 96-year-old mother every day, writing my stories, having lunch and gabbing with the girls, traveling, etc. are on the top of my happiness list!

I have always felt that a woman’s inner beauty is far more important than her outer beauty, so “patch, patch, patch” will have to come after love, friendship and responsibilities.

The takeaway? Maintain yourself physically in the way that best suits you, but remember that visibility shines from within.

Fix an Out-of-Date Wardrobe

If you feel that your wardrobe is out of date, enlist a friend, daughter or even granddaughter for help in updating it. I call this a wardrobe buddy, and finding one is a great way to broaden your horizons and do so with flair. Notice the emphasis on you; it’s your opinion about how you look that matters here. Absolutely no one else’s!

A caveat: I am not suggesting that you dress with an eye on being trendy; I am suggesting that by enlisting the help of a friend or loved one, you may expand your style horizons in a way that complements you. Here’s what I will say about my style… it is mine, and mine alone. I dress to please myself, often incorporating accessories with significant sentimental value and combining colors in a way that speaks to me, which may lead to combos that are unexpected to others.

Of course, I always have the support of my husband who frequently tells me how lovely I look. I think this is largely because he sees the “me” in what I choose to wear and therefore, he sees love.

Do you see me, too? Because true style reflects the person who dons it.

Do you see “you” in what you wear?

If not, I encourage you to reinvent yourself and dress in a way that reflects the person you are, society be darned. I challenge you to wear what you want, what feels right and to do so with the confidence that comes from knowing that if you respect what you see in the mirror, little else matters.

Update Your Hair and Makeup

We’ve all gotten into beauty ruts before, haven’t we? As you change and grow as a human being in this life, it is perfectly normal – and I would say even positive – to update how the outer you reflect the inner you.

Makeup and hair “habits” are easy to form and hard to break but with expert help, whether at your local salon or beauty counter, you may find that updating your hair and makeup routines will leave you feeling renewed. I change my hair style (length and shape) frequently. After all, it’s just hair… it grows back!

Are there any rules? Just one! I hope you stay vibrant and visible and present yourself to the world in whatever way you choose. I hope you continue to “rule” the roost!

How would you describe your personal style? What are you doing to embrace your style in your 60s? Do you see “you” in the clothes that you wear? How old do you feel today? Please share your thoughts here in the comments.

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Hi – I enjoyed reading this, I too am in my 60s, I’m definitely visible and plan to remain so. Like you my philosophy is to maintain my health and stay social. I’ve aged, I like the way I look, I dress to please myself and to suit my lifestyle. There are clothes I choose not to wear – but that’s always been the case. My style is classic with a twist – I love elegant clothes with simple lines.

The Author

Susan Good is a wife, mother and grandmother to 24! She has dedicated her life to showing other women how to keep taking a big bite out of life with optimism and style. At her website, she shares how women can live stylishly after 50.

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