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7 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Style

By Sophia Smith December 18, 2016 Family

It is our favourite time of the year again! The holiday spirit is taking over and we feel our hearts getting warm and filled with love, gratitude and joy.

It is a season when we remind ourselves of just how little it takes to be happy with our loved ones by our side. However, it might be a bit puzzling to figure out the perfect gift that would be thoughtful and serve as a sign of affection.

Here are a few age-appropriate gift ideas that never go out of style and will surely gladden your friends or a family member.

Unique and Fashionable Jewellery

holiday gift guide senior woman

We all know that when it comes to true style the devil’s in the details. A perfect piece of jewellery can elevate one’s outfit from casual to semi-formal. Although it’s easier to buy jewellery sets, you can achieve authenticity by combining different pieces on your own. It takes a bit of effort to find the right items, but that makes it a perfect gift.

Consider some lovely drop earings in an unusual colour (e.g., rich burgundy or emerald) that will help the wearer stand out. Make it a set: include a minimalistic Micro Collar that accompanies any pair of earrings nicely.

Natural Skincare Products

For smooth skin that’s deeply nourished, consider purchasing a high-quality serum for mature skin, enriched with natural ingredients such as acai berry, seed oil, argan oil, and olive oil. These formulas are typically filled with antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. They promote the production of collagen, which results in revitalized skin.

Nothing beats the feeling of rejuvenated skin!

Cute and Cosy Gifts

A perfect gift for a person who’s sensitive to cold is a nice, cosy blanket. Consider the Warmest Throw. Its pattern will lighten up any room and it comes in five different colours.

Make it part of a thoughtful “stay warm” gift: choose the cordovan colour and accompany it with a fashionable pair of “Dakota” Slippers (choose the bougainvillea suede ones to match the cordovan).

holiday gift guide senior woman
holiday gift guide senior woman

A Lovely Cup for Coffee Lovers

For your beloved coffee enthusiast, here’s a perfect gift idea: consider the L’Objet Malachite Espresso Cup + Saucer: a lovely green shade and the golden details make this design evoke Art Deco. There are also other sets you can choose from if your friend fancies a tea party instead.

A box of chocolates will wonderfully accompany the gift.

holiday gift guide senior woman   holiday gift guide senior woman

Spa Therapy for Stress Relief

If your friend or a family member could use some pampering, spoil her with a paid weekend at a luxurious spa. This gives the perfect chance to unwind and relax. Choose from baths and wraps, scrubs and massages, to facial treatments and manicures and pedicures.

Alternately, look for local spas and book nice treatments she’ll enjoy.

Chic Gift for Cooking-Lovers

We all have that one friend that’s incredibly savvy in the kitchen. Make her smile with a gift that will make the cooking experience even more pleasant. Choose a lovely half apron made of natural materials that has pockets so she never loses her vanilla powder again! Everything stays in the reach of her hands – simple and easy.

If she happens to be a lover of clean design and also likes savouring exquisite cheese, consider cooking gift like the Triangle Marble Cheese Server. It will ensure a nice presentation among other dishes and bring her menu to life.

holiday gift guide senior woman
holiday gift guide senior woman

A Cashmere Soft Scarf

holiday gift guide senior woman

A soft cashmere scarf makes a classic gift for the holidays. As a wallet-friendly gift, choose something like the Burberry-like Veronz scarf in a camel plaid pattern or some other vibrant colour. In addition to providing the wearer with a luxurious feeling, it will make her feel warm and give her a nice, polished look.

It comes with an elegant black gift-box which makes it easier to wrap it up in Christmas paper.

Gifts are merely a way to express appreciation and show how well we know a person. Consider the receiver’s preferences and exactly what will bring a smile to her face. This surely isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will inspire you to explore other options and make the ones you love happy.

Now it’s your turn! What gifts do you think never go out of style? Is there something you secretly hope to get? Do you often give the gifts you hope to receive? We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments.

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