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50 Gift Ideas for 70th Birthday

By Margaret Manning January 14, 2024 Lifestyle

Your 70th birthday is a big one! I experienced it already, so I know. The inevitable question is, “What gift would you like?” It will come as no surprise that my first wish was to have my sons and grandchildren all together.

Here are the top ten gift ideas for a 70th birthday:

  1. Time Spent with Family and Friends – This one tops our list!
  2. Photos – Photo frames with family photos
  3. Memory Book – Create a personalized photo album.
  4. Store Voucher – Get a voucher from your favorite store.
  5. Notebook – Jot down all your thoughts in a beautiful notebook.
  6. Candles and soap – Heavenly scented candles and soaps make our list. 
  7. Holiday – Let’s go somewhere fun!
  8. Helicopter Ride – Yes, some of you are very adventurous! And we are here for it!
  9. Grandchildren’s Artwork – Decorate your home with your grandkids’ works of art.
  10. Afternoon Tea – Sip and chat with your girlfriends over tea.

70th Birthday Gifts: Does It Really Matter?

Like so many women, my first reaction was to say, “It really doesn’t matter. It’s just another birthday.” We often tell family and friends that we are downsizing and really don’t need a gift!

But any birthday that ends with a zero seems worthy of some special recognition. So, I reached out to the fabulous women in our Sixty and Me community for inspiration.

Not surprisingly, many agreed with my own feelings that most of us don’t really need more ‘things’ and that the best gift for a 70th birthday party would be shared family time and memories.

Others offered some great ideas for adventures and experiences that would be fun. High tea, a sunny solo beach holiday, or a visit to a spa were all wonderful suggestions.

Here are our fifty 70th birthday gift ideas:

Time Spent with Family and Friends

We know life is pretty busy and sometimes family members are scattered around the globe so having everyone get together for our special day can make us feel special and appreciated. The gift of time and attention is priceless, even if we must satisfy ourselves with a virtual meet!


Receiving framed photos of our grandchildren is a heartwarming gift that fills our home with love and cherished memories. Each frame is a precious reminder of the moments we hold dear. The thoughtful gesture brings joy and warmth to our hearts, making our house truly feel like a home.

WiFi Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame is a thoughtful gift for that tech-savvy 70-year-old who appreciates modern conveniences. With this device, a constant stream of photos capturing the smiles and moments of her loved ones can automatically scroll throughout the day, brightening her space with heartwarming memories and connecting her with family and friends, even from afar. 

Memory Book

Memory books are a great way to assemble family memories in one place for easy viewing. Look online for photo printing services like Shutterfly that can design and print memory books. Choose photos of memorable family vacations and events that will have the birthday girl going down memory lane.

Store Voucher

How about getting a gift card from her favorite store? Does she love crafts? Does she enjoy decorating her home? Is she an avid reader? There’s sure to be a store voucher that suits her interests. She can treat herself to exactly what she desires. It’s a great idea!


Embracing journaling is a wonderful practice for staying mindful and expressing one’s thoughts. Consider gifting a beautiful notebook! Papier offers a diverse range, with their exquisite leather notebook designs being a personal favorite.

Why not add a beautiful personalized pen to the gift to make it the perfect combo.

Candles and Soap

For another thoughtful gift, consider a personalized candle and handmade soaps. Personalization adds a unique touch to the candle, creating a warm and soothing ambiance. Handcrafted soaps provide a luxurious self-care experience, pampering her with fragrant indulgence, and making her feel cherished and relaxed.


This is quite a popular choice for a 70th birthday gift. Many of you said that you would love a holiday for your milestone birthday. This can be a solo vacation, a beach holiday, a cabin in the woods, or a plane ticket to your favorite destination.

You don’t need to travel abroad to have a great holiday, why not look at booking somewhere in your own country that you’ve never been to.

How about a visit to one of the USA’s National parks

Helicopter Ride

For the adventurous women, how about a fun and thrilling helicopter ride? What a great new way to see your city! Don’t forget to bring your camera to take amazing photos from up there.

Grandchildren’s Artwork

Why not send your grandkids each an art supply kit and watch them work their magic! They can then gift you with their beautiful artwork that you can hang on the walls of your home.

Afternoon Tea

The gift of an afternoon tea shared between girlfriends is a delightful experience. It’s a perfect blend of friendship and indulgence, offering precious moments of laughter, conversation, and scrumptious treats. This cherished tradition creates lasting memories and a bond that grows stronger over cups of tea and delectable pastries.

Salon Visit

A spa day as a gift is a luxurious escape, a chance to unwind and rejuvenate. It offers a tranquil oasis from the demands of daily life, with massages, facials, and relaxation. This thoughtful gesture provides much-needed self-care, leaving the birthday girl refreshed and pampered, making it a perfect present for relaxation and renewal.

Meal at a Favorite Restaurant

How about having a meal together at your favorite restaurant? Gather a group of friends and splurge on a birthday feast. If a restaurant outing is not possible, how about ordering delivery from your favorite eatery?

House Deep Cleaned

A house cleaning service as a birthday gift is a practical and considerate gesture. It allows the birthday girl time to take a break from chores and enjoy a spotless home. This thoughtful present offers the gift of time, relaxation, and a fresh, tidy living space, making it a truly appreciated and unique birthday surprise. Check online for your local cleaning services.

Hire a Handyman for the Day

Another great idea of something that is really needed and helpful is to hire a handyman for a day. Make a list of things that need to be done and fixed around the house and have your family hire someone for the day to come and take care of these things.

Tickets to a Show

It can be a music show, an opera or theater performance, a sports event, or a circus. Whatever is interesting in your area. Why not make it a family or a girlfriend outing?

Netflix Certificate

Staying home and watching movies or TV series is what you really like to do? How about a certificate to an online streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can catch up on all your favorite TV shows and movies.

Life Storybook

A book with prompts that you fill out with your life memories and experiences. You can fill it out and give it back to the person who offered it to you. What a fascinating way for your loved one to learn more about you and to leave a legacy of your life.

A Birthday Week of Activities to Enjoy

Turning 70 is a great reason to celebrate, so why not make a whole week of celebrations! You could go out for dinner with friends, spend the day with family, get a manicure… with seven days to fill, there is plenty of time for lots of activities!

DNA Kit to Explore Family Ancestry

This is a very interesting 70th birthday gift. Order a DNA kit to find out about your ancestry. They are quite common and easy to use. Maybe you’ll find long lost relatives and expand your family circle.

A Special Rose Bush

Does the birthday girl enjoy taking care of her garden? How about getting her a rose bush from a unique variety? Take a look at a beginner’s guide to growing roses by Garden Design for some top tips.


Specialty Coffees

Now, for the coffee lovers. A Nespresso Machine is a great way to taste different coffees. These machines are super easy to use and you can get to sample coffees from all over the world. 

Organic Products

Using organic and natural skincare products on our skin is a wise choice. Discover our top 5 natural CC Creams and BB Creams. If you have an extensive skincare collection, a skincare fridge can be a great gift to preserve your products effectively.

Box of Chocolates

Gifting a luxury box of chocolates is a gesture of indulgence and delight. These decadent treats tantalize the taste buds with rich, smooth flavors. The elegant packaging and premium quality make it a timeless and thoughtful present.

Global Access Card or Priority Pass

This is an amazing idea for travelers. For the traveler, how about getting her a global access card or priority pass for entry into lounges in airports. A luxury we wouldn’t necessarily think of getting ourselves, but very well worth it.

A Thought-Provoking Book

How about a thought-provoking or inspiring book? Brené Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Maya Angelou are a few examples of authors and thinkers who write thought-provoking books.

Set of Affirmation Cards

In my opinion, a set of affirmation cards is a wonderful gift choice. These cards serve as daily reminders to embrace life to the fullest, motivating us to pursue our dreams, conquer challenges, and find joy in the everyday. Such a thoughtful present offers not only inspiration but also a path to positivity, personal growth, and a brighter outlook on life.

Tablet with Books

How about an electronic reading tablet with a selection of pre-loaded books? You can easily pack the tablet with a ton of books and travel lighter than with traditional books.

Special Notes

Receiving heartfelt handwritten notes on our birthday is a cherished gift. Each message carries the essence of love, thoughtfulness, and personal connection. These words of affection warm our hearts, creating lasting memories that remind us of the people who care deeply about us, making our special day truly unforgettable.

Pretty Tablecloth

A pretty embroidered tablecloth is a delightful addition for hosting afternoon tea with family and friends. Its intricate design adds a touch of elegance to the gathering.


Celebrating our birthday on a cruise is a dream come true. The open sea, breathtaking views, and luxurious amenities make it an unforgettable experience. It’s a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, offering scenic destinations, fine dining, and entertainment. A cruise birthday promises memories to treasure for a lifetime!


Seven Decades Necklace

She may enjoy receiving this necklace that features 7 interlocking solid rings and elegant sterling silver twisted rings. The rings are intertwined and hang from a delicate chain. The circles symbolize infinite love, strength, protection, and unity.

Art Supplies

Offering art supplies as a birthday gift is a creative and thoughtful gesture. It encourages self-expression, inspiring the recipient to explore their artistic talents. Whether it’s paints, brushes, or sketchbooks, such a gift fosters imagination and provides the tools for endless artistic possibilities.

Subscription to a Local Choir

For those who love singing, consider exploring the possibility of joining a local choir. It’s a wonderful way to immerse oneself in the joy of music and community, offering the chance to harmonize with like-minded individuals.

A Tattoo

Another fun idea to commemorate our 70th birthday – a tattoo! Get your custom design created by a talented tattoo artist to remember your milestone birthday forever. If you think tattoos are only for the younger generation, think again! There is a surprising new trend with older adults getting a tattoo!

An iPad

Staying connected is important, and an iPad or electronic tablet is an excellent choice for staying in touch. With these devices, you can engage in video chats with loved ones who are distant.


Receiving the gift of retirement on our 70th birthday is a milestone worth celebrating. It marks a new chapter of life, free from work obligations, filled with leisure, travel, and time to pursue passions. It’s a well-deserved break, granting the gift of freedom and relaxation after years of hard work.

Love, Respect, and Care

These are all things that are nice to receive all year round but are made even more special when an extra effort is put during your special day.

Nice Bottle of Wine

Celebrating a milestone birthday calls for a fine bottle of wine. Raise a toast to mark the occasion and savor the moment. Cheers to a special day and to many more memorable years ahead!

More Plants!

Receiving plants as a gift for our 70th birthday is a wonderful idea. They symbolize growth, vitality, and longevity, mirroring the beautiful journey of life. These green companions not only enhance the ambiance but also provide a connection to nature and a reminder of the beauty that each day brings.

My Family Cookbook

Pass heirloom family recipes on to future generations with a customizable cookbook. Write down your grandma’s favorite Key Lime Pie recipe or your mom’s legendary pasta sauce and they can live on forever in your family.


While it may not be the most sentimental gift, receiving money on our birthday can be incredibly practical and valuable. It offers the freedom to invest in something we truly want or need, whether it’s a long-awaited item, a special experience, or simply the security of financial support.

Quirky Coffee Mug

A quirky coffee mug as a 70th birthday gift is a delightful choice. Its whimsical design adds a touch of fun and personality to morning routines. It’s a unique reminder that age is just a number, and life can still be full of playfulness and charm.

A Rocking Chair

The idea of a rocking chair could actually be quite appealing. It need not resemble the traditional “old lady” rocker of the past; instead, a modern and stylish design could seamlessly blend with your decor, adding comfort and a touch of charm to your space.

Visit from Grandchildren

Receiving a visit from your children and grandchildren on your birthday is the most precious gift of all. Their presence fills your heart with love, laughter, and cherished memories. It’s a celebration of family bonds and a reminder of the joy that comes from being surrounded by generations of loved ones.

Game Night

Having a game night on your birthday is a delightful way to celebrate. It brings people together for laughter and friendly competition. From board games to card games, it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories, strengthen bonds, and revel in the joy of shared fun and camaraderie.

Quiet Day with Loved Ones

Spending a tranquil day with loved ones on your birthday is a precious gift in itself. It’s an opportunity to relish quality time, heartfelt conversations, and the warmth of their presence. The simplicity of the day fosters deep connections, creating cherished moments that leave a lasting mark on your heart.

Personalized Gift

If you want to receive something special from the year you were born, why not ask for a copy of a newspaper from your year of birth, Historic Newspapers is one option you can suggest and often will have your actual birth date.

Online Classes

Taking online classes has become all the rage. How about cooking lessons from Gordon Ramsey or creative writing classes from Margaret Atwood?


If you’re seeking a delightful experience, wine tasting and chocolate tasting could be just the thing. Explore your local listings to discover the array of events available in your area. These tastings offer a journey through the senses, with wine connoisseurs and chocolatiers guiding you through a world of flavors.

So, there are 50 wonderful ideas. The focus is still on experiences and not stuff, but there are enough creative recommendations to make any 70th birthday anniversary memorable and fun!

Getting Personal is a good gift site option in the UK and Virgin Experience Days gives some fabulous 70th birthday adventure ideas!

So, if you are celebrating your 70th birthday soon, just forward the link to this article to those people who are asking, “What do you want for your 70th birthday?”



Let’s Have a Conversation:

What gift would you like to receive for your next birthday? What 70th birthday gifts or experiences would make you smile? Please share below!

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