Your 70th birthday is a big one! I am going to experience if first hand myself this year. The inevitable question is, “What gift would you like?” It will come as no surprise that my first wish would be to have my sons and grandchildren all together. Since that may not be possible, I am not sure how to celebrate.

70th Birthday Gifts: Does It Really Matter?

Like so many women, my first reaction is to say, “It really doesn’t matter. It’s just another birthday.” We often tell family and friends that we are downsizing and really don’t really need a gift!

But any birthday that ends with a zero seems worthy of some special recognition. So, I reached out to the fabulous women in our Sixty and Me community for inspiration.

Not surprisingly, many agreed with my own feelings that most of us don’t really need more ‘things’ and that the best gift for a 70th birthday party would be shared family time and memories.

Others offered some great ideas for adventures and experiences that would be fun. High tea, a sunny solo beach holiday or a visit to a spa were all wonderful suggestions.

I personally would recommend checking out our own “Aging Beautifully” affirmation cards. They make a wonderful gift. Created with love, they offer inspiration for a full and joyful life.

Fifty 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Here is the complete list of 50 amazing 70th birthday gift suggestions:

Janet – No gifts, I’d just like my family to take time to celebrate with me.

Joan – Not things! Time and attention.

Dianne – A memory book with reminders of family and shared experiences!

Cherril – Store voucher or a notebook, candles and soap.

Jane – Sunny beach holiday.


Melinda – Helicopter ride!

Sandra – Six days in Santa Fe, a magical place. No gifts, just memories and photos.

Karyl – Grandchildren’s artwork.

Valerie – Country pub lunch with the family and champagne afternoon tea with my sister.

Lyn – Quiet day with my partner, my 92-year-old mother and a close friend.

Patty – Salon visit or a monthly lunch date at a favorite restaurant.

Andrea – Have the house deep cleaned plus a mani/pedi.

Lori – ‘High Tea’ with fancy sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream.


Suzanne – Hire of a handyman for the day.

Gwen – Tickets to a show, travel to new places, special events or time with family.

Marlene – Gift certificate to a show, local restaurant or a Netflix certificate.

Sue – Lovely meal overlooking the beach.

ElizabethLife storybook, the kind that can be filled in and returned to giver.

Mary – A birthday week of activities to enjoy.

Sharlene – DNA kit to explore family ancestry.

Amy – Solo holiday. For big years, big trips!


Sara – A special rose bush variety that’s not easy to find.

Sharon – Specialty coffees, organic lotions and a box of chocolates.

Lynda – Gift cards to favorite grocery store, department store or nail salon.

Cynthia – Global Access card or Priority Pass for entry to lounges in airports.

Teresa – Getting my children together at the same time over a meal, board game and funny movie.

Margaret – A thought-provoking book or a set of affirmation cards that inspire to live life to the fullest.

Colleen – Tablet with books on tape for a fabulous weekend trip, retreat or adventure.

Laura – Massage.

Carol – Pampering gift certificates for a facial, massages, manicure or pedicure.

Anita – Notes of thanks from people telling you what you’ve meant to them.

Janice – Pretty tablecloth and afternoon tea with friends.

Betty – Paid vacation to a lovely cabin in the woods by a lake, fully stocked for two weeks.

Susan – Cruise with the entire family!


Sylvia – A nice dinner out with my family. No gifts. I have enough stuff.

Victoria – A party with male strippers!

Brenda – Oil paints and canvases or subscription to a local choir.

Cheryl – Visit from children and grandchildren.

Sue – Travel with family!

Almetra – Lovely 4-day cruise!

Shelly – Art supplies and a plane ticket.


Wendy – A tattoo.

Sue – An iPad.

Mair – Retirement!

Lea – Love, respect and care.

Teri – Nice bottle of wine.

Cindy – More plants!

Vickie Gift cards.


Ruth – Travel or a cheque!

Barbara – Quirky coffee mug.

Mary – A rocking chair (just kidding).

So, there are 50 wonderful ideas. The focus is still on experiences and not stuff, but there are enough creative recommendations to make any 70th birthday anniversary memorable and fun!

I’ve also found several websites that specialise in personalized gifts for a 70th birthday. For example, if you want to receive a copy of a newspaper from your year of birth, Historic Newspapers is one option you can suggest.

Getting Personal is a good gift site option in the UK and Virgin Experience Days gives some fabulous 70th birthday adventure ideas!

So, if you are celebrating your 70th birthday soon, just forward the link to this article to those people who are asking, “What do you want for your 70th birthday?”

What gift would you like to receive for your next birthday? What 70th birthday gifts or experiences would make you smile? Let’s have a conversation!

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