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7 Meaningful 75th Birthday Gift Ideas

By Margaret Manning July 22, 2020 Lifestyle

Gift-giving for an older person who already has everything isn’t always easy. They probably don’t need another scarf or tie. Why not think outside the box and offer a more thoughtful and personal gift?

Having lived ¾ of a century on this beautiful planet should be celebrated. When we get to 75, we value family and friendships more than material things. Receiving gifts that are meaningful can make us feel special and cared for.

Here is a list of 7 thoughtful 75th birthday gift ideas that I have put together to make your gift-choosing experience a little easier.

An Electronic Tablet

An Electronic Tablet

Most of us own smartphones and many of us own computers or tablets as well. We have grown used to having them in our daily lives, and frankly, can’t live without them now. They keep us informed through news outlets, connect us with family and friends, and provide entertainment with games as well.

I think that if your friend or family member who is turning 75 doesn’t have an electronic tablet, it may be time to introduce them to one. Choose a tablet that is senior-friendly and take the time to show them how to use it.

They may be reluctant at first, but once they see how easy it is to communicate with their family members and try all the games they can play, they will love it.

Online Classes

Online Classes

Once the birthday person is up and running on the Internet (or maybe they already are) gift them with some online classes or courses. It’s never too late to learn new things. Actually, we should never stop learning.

Many online platforms offer classes for all ages. Find out what your special 75-year-old is interested in and sign them up for a class.

Websites like The Great Courses Plus offer access to hundreds of courses with a monthly fee. Your loved one can learn how to write fiction, how to speak French, or even Greek History. Whatever floats their boat!

Tickets to an Event

Tickets to an Event

If your soon-to-be 75-year-old is still active and loves to go out, I think that inviting them to an event is an excellent idea. It’s a great way to spend time with them and to enjoy each other’s company.

Do they love the theater? Sports events? Or maybe the opera? Why not invite more family members to join and make it a family activity?

Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment

Who doesn’t love to spend some time relaxing and getting pampered? Spas offer a variety of treatments from massages to manicures. Often, it is something that we will not splurge on ourselves, so why not treat your birthday loved one to a special day of well-deserved self-indulgence?

Get them a gift card so that they can choose their spa and treatment. Or better yet, if time allows it, go spend the day with them getting pampered yourself.

Personalized Journal and Pen Set

Personalized Journal and Pen Set

Is your birthday gal or guy a lover of words? Do they enjoy writing and you often catch them writing things on pieces of paper that eventually get lost? Gift them a personalized notebook and pen to keep all their wonderful prose in one place.

Websites like Etsy offer unique and custom gifts, often handcrafted on demand. Read the reviews from actual customers to find the best option for your loved one.

Craft Together

Craft Together

I can’t say it enough: spending time with our senior family and friends is the greatest gift of all. Has your loved one mentioned that they would like to take up painting? Maybe they want to make candles?

Purchase all the necessary supplies and spend a day crafting and chatting together. A surefire way to be creative and to make lasting memories. Do you think that other family members or groups of friends would like to join? Make it a group activity. The more the merrier!

All About Me: The Story of Your Life: Guided Journal

All About Me:

A unique and interesting way to find out more about your loved one is to have them write their story. The All About Me book offers them an opportunity to answer specific questions about themselves in a genuine and even provocative way.

If journaling doesn’t come easy to them, this book will guide them to get it all down. They can answer as many or as little questions as they want. A great way to share their memories and stories with family members.

Note: Some reviewers have commented that a few of the questions may feel inappropriate to some people. There are some sexual context questions, so make sure your loved one is open-minded.

What do you think about these gift ideas? Will you be offering one of them to a loved one? Do you have someone in your life that will be 75 soon? Do you have your own meaningful gift ideas that you would like to share with the community? Tell us in the comments. Let’s chat about thoughtful birthday gift ideas for 75-year-olds.

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