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8 Simple Pleasures to Enjoy After 60 (#6 Will Surprise You!)

By Debbie Hensleigh March 30, 2021 Lifestyle

It seems that I have grown to be very satisfied. There isn’t much that I need or even want beyond what I have or can procure easily at this point of my life.

I was glad to be reminded of this when I benevolently agreed to listen to the sales pitch of a young man last week. After assuring him that I was familiar with his product and would not be purchasing anything, he still wanted to give it a go since he would earn scholarship credit for any presentation he made.

I gave him my time, and he did a decent presentation. I was happy to help him towards his scholarship, if that was, indeed, the real gain for him.

The best part of my time investment in this young stranger was to realize that, while he did have a good product and I might have enjoyed adding one or two of his knives to my kitchen collection, I am perfectly content with the slightly inferior ones I have that function well enough.

That bit of interaction made me think of other relatively simple items I own and use that I am perfectly content to have. Here is a list of some of my favorite (and simple) enjoyments:


I enjoy listening to podcasts to make my long walks more interesting. I took my young webmaster’s suggestions and downloaded Player FM from my play store and have been enjoying all sorts of information since. Some favorites include:

  • Moth Radio Hour, a good story is always a good thing
  • Typology, the enneagram is a new interest of mine, building on years of DiSC behavior style training
  • Serial, a longer, multi-episode story
  • This American Life, more stories
  • TED talks, of course
  • I find Restoring the Soul (Christian related trauma healing and emotional health) to be interesting and insightful
  • A PhD neighbor (epidemiology) and her friend produce a series called, This Podcast can Kill You. It’s about epidemics past and present and is both entertaining and a little unnerving

The list of topics and options is endless, so no need to feel like one needs more variety in the choice of listening.


I love ginger, in any form:

  • juice (from Ginger People),
  • tea (in various combinations of ginger and turmeric, ginger and cranberry, ginger and white tea),
  • fresh (minced into roasting veggies, added to smoothies, sliced or grated, and tucked into almost any baked good),
  • and candied ginger for tummy settling and to ease any sweets craving.


I will be so sad when leggings are ‘out’. Walking into the grocery store recently, a woman about my age was waiting for a ride and was sitting comfy-like in leggings and a sweatshirt in the chilly weather.

“Won’t we be sad when leggings are no longer ‘in’?” I asked her. “I’m never giving them up!” She countered. I liked her attitude. Comfort has its merits.

Long Shirts

To go with leggings, we need long shirts. I will definitely be sad if tunic tops and longer tees are ever viewed the way bell-bottoms and shoulder pads are now. Surely, the comfort and camouflage that we enjoy with longer tops will bring sane longevity to fashion sense.

Matcha Tea

I have become a fan of Matcha tea!

“One serving of Matcha tea is the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea. (…) Matcha powdered green tea has 137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea. (…) Matcha tea is an easy and simple way to add powerful health benefits to your everyday diet.”

Or, so tells me.

I like having a small canister of Matcha powder on hand for a concoction I invented and make at home. Here’s the recipe:


  • A teaspoon of Matcha power,
  • ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder,
  • another ½ teaspoons of cinnamon powder,
  • ginger powder or juice,
  • a squirt of agave
  • almond milk, as much as you need to fill your glass/bottle,
  • ice (optional).


Simply mix the powders together, then add the ginger juice mixed with agave, and top with the milk and ice.

I should say that a recent blood pressure check (after taking this Matcha beverage) revealed a slightly higher values than normal. Caffeine tends to do that, so I am unconcerned about the temporary rise. My next check (sans Matcha or coffee beforehand) showed I was back within low-to-normal range.

A Place to Hang My Hammock

I love when I find the perfect spot to hang my hammock and a moment or two to enjoy laying in it. There is just something about being horizontal and off the ground that makes me smile. And sigh. And relax.

A Wood Burning Fire

Indoors or outdoors, burning firewood is special to me. My son, Joel, who has Down Syndrome, was with me in front of our fireplace the other day, simply gazing and thinking. “I could do this forever,” he said. I suspect he has learned that from me.

Trader Joe’s Visits

Our small city is not large enough to warrant a TJ’s, so we have to settle for occasional trips to this iconic American grocery store in Chicago or Indianapolis, a 2-hour-plus drive. I like to stock up on shelf-stable whipping cream for the impromptu caloric splurge of homemade ice cream.

And their “Unexpected Cheddar Cheese” that defies defining. And their lavender salt scrub (even though I’ve been told that the salt will dry my skin). And a number of other organic items that make a list too long to mention.

Of course, maybe most importantly of all, we stock up on Charles Shaw wines… the infamous Two-Buck Chuck ($2.00 a bottle in California, their state of origin; $3 in Illinois, due to added taxes).

I feel fully justified in my enjoyment of Two-Buck Chuck after seeing it served at a semi-fancy, private event in Santa Barbara years ago.

All in all, I find that I very much enjoy being very satisfied with simple pleasures in my 60s… and as I approach my 70s. My ‘old’ knives cut my veggies well enough that I can withstand a convincing sales pitch.

I have my own dietary preferences that I have simplified to ensure health and pleasant tastes. I am less concerned with others’ opinions of my style, so I can be comfortable while stylish enough. And I’ve found some simple pleasures that I know will give me joy.

What are some of your favorite things? How do you find yourself being satisfied with what you have? What might be a splurge for you? Please share in the comments below!

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