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9 Creative Options to Get More from Life after Retirement

By Sheryl Nicholson September 19, 2017 Lifestyle

Lately, this question has been on my mind a lot. I’m nearly 70 and have been blessed to own my personal business. Yet, because of my age, I am also getting asked this same question by others: “Are you retired?”

I’m not sure if it’s the same for those of you who have worked for someone else and the company retires you, so please give me your feedback if you struggle with this question, too.

As an entrepreneur, I typically hang with a much younger generation of business owners. This can be a good thing in a way because it keeps you “in the know” of the latest tools for personal and professional use. Yet in another way, you might be often seen as the “older one” who surely can’t still be active in the game of life.

Maybe I’m imagining things, but it seems that people judge my retirement status based on my age. I love the power of words and how much fun and impact you can have by adding new words or rearranging them.

So, I’ve decided to come up with something far more creative when asked that question – and thought you too might benefit.

When someone asks me if I am retired, my answer is no. Instead, I say that I am…

Reveling – I Am Taking Great Pleasure in My Success

Make a list of all your successful endeavors that you are proud of, the ones you have worked so hard for. Then you can confidently say, “I’m reveling in the success that I have built. I now have time to do what I want, instead of what is expected.”

Revolting – I Am Breaking from a Constituted Authority

Find something you are willing to fight for and invest your time there. At one time, I fought against an enlarging of a landfill that was going to impact the property values of neighbors and the safety of my children getting to their elementary school. What would you fight against?

Rallying – I Am Calling People Together for a Common Effort

Maybe you’ve found a charitable cause you’re excited about. You are so captivated by that cause, you decide to get involved as a volunteer and travel the world to spread its message.

Radiating – I Am Projecting My Thoughts and Emotions with Cheerfulness

I’m so excited to have control of my hours and minutes that I am radiating at the possibilities of how to fill them. Travel, volunteerism, a new business endeavor. Right now, I am radiating in all the possibilities.

Rambling – I Am Spreading Out Irregularly in Various Directions

I have been tied to this job and this location for so long, that I’ve decided to ramble to different cities and countries. I’m also going to make different choices using automobiles, trains, planes and even boats to do it.

Rectifying – I Am Defining Priorities Around My Needs

I’ve been working for so long, all my personal goals and dreams were put on the back burner. Among them, I didn’t get to spend the time I wanted to with my family members. So, I am rectifying that and making my personal relationships my priority.

Reclaiming – I Am Taking Control of My Own Time Instead of Allowing Others to Use It

I’ve signed up for some art and pottery lessons and want to learn a new language this year.

Regenerating – I Am Recreating Myself

I’ve decided to look at yoga, massage and mediation, and I am now focused on regenerating my life from the inside out. I want to lose weight and get healthier.

Revamping – I Am Restructuring and Reordering My Life

I’ve been interested in interior design for some time, and now I’m revamping my living quarters and giving it a whole new look to go with my new passion.

No matter what your age, you never want to retire from the Game of Life! Statistically, you live seven years longer when you quit your “real job” and have passion for something new.

My Italian grandfather retired as a crane operator to a TV chair and was dead in a year. My French grandfather retired from the Army and became the head of the Horse Show at the Ohio fairgrounds for years and died at 94.

How do you reply to someone when they ask you if you are retired? Next time you are asked about retirement, you will now have a witty and fun answer. Please share your thoughts below.

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