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9 Must Have Clothing Items That Complete Your Wardrobe After 60

By Susan Belding October 12, 2023 Beauty

Trendy styles may come and go, but classics live forever. Women like Audrey Hepburn, Maria Shriver and Barbara Bush embody grace and elegance, not only in how they live their lives, but also in how they dress. Their polished, put-together look is one that many strive for, but few are able to achieve.

A classic dresser knows what looks good on her shape, and she repeats that look. Rather than follow this year’s “must-have’s” that will become next year’s discards, she stays with a look that lasts.

If you shy away from fashions that change every year, and you prefer a bit more toned-down, ageless look, you’ll need to be sure you own these nine important pieces. From accessories to garments to shoes, these will become your go-to items that will create a classic look that never goes out of style.

White Shirt

A wardrobe essential that can be easily dressed up or down is the white linen shirt. Today’s linen is soft and beautiful, and you can even purchase a wrinkle-free version, eliminating the need for ironing. Even if you have avoided linen before, there’s no reason to run from this gorgeous fabric any longer.


Navy Blue Blazer

A classic blazer, preferably in navy blue, looks great with a skirt, pants or over a dress. Purchase one from a good maker, and it will last you years. Rather than spending money on trends that come and go, this will be wearable forever.

Silk Scarf

A beautiful silk scarf is a flattering way to dress up any outfit. Just wrapping it around your neck and feeling the gorgeous material against your skin is enough to make you smile.


Penny Loafers

Penny loafers go back generations, but they are still in vogue among those who prefer the classics. They can be worn with pants, jeans or a skirt, and they never go out of style.

Leather Belt

A leather belt of good quality finishes off an outfit. Nothing looks worse than a pair of pants with belt loops and no belt. Belts have come way down in price, and every department store has them. Opt for brown or black and be sure the buckle is not too large.


A pair of good denim jeans in blue, straight leg, nicely fitted but not tight, will flatter every figure. Stay away from sequins, studs, rips and any other embellishments. To press or not to press? A crease down the middle of the leg shows you care enough to look your very best.



Handbag or Purse

Handbag styles come and go, but certain ones are timeless. Watch your friends buy bag after bag, following whatever designer is trendy, but love your own leather purse like an old friend. Finding one you like can be a challenge but keep looking until the right one appears.

Go with a classic color like camel, brown or black, and keep the lines simple. Avoid patterns and stay with solid leather. If you are offended by owning a real leather bag, pleather can have the same look and feel, without the guilt.


Coat or Jacket

Outerwear is essential, and a classy-dresser will own a trench coat or anorak in an earth tone for those days when the weather is cooler or questionable. Avoid too many embellishments and purchase a quality garment for years of use.


Quality jewelry is expensive, but well worth the price. A good gold bangle, a pretty silver chain and hoops or studs will polish any outfit. Stay away from large pieces, especially earrings. Dainty and demure is a classic look.

With these basic pieces in your closet, you are on your way to effortless dressing and a go-to look that will remain timeless and elegant.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you have a special piece that you consider a classic or a must-have? What kind of style are you going for after 60? Please share with our readers!

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Yes to jeans but no to a crease! At my age, I love turtlenecks in a cashmere blend, since they hide my neck that has lost elasticity over the years. Also, one really good “little black dress for special evenings out.


A nice wool pant in any neutral colour is a must for those evenings out.

Beth E Severson

I quit coloring my hair during Covid lockdowns and am now all white. Love it. But I’ve noticed wearing white shirts now just make me look dead. Need more of a contrast since I am a light-skinned person. A scarf helps but a scarf with a tailored white shirt is not for me. Also a crease down the front of your jeans is a big no-no in my book. JMO. Prefer stretchy type yoga pants anyway.

Anna Garrs

White anything does not suit redheads who maintain their colour a lot longer – try cream instead and also the general rule is the less petite you are the larger your jewelry can be – not all women over 60 need to look or be conservative but one thing Get rid of the bag lady look!


You’re correct based on the “color me beautiful” palette; you’ll do better with the cream for sure!!! thankfully I am a ‘winter’ skin tone which is great for white & Black. Ever so convenient b/c I am a classical musician :)

Dianne Daniels

I like and agree with most of these suggestions – I would also add to watch your proportions. I am nearly 6 feet tall, and some clothing manufacturers seem to forget that we tall ladies are out here.

I also want to suggest – for my full-busted sisters – Lane Bryant has a newer “No Peek” Girlfriend shirt that has extra, more closely spaced buttons that help prevent the dreaded “gap” and don’t make you purchase a size that’s big enough to cover the girls, but too loose around the waist and hip.

I must respectfully disagree with the “dainty and demure” blanket statement about jewelry. With my broad shoulders, height, and big hair, dainty and demure jewelry – especially earrings – simply disappear on me. I wear big, bold, and noticeable jewelry to match my personality. My preferences help me to stand out (as a solopreneur, that’s important), and it also makes me memorable.


yes, full-busted and button placement is key!


Agree. Jewelleries selection depends on personality, other clothes being worn and the person figure eg big boned or petite or somewhere in the middle.

The Author

Sue Belding is an author, retired teacher, and entrepreneur. She loves to write and is currently working on an autobiography for her grandchildren – upon their request! With an interest in exploring health and wellness trends, Sue never runs out of topics for blogging. She divides her time between Florida and Vermont.

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