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A Celebrity Makeup Artist Shares Her Top 10 Product Suggestions for Mature Women

By Sixty and Me December 11, 2016 Makeup and Fashion

Beauty and makeup products give you the ability to boost and transform your appearance whenever the mood strikes. And no matter what your age, experimenting with different makeup or beauty products is always a fun activity.

Plus, trying out different products helps you to find those all-time favorites and figure out what works best for your beauty needs!

For women over 60, there are a slew of products to choose from – some designed specifically for our age group and others that work wonders no matter your age. But with so many choices out there, a trip to the beauty counter or cosmetics department can seem overwhelming!

In an effort to help narrow down some of the best beauty products for older women, celebrity makeup artist Ariane Poole is sharing her top 10 must-have beauty essentials with us! She even promises a few surprises, which we love here at Sixty and Me! In addition to Ariane’s top 10, Margaret will also give us a peek at the products that she can’t live without.


So, let’s get started with the products that beauty expert Ariane Poole can’t live without!

Ariane’s Top 10 Makeup for Older Women Products

#1: Concealer Palette

Ariane calls her concealer palette her “desert island product” – meaning, she absolutely cannot live without it! She explains that it can be used instead of foundation. Concealer palette also helps to cover up any blemishes, redness and even out skin tone.

#2: Collagen Shots

Collagen Shots by Rejuvenated is a product that helps boost your beautiful from the inside out. Ariane adds a scoop to her smoothie every morning and has seen noticeable improvements in her skin and skin tone.

#3: The Ultimate Face Tint

A combination of foundation, primer, BB and CC cream, this product seemingly does it all! The Ultimate Face Tint will help you look so fresh that people will think you’ve just gotten a facial. You can have salon-worthy skin every single day with this multi-tasking foundation.

#4: Mineral Illuminating Pen

The Mineral Illuminating Pen works wonders on dark circles, jowls and frown lines. Ariane swears by it on the days that she looks a bit more “frowny” than usual. We’ve all had those days when we need some help turning that frown upside down… and now we have it with the Mineral Illuminating Pen!

#5: Scotch Tape

Perhaps an unexpected beauty must-have, Ariane got this trick from her Dad. She helps fight those stubborn frowny wrinkles by placing a piece of scotch tape between her brows on days when hours are spent staring at the computer screen. This helps to stop her from frowning and to smooth out those lines.

You can even sleep with the tape to help wake up looking wrinkle-free!

#6: GloPRO

The GloPRO is a product that’s used prior to makeup application in order to prep the skin. This little gadget features micro-sized pins that are rolled across the surface of your face. It also vibrates and exposes your skin to red-light. It works by lightly damaging your skin so that it is prompted to naturally produce collagen.

Ariane warns that it may take a few days to notice anything, but don’t give up! After several days of use, you’ll look in the mirror and be pleasantly surprised!

#7: Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque

With all the time and money that we invest in makeup products, we obviously want them to look as good as possible! This facial treatment helps our makeup do just that. According to Ariane, this facial mask works wonders on irritated or sensitive skin. But with its soothing lavender scent and calming skin effects, you don’t need to have irritated skin to enjoy this replenishing facial mask by Aesop.

#8: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Firming Cream/Nivea Firming Cream

As we age, unfortunately, so does our skin. After a scary dressing room experience, Ariane realized that her skin was looking a bit saggier than she remembered. She found solace in two firming lotions, one by Palmer’s Cocoa Butter and one by Nivea. And while they won’t actually trim your waistline, they will help tighten up that saggy skin. Think of it like a facelift for your body!

If you’re in a pinch and want to take a DIY approach to firming lotion, try mixing coconut oil and coffee. The caffeine in coffee helps to tighten up your skin and keep it looking crinkle-free.

#9: Mirror by Tweezerman

You won’t miss a single hair that needs tweezing with this magnification mirror.

We all know that pesky facial hairs can pop up out of nowhere, but this mirror by Tweezerman will ensure that you never leave the house with one unwanted hair on your face! Bonus – it comes with stickers so that you can attach it to a window or mirror!

#10: Micellar Gel

A reasonably priced skin product, Micellar Gel by 3ina (pronounced Mina) is a soothing and comforting gel that won’t dry out your skin. Plus, Ariane notes that it’s very reasonably priced – something that we can all appreciate!

Margaret’s Top 10 Makeup for Older Women Products

As if all of these wonderful products from Ariane weren’t enough, Margaret also shares her top 10 beauty essentials with us! Let’s see how her top 10 compares…

Makeup Over 60 Essential #1: Catrice Primer

A creamy and inexpensive primer, Margaret can’t live without this one. She applies this in place of moisturizer and under foundation for a nice glow!

#2: The Ultimate Face Tint

You know this one must be a winner if it appears on both lists! See Ariane’s #3 pick for a description.

#3: Tarte Eye Base

Margaret used this product to cover up any dark color that may be present on her eyelids or underneath her eyes. It helps to neutralize any color before applying eyeshadow.

#4: Liquid to Matte Eyeshadow

Margaret loves Ariane’s liquid to matte eyeshadow – especially after applying the Tarte Eye Base!

#5: Essence Brush

This teeny-tiny brush is perfect for applying color to your eyebrows without feeling as if you are stabbing yourself!

#6: Kiko Eyeliner

This smooth eyeliner goes on with ease and even features a little smudger on the end! Margaret loves the neutral look of their grey colored liner.

#7: NYX Provocateur Mascara

Featuring a two-part process, this mascara has a volumizing and lash separating tool. You apply the volumizing part first to cover lashes, then use the small brush to separate and pull lashes up. Your eyes will dazzle after using this product!

#8: Nars Orgasm Blush

This favorite blush of Margaret’s is extremely popular due to its creamy texture and ability to look great on any skin tone.

#9: Kiko Lip Liner

Margaret is a big fan of Kiko products and she loves their rosewood colored lip liner. It’s an all-natural lip liner offering bold color that won’t fade so that you can give your lips the definition they deserve!

Makeup After 60 Essential #10: Armani Lipstick

This one is worth the splurge as Armani offers lipsticks with a creamy texture and a variety of gorgeous shades. Margaret loves number 507.

There you have it! Margaret and Ariane’s top 10 beauty products for older women!

Keep in mind – Margaret and Ariane aren’t saying that you need to run out and buy all of these products today, but we hope some of these suggestions will help keep you looking good and feeling positive about yourself.

After all, at Sixty and Me, that’s what it’s all about – positive aging! And with the help of some excellent beauty products, along with good nutrition and exercise, we can all age positively together!

What are some beauty products that you can’t live without? What do you think about Ariane’s list of products? Which one made the biggest impression on you? Are you willing to try any of them? Please join the conversation to share your own Top Ten!

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