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You Won’t Believe the Difference These 3 Eye Makeup Tips Make!

By Sixty and Me December 20, 2016 Makeup and Fashion

A person’s eyes are often the first feature that gets noticed. Knowing that, it makes sense that finding ways to enhance and beautify the eyes is important to many women!

For those of us in our 60s, we often begin to encounter some physical changes to our facial features, especially involving our eyes. When it comes to noticeable signs of aging, the eye area tends to be a dead giveaway.

Things like wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles are common concerns for most women. A woman in her 30s will likely complain about the same eye-issues as a woman in her 60s; the only difference being that as we age, these issues become more profound and noticeable.

So, how can we take care of our delicate eye area and keep our eyes looking fresh and beautiful?

Luckily, we’re joined today by celebrity makeup artist, Ariane Poole, who’s going to help guide us in our quest for beautiful eyes.

Let’s see what advice she has for us!


Eye Makeup Tip #1: Don’t Over-Conceal

If you battle dark pigmentation under or on your eyes, your first instinct might be to over-load your eyes with a heavy concealer or foundation. This can actually be counter-productive in your quest for youthful looking eyes.

While heavy product will indeed conceal the darkness, it will also settle into and exacerbate your wrinkles. The key is finding a good balance that covers unwanted pigmentation without looking cakey.

Ariane suggests using a mineral illuminating pen, which has a much lighter consistency than conventional concealers. These wonderful little pens get rid of dark colors without creasing and can be used underneath the eye or on the eyelid, making it a very versatile product.

Eye Makeup Tip #2: All About the Technique

It’s not only important to use effective products, but also to learn proper application techniques when working with eye makeup.

Ariane advises us to first apply a foundation or tinted moisturizer, followed by a concealer pen. Follow these simple steps when using a concealer pen to make dark circles disappear.

First, tilt your chin down and turn your eyes upwards.

Apply the concealer pen underneath your eye in straight lines, going down about an inch. By tilting your head down, you will be able to clearly see how far down to extend your concealer based on your bags.

Tilt your head back up and using your middle finger, do light tapping motion over the entire area that was covered. This not only helps to blend the product but it also eliminates puffiness. Be sure to tap, not pull on the skin.

Add a bit of concealer in the inner corners of your eyes, which tend to get darker as we age.

Finally, apply some along the top of your eyelids. This will help keep eyeshadow in place all day long.

After you have properly applied all of your concealer, Ariane suggests finishing it off with a light layer of translucent powder. When it comes to powdering the undereye area, you want to avoid anything with a sheen or anything too drying.

Eye Makeup Tip #3: Proper Blush Placement

Our whole lives we are advised to apply blush to the tops of our cheekbones. And while this technique might be appropriate for a younger face, for those of us who are a bit older, we need to adjust our blush placement.

Ariane explains that when blush is applied too high on your cheek, it can actually draw more attention to the under-eye area, which we don’t want!

Apply your blush about a finger breadth beneath your cheekbone in order to draw attention away from underneath your eyes and balance out your entire face.

Embracing Our Eyes

With Ariane’s help, we now have the tools to manage frustrating eye puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles!

And while we all know that frequent smiling can cause eye-area wrinkles, it’s hard not to smile about all of the fabulous advice from Ariane on creating beautiful eyes!

What is your favorite eye makeup product? What are some mistakes that you realized you have been making when applying your eye products? We invite you to join the conversation.

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