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3 Things I Learned About Beauty After 50 from the Fabulous Cindy Joseph

Ok, I have a confession to make. Like many people, I have always been somewhat intimidated by beautiful women like Cindy Joseph. Over the years, I’ve seen her in trendy fashion magazines, with her fabulous long grey hair and glowing skin. So, when I sat down to interview Cindy about beauty after 50, I didn’t know what to expect.

What Cindy Joseph Taught Me About Beauty After 50 is Not What You’d Expect

What I found was a wonderful woman, who is on a mission to break all of the stereotypes about beauty and aging. Cindy is undeniably beautiful on the outside, but, it is her inner radiance that I remember most from our conversation. Through her work as a model and her own cosmetics line, BOOM, she is spearheading the “pro age revolution.”

Cindy has embraced beauty in its truest sense, as a tool for transformation. We all know that perceptions of beauty change as we get older and, during our conversation, Cindy helped me to understand that the concept of beauty goes deeper than I imagined.

Let’s take a quick look at our interview and then I’ll return to what I personally took from Cindy’s message.

Feeling Beautiful Empowers Transformation

Cindy is master of transformation. Makeup expert, super model and now CEO of a cosmetics company, she has transformed her life many times.

In our interview, we talked about being comfortable with your changing beauty and feeling confident throughout your life. In many ways, the only definition of beauty that matters is your own. When you are able to love yourself, inside and out, you can move forward to the next phase of your life without worrying what others think.

Cindy explained that, in her own life, her ability to reinvent herself was enhanced by her acceptance of her inner beauty. If she only cared about how the world looked at her, she might have been stuck in another phase for much longer.

Beauty is Amplified by Self Confidence

For Cindy, true beauty does not come from something that you put on your skin – it comes from being comfortable in your own skin.

Forget the anti-aging creams! Beauty is amplified not by pills or potions, but, by self-confidence and an acceptance of your own uniqueness. You’ve earned your grey hair and wrinkles. They tell the story of your life, so be proud of them!

Cindy reminds us that we are often quick to complement others and slow to recognize our own beauty. She believes that women are attractive when they glow from the inside out.

Beauty is About Pro-Aging, Not Anti-Aging

In our conversation, Cindy encouraged us to ignore beauty “trends,” especially those that focus on “anti-aging” messages. Even though she worked in the fashion industry, she said that we shouldn’t let someone else’s definition of beauty influence us.

Unfortunately, with so many negative messages about beauty and aging out there, it’s hard for women over 50 to focus on their own inner beauty. This realization led Cindy to start BOOM, a natural skincare and makeup company, dedicated to positive aging.

Cindy is a passionate believer that beauty is a state of mind. As a result, everything that she does focuses on pleasure and authenticity. She reminds us not to follow the voices of others, but, instead to follow the voice in our hearts.

The more beautiful you feel, the more beautiful you will look. It’s that simple!

Today, let’s celebrate getting “better,” not older. Let’s celebrate being beautiful!

How do you define beauty as a 60 year old woman? If you could ask Cindy Joseph one question, what would it be? Please add your thoughts in the comments section..


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