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A Quick and Easy Makeup for Mature Women Tutorial… Sparkle in Just 2 Minutes!

By Sixty and Me March 02, 2019 Beauty

Sometimes, when you are running late, with a busy day ahead, you might reluctantly skip steps in your daily routine such as applying makeup. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Simplifying your makeup routine can help you to have the best of both worlds!

Watch Margaret Manning demonstrate how easy makeup for mature women can be in just 2 minutes!

A Quick and Easy Makeup for Mature Women Tutorial

Two Minutes Can Make a Difference

It might not seem like it, but spending a mere two minutes on yourself before rushing off can change the way you feel for the rest of the day. What can you do in 2 minutes to make your day better? Makeup!

Makeup is a form of expression and it gives you the ability to reflect the beauty and passion you have inside on the outside. This can make you feel more confident and ready for the day ahead.

Your Time is Important

Often, we find ourselves rushing in order to make appointments or meet others’ needs. Women in particular often manage this by sacrificing the time they should be spending on themselves.

You should not feel bad about taking time to make sure you feel good about how you look. If you are particularly busy, shortening your makeup routine is a great way to be able to feel like you are covering everything!

Great Products for Mature Skin

Although many beauty products are targeted at younger women, there are also fantastic choices available when it comes to makeup for women over 60. All Ariane Poole products used by Margaret in this video have been specifically designed to bring out the best in mature skin.

Another simple way to bring out the best in your makeup is to use a product such as facial oil. Margaret loves Growing Younger Gracefully facial oil and lets it settle into her skin prior to applying makeup.

Keep it Simple

The biggest misconception we have as we mature is that we need to use more makeup but the opposite is true! Keep it simple – all you need for a quick and easy routine is a foundation, eyeshadow, volumizing mascara, eyebrow definer, blush, lip liner, lipstick and illuminator.

Okay, that might be more than a couple of items but as Margaret clearly shows they are quick and easy to apply in a very short space of time!

Why Do Your Makeup at All?

Enjoyment, happiness, and confidence are what we are all looking for and makeup for older women can be simpler than you think.

Don’t let it be overwhelming. Putting on makeup shouldn’t stop you from doing something fun or enjoying the life you have. Makeup is not about trying to be something you are not – it’s about being comfortable about the stage of life you are in and showing it!

How easy is your makeup routine? Do you think taking the time to apply makeup makes a difference to your day? Please join the conversation!

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